Can I Bring A Guest To Equinox With A Guest Pass?

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We all want to show off occasionally, and I knew my friends would be blown away by just stepping into the locker rooms, never mind the numerous other amenities offered by Equinox. I wanted to take them inside my world, and I knew that my membership included some Guest Passes to give to friends.

But I’d only heard of Equinox Guest Passes, I had no idea how the policy worked and I didn’t want to waltz into the fitness club only to be embarrassed at the front desk. This was my moment to shine and impress my fitness-focused friends. I wanted things to go smoothly.

Nothing was going to stand in our way as we marched towards the promised land of Kiehl’s and eucalyptus-scented towels. Keep reading to learn exactly how to use your Equinox Guest Passes and wow your training partners. Your membership is costly, so you’ve got to get everything you can from it.

What does a Guest Pass include?

Equinox offers guests a lot of things that other gyms don’t, they let you fully experience what the club has to offer, with no strings attached. You won’t be tied down by a contract, and there won’t be any of your hard-earned U.S. dollars leaving your bank account.

  • A complimentary personal training session
  • A complimentary Equifit fitness assessment
  • 25% off your first treatment at The Spa 
  • A complimentary one-on-one Studio Pilates session 
  • 15% off your first purchase at The Shop

Equinox Events

In the past, there have been some pretty awesome events on offer, and with a Guest Pass, those events are offered to you too. I haven’t charged my crystal ball today, so I can’t tell you what the future events will be, but let’s go over some of the past events.

  • Cooking classes with world-famous chefs
  • One World Observatory group fitness classes
  • Free tickets to numerous events like MOMA and the Dream Machine

Included Group Classes

Guests can make an Advanced Booking by calling Equinox concierge, or attend the class on a walk-in basis. I love spontaneity, but the classes might be full if you don’t call ahead. 

  • Master of One: HIIT weight training class
  • The Muse: A mix of cardio and dance
  • Anthem: Spin class
  • Firestarter: 30 minutes of intense, guided cardio 
  • True Athlete: RMT clubs guided fitness classes 
  • Precision Run: A unique Equinox running experience

Which locations offer guest passes?

Guest passes are usually offered at all Equinox locations, but that’s not set in stone. These guest passes are subject to changes at any time, so check with Equinox staff to make sure your desired fitness club allows Guest, and Trial passes.

Trial pass or Guest pass?

Don’t have any friends with an Equinox membership? No problem, that’s not going to stop you from smothering yourself in Kiehl’s products and immersing yourself in eucalyptus steam rooms. If you don’t know anybody with a current membership, you can still apply for a Trial Pass, which offers all the same things as a Guest Pass. There are a few differences, but no downsides.

Trial Passes are usually one or two days long, and those are full days, not a few hours long. Sometimes, Equinox offers Trial Passes for up to one week, depending on the promotions that are running.

Guest passes can be 1 or 2 days, sometimes up to 7 days depending on the location and current policy. If you have a friend at Equinox, you can sign up for a Guest Pass.

But there is a catch

Getting information about these passes was like trying to find out Dr. Pepper’s secret formula, or the recipe for the Krabby Patty.

Equinox does not give out much information about Guest Passes or Trial passes over the phone or the internet, and there’s a reason for this. When I contacted Equinox, the representative would not confirm any of the things I’ve heard or read about the passes, that’s because they want you to take a guided tour of the facility first. I assume that’s because they have an easier time getting you to commit if you are there in person.

So be prepared to get a little bit of resistance when you ask for information about Guest or Trial passes.

How do I sign up for a Trial Pass?

To sign up for a Trial Pass, you can use the Equinox mobile app, available on Android or Apple devices.

You can also fill out the contact form on the Equinox website, in the Contact Us section. Mention that you are interested in a Trial Pass and you should be contacted the same day by an Equinox representative.

Personally, I think that it’s best to call Equinox directly, by speaking to a customer service representative you might be able to get additional days. I love to negotiate, and some of these large companies will bend over backward if they think you might become a full member. Give it a shot!

How do I sign up for a Guest Pass?

It sounds like you have friends in high places, or at least, friends in highly-fit places. Ask them to invite you, and you’ll get a notification on your Equinox App.

Your friend will need to open the Equinox application, hit the More button on the bottom navigation bar, then select the Guest Passes option. After they follow the prompts, you will be able to complete the registration, now you can start visualizing yourself slipping into the serenity of the Equinox swimming pool.

As always, you can call Equinox directly and get help with the sign-up process, but be prepared, the representative will try extremely hard to get you to come down to the club for a guided tour.

They are very hesitant to discuss pricing and other details over the phone because it’s much easier for them to sell memberships inside the clubs, and they don’t want you to compare prices from the comfort of your own home.

How much does a Guest Pass cost?

Equinox refused to confirm the prices when I asked via their Live Chat service, I was told that everything would be revealed after a guided tour of the facilities. 

I found out from forums and blogs that a Guest Pass is only free if your friend has not all already used their Guest Passes. Each member is allocated two Guest Passes per year, and they replenish annually. That’s not many, and if your friend has already shown off their fitness club to a few friends, then your Guest Pass could cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per day.

Guest Pass Policies

Here are the main policies that you need to remember:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for a guest pass, it’s not clear why, but I assume that’s for liability reasons. I think that it’s also because 18-year-olds have more financial freedom, whereas a 17-year-old might not. Remember that the goal for Equinox is to get you to sign up for full membership after you’ve trialed their fitness club.
  2. The member that signed you up for the Guest Pass must be present during your trial day.
  3. You must bring a valid photo ID on the day you choose to visit the fitness club.
  4. Equinox might dictate which day and which time you can use their club, of course, this doesn’t apply to members, only Guest Pass users. You might be asked to come outside of peak hours, and to be honest that’s not a terrible idea.

Everything is subject to Equinox’s discretion, and we mean everything. Most likely, you’ll be able to experience everything that normal members have access to, but Equinox reserves the right to change anything at any time.

Can I bring my trainer?

That’s a little bit like bringing outside food into a restaurant, or bringing your homemade coffee to a cafe. Equinox won’t allow you to use another personal trainer in one of their gyms, and that policy doesn’t surprise anyone!

Is an Equinox Guest Pass worth it?

Without a doubt, the answer is yes. Getting to work out at such a high-end, world-renowned fitness club for $10 is a great deal. Apparently, the prices can go up to $50 per day, and you will have to decide if that amount of money is worth it. Remember that Equinox is unlike any other fitness club, and it’s not fair to say this is simply a gym, which is why $50 might be worth it for the experience.

One last important thing to remember

Never forget that a Guest Pass is a sales tool for Equinox, so before, during, and after your workout, you’ll probably be approached by staff members who want nothing more than to get your signature on the dotted line. Don’t let it ruin your time at the gym, and don’t go easy on those Kiehl’s products either!

Matt Crompton
Matt Crompton
Matt is a sports writer from Canada, currently focused on padel and tennis. He enjoys testing and reviewing sports equipment. He is an avid gym-goer who loves to travel around the world to pursue his passion for writing.