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Wilson clash 100 review tennis racquet

Tennis Racquet Review: The Wilson Clash 100

Choosing a racquet these days can be quite challenging. More so, finding the perfect one that fits your style of play while offering the maximum power and drive is like looking for a needle...

Our Guide To Help You Find The Best Ball Machines For Tennis

In the world of sports stardom and elite athletes, it always seems as though the way they perform is easy, especially when watching from the comfort of a TV in your toasty living room....
babolat drive max 110 review

Tennis Racquet Review: Babolat Drive Max 110

In my years of experience playing and coaching tennis, I’ve come to realize that when it comes to tennis racquets, players and other coaches place value on two fundamentals. Power and Spin. These two essential features...
eastern foreign grip

The Eastern Forehand Grip Ultimate Guide

What's a tennis grip? A tennis grip is essentially how you hold your tennis racquet. The way you do so will have an impact on your different shots during a game. There are many different types of...
best tennis sunglasses

Looking For The Best Tennis Sunglasses? Look No Further!

Wondering what the best sunglasses for tennis is? We have the answer in this article. If your hobby is to play tennis, you must protect your eyes from the heat of the sun. It...
tennis elbow symptoms

Tennis Elbow Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Many athletes playing sports involving racquets suffer from tennis elbow. There are three bones in the elbow, the humerus (or upper arm bone), and the two forearm bones named radius and ulna. At the...
best tennis racket for beginners

Which Is The Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners 2020?

If there is one thing that can make starting out playing tennis a bit tricky is finding the right tennis racquets. Don't worry, even some of the best athletes find problems when it comes...
best tennis racquet for intermediate players

5 Best Tennis Racquet for Intermediate Players 2020

You have been practicing your tennis moves for a while now. Your trainer keeps telling you that you are getting better, and it's time to take a further step to increase your skills. This...

9 Tennis Backhand Drills – Improve Your Backhand

Many players want to improve their tennis game but don’t take the time to work on their flaws. Ask any player what they would like to change about their game; the answer will overwhelmingly...