How Are The Equinox Gym Showers?

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I felt so good after leaving the Equinox gym showers that I was almost expecting to see an extra charge on my membership.

Equinox is always trying to impress its members, and they usually succeed. I feel like Bruce Wayne as I step out of the shower stall and out into the locker room of the Westwood Equinox fitness club.

As I glance over the complementary Kiehl’s toiletries and meticulously folded towels, I can clearly see what I am paying for. Some of this stuff is of higher quality than what I use at home! The showers at the Equinox gyms are the best out of all of the luxury fitness clubs in America, let me tell you why.

Does Equinox offer soap and shampoo?

Some awesome products are waiting for you inside the Equinox showers, so you can leave your stuff at home. My wife is always talking about how amazing Kiehl’s products are, so she was shocked to see them given away for free to all members.

Her shower at Equinox included Kiehl’s amino acid shampoo, which is around $30 per bottle, and another Keihl’s conditioner that costs the same amount. In the male locker rooms, I had Keihl’s grapefruit body wash and calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash, which costs $50 for 500 ml.

Do the showers have towels at Equinox gyms?

Towels? Not exactly, of course, Equinox had to take fresh towels a step further. The Equinox gyms are stocked with complimentary eucalyptus towels, which I absolutely love. A lot of gyms don’t even offer towels to their members, but that would be shocking at an Equinox location.

Just drop your towel into one of the convenient bins whenever you are finished, but that eucalyptus smell will stay with you for a bit.

A spa experience without paying for a spa experience?

Not exactly, don’t forget the cost of that membership that leaves your bank account every month. That being said, with all of these complementary toiletries, we are definitely getting value out of our membership.

You will have to apply the products yourself, but Equinox is giving you enough high-end skincare products to have a mini spa experience after your workout. The Ultra Facial from Keihl’s is perfect for rehydrating your face after a steam room and a shower. Rub in some creme de corps body lotion without looking over your shoulder with guilt, it’s all free here and no toiletries police will be interrupting you.

With this kind of experience, it’s amazing that the showers aren’t busier!

Are the showers clean at Equinox gyms?

None of this free stuff and fancy interior design mean anything if the facilities aren’t clean and organized, Equinox staff make this a priority.

The facilities have scheduled deep cleans, especially in high-traffic areas like showers and locker rooms. Equinox strives to give you the first-class experience before, after, and during the exercise. Expect to see the same standards of cleanliness that you’d find inside a 5-star hotel room, minus the mini fridge and the beds of course.

Are the showers private?

Yes, privacy is more important than it’s ever been, especially inside locker rooms. The showers at Equinox fitness clubs feature fully-frosted glass, or large wooden doors, without cracks or holes like my high school washrooms. There’s space inside to arrange your clothes, hang your towel and get dressed when you’re finally ready.

Does the E at Equinox have showers?

The E is Equinox’s ultra high-end line of fitness clubs, so you know they will have shower facilities that blow our minds. If you can stomach the extra membership fee, which is reportedly around $26,000 a year, then you are going to get the absolute best personal training, nutrition guidance, pilates, fitness classes, and more.

5-stars wouldn’t be a high enough rating for the showers at the E fitness clubs, they’re elevated to a completely new level. The communal locker rooms have been done away with, you’ll get your own private cabana at the 2 exclusive E by Equinox locations. This includes a private shower, changing space, and a small lounge to relax post and pre-workout. The features just keep coming though, including heated floors and laundry valet service.

Is this a resort or a fitness club?

How are the showers at other fitness clubs?

You won’t find the same quality at other fitness clubs, but you will find some savings. Some of Equinox’s competitors don’t even offer showers, let alone eucalyptus-scented towels and complimentary Keihl’s products. That’s not to say that you won’t improve your health at your local gym, it just won’t provide the complete experience that Equinox locations are known for.

Does Lifetime Fitness have nice showers?

Lifetime fitness is another fitness club that doesn’t cut any corners, and they strive to give you a high-end fitness experience, however, you will save $40-$100 compared to an Equinox membership. That being said, you won’t find any chilled eucalyptus towels or pricey shampoos at Lifetime Fitness, but perhaps that’s less important for you.

What does an Equinox membership cost?

The monthly membership starts with a $100 initiation fee, which is pretty standard these days, then there’s a monthly fee of $168. You are able to cancel at any time without penalties, but you won’t be leaving after you start using those Keihl products after your showers.

$168 a month is the price for a single-location membership, but a multi-location membership costs a little more. You get the option to visit multiple Equinox branches, whichever suits your schedule and location. The cost of a multi-location membership is $230 per month, with the same $100 initiation fee.

Equinox gyms have some of the best showers in the business!

I seriously prefer showering at Equinox, my shower routine at home feels pretty mundane since I started visiting their gyms. It’s worth the hundreds of dollars that it costs each month to be a member and I tell all of my friends to look into Equinox.

Matt Crompton
Matt Crompton
Matt is a sports writer from Canada, currently focused on padel and tennis. He enjoys testing and reviewing sports equipment. He is an avid gym-goer who loves to travel around the world to pursue his passion for writing.