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Best fitness tracker for running

Best Fitness Tracker for Running 2020

Why do you need a fitness tracker?Well, as a coach, who keeps track of the fitness of others, I can say I need a fitness tracker to keep an eye on mine. Finding time to...

Best At Home Leg Workouts

We all know how hard and time-consuming exercising can be, especially for anyone who has a job or a career, right? You’ve already made the investment and went out of your way to...
best workout bench

The Definitive 2020 Guide For The Best Workout Bench

The fitness industry is bombarded with infinite amounts of equipment and this can be overwhelming when deciding what type of equipment is better suited for you and your goals. This is where I come...
what to eat after lifting weights

What Are The 4 Essentials to Eat After Working Out?

The craving of food after a heavy weight lifting workout can be pretty intense. The truth is that your workout does not actually come to an end once you put down your weights. You...
best running shoes for high arches

10 High Arch Running Shoes For Men And Women – 2020 Edition

Running is one of those sports where you need to be properly equipped to avoid injuries while performing well. However, when you have high arches, you may experience discomfort and pain as you run....
spiderman stretch

The Spiderman Stretch | Fitness How-To Series #1

The Spiderman stretching exercise is an amazing one to include in your warmup routine. It helps your hamstring, quad, and hip flexor muscles lengthen and will allow you a wider mobility range which will,...
best shoes for jumping rope

10 Best Shoes for Jumping Rope in 2020

Need a pair of shoes for jumping rope? Let me help you with that…Finding the best shoes for jumping rope may look easy, but when you start your quest, you will notice that it...
best elliptical under 500

7 Best Elliptical Under 500 Dollars – The 2020 Edition

Why are elliptical trainers making headlines?Well, as a coach, who has been in the fitness industry for years, I can say that the elliptical can be a gamechanger if used correctly.To try out a...