Matt Crompton

Matt is a sports writer from Canada, currently focused on padel and tennis. He enjoys testing and reviewing sports equipment. He is an avid gym-goer who loves to travel around the world to pursue his passion for writing.
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What is DND Mode on Fitbit and How to Use It?

DND mode on Fitbit is a feature that can help you limit or completely silence notifications and alerts on your device. It is designed to help you avoid being disturbed by the constant pinging of notifications while you are busy

11 Peloton Clicking Noise Causes And How To Fix Them

It’s concerning hearing a clicking noise coming from your Peloton, no doubt about it. A click could indicate so many different things or nothing at all, but it’s almost impossible to diagnose the  Peloton issue from a sound alone. Luckily

Can I Bring A Guest To Equinox With A Guest Pass?

We all want to show off occasionally, and I knew my friends would be blown away by just stepping into the locker rooms, never mind the numerous other amenities offered by Equinox. I wanted to take them inside my world,