Do Equinox Gyms Have A Swimming Pool?

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Found in many of the biggest cities in the US, Equinox gyms cater to affluent fitness enthusiasts through upscale workout facilities and virtual training programs. When considering joining Equinox, an essential consideration for most will be if their Equinox gym has a swimming pool.

Whether your local Equinox gym has a pool depends on the fitness center’s overall offerings. While many Equinox gyms do feature indoor pools, some have other benefits and lack a pool.

Let’s look at what Equinox gyms offer, which facilities feature pools, and what features can be found in lieu of a pool at other locations.

What is Equinox?

One word to describe an Equinox gym would be unique. This is not your local Planet Fitness gym for the average working person trying to stay in shape. Instead, it’s a fully integrated fitness experience marketed toward affluent people in big cities who want to be a member of a gym that’s also a status symbol 

With 106 clubs mainly located in the US (three are in Canada, and there are three more in London), spa services offered in several cities, and even an Equinox Hotel in New York, the ever-growing fitness corporation offers world-class workout services.

Their offerings include personal training, group fitness classes, and digital classes that can be done at any time, anywhere.

Is there an Equinox near me?

If you live in a large US city, especially in the Northeast, then chances are that there is an Equinox near you. 

Boston, New York, Washington DC, and Chicago all feature multiple clubs, and if you live in New York and are interested in Equinox, then you are in luck – there are 41 Equinox Gyms in NYC alone.

Texas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, and New Jersey all feature at least one Equinox, in addition to the three in Canada and London that were mentioned before.

Equinox’s website has a complete list of their clubs which will help you locate the one closest to home.

Does my local Equinox have a pool?

Many Equinox gyms feature pools, but not all Equinox gyms have swimming pools.

Equinox gyms are not standard through each location. Depending on which gym you attend, you might find an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, a rooftop pool, or even a saltwater pool – or no pool at all. 

Some clubs feature multiple pools, such as the one at Hudson Yards in New York, which boasts an outdoor lounge pool and an indoor hot and cold plunge pool.

This variability lends itself to a unique experience at each club but might also be a turn-off to possible members who want a pool but whose local gym might not feature one.

What does Equinox offer aside from swimming pools?

If your closest Equinox does not feature a swimming pool, chances are it still has fantastic offerings that any fitness enthusiast would enjoy.

It’s also likely that these features aren’t found at most local gyms, so let’s look at some of the things you can expect at most Equinox locations.

Classes with Targeted Goals

Whether it’s Pilates, HIIT training, yoga, or any number of detailed group classes, Equinox has numerous sessions to choose from.

These classes are all booked in advance, and Equinox members can attend as many classes as they would like.

In addition to classes that take place in Equinox facilities, all disciplines are also offered in digital mediums so that members can work out on their schedules.

Members have access to Equinox+, an app that includes their brands, such as SoulCycle, Solidcore, TB12, Pure Yoga, Precision Run, and Head Strong – all specializing in different areas of fitness.

Unique Amenities

Should you find yourself in an Equinox facility without a swimming pool, chances are you will find something equally useful to hitting your fitness goals. While no two Equinox facilities are created the same, here are a few of our favorite amenities found in gyms without pools. 

Many clubs feature full-service spas with massages, recovery services, facials, eucalyptus steam rooms, and more.

If you are looking to focus on a specific sport or activity, Equinox features cycling and yoga studios, boxing rings, rock climbing walls, basketball courts, running tracks, volleyball courts, squash courts, and more.

Each club also features The Shop, an exclusive store featuring Equinox workout apparel.

Personal Training

Each Equinox member is paired with a personal trainer tailor-made to match their body type and fitness goals.

Personal Training at Equinox is unique because members can train in the gym, but their trainers also can adapt plans to fit the member’s schedule, needs, or even travel. All training sessions can be offered virtually, and the trainer is available to keep the member accountable even if they can’t attend the gym.

Diving In

Determining if a local Equinox has a swimming pool is a significant factor for most people seeking an Equinox membership.

While not all gyms feature pools, all facilities have amenities you likely won’t find at a comparable gym. There’s likely something equally (or possibly more) useful at Equinox than a pool.

If the Equinox closest to you did not have a pool, now knowing all the other offerings, would you still consider joining? Or would it be a deal-breaker?

We’re curious to know the impact of a swimming pool on potential Equinox members. If this article was helpful, please share it on social media and let us know your thoughts.

Looking to research further? Equinox’s website is a great place to start.

Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter
Jessica is an AFLCA certified personal trainer and holds a Masters degree in physical therapy from the University of British Columbia. She has been working in the field for 5 years and writes as a freelance about all things fitness related.