14 Calisthenic Or Bodyweight Bicep Exercises For At Home Workouts

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You’re looking for some stunning calisthenic bicep workouts to get a vast, defined, and powerful bicep.

But you don’t know how to pick one. You’re not alone in your case.

I’m a seasoned certified personal trainer in the calisthenics and fitness field.

Since the covid happened until now, most of my clients have chosen calisthenic as their method to maintain health and muscular.

In this post, you will:

  • Own the scientific principles to build your biceps effectively.
  • Get my stunning 14 calisthenic bicep workouts for biceps growth.
  • Take my strategy workout program for rapid progression.
  • Master my three secret tips for killing your biceps every single rep.

What Is The Secret Key To Unlocking Your Calisthenic Bicep Workouts?

Understanding the function and structure of the biceps muscle will help you know whether an exercise takes action on your biceps or not.

About the function, the biceps take responsibility for three movements: elbow flexion (curling your arm up and down), forearm supination (turning your arm in and out), and shoulder flexion.

So any workout, even gym or calisthenic, will help the biceps develop if it accomplishes one or more of these movements.

About the structure, the biceps are the muscle parts that stay on the upper arm and run from the fore of the shoulders to the elbow.

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They get impacted by these different elements:

  • The long head: makes your bicep look taller when flexed and is affected by the standard grip, especially by the narrow grip.
  • The short head: brings width to your bicep look in curling and is developed by the medium grip, particularly by the wide grip.
  • The brachialis: drives your bicep more detailed from the side view and is built by the hammer grip.

Top 14 Calisthenic Bicep Workouts For Powerful Biceps

Now it’s’ time to dive into my list of calisthenic bicep exercises. I’ve chosen them to hit every angle of the biceps, including long head, short head, and brachialis.

Firstly, let’s see workouts that help you develop both long and short head, to a lesser extent, brachialis.

#1 Standard-Grip Chin-Ups

Based on keeping your palms confronting you, rather than away from you like pull-ups), chin-ups put more tension on your biceps instead of entirely on your back and shoulder.

They’ll not only burn your biceps hard but help you feel your core better in pulling movement. You also can improve your forearm with this workout.

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#2 Australian Chin-Ups

If you’re not strong enough to perform the chin-ups, Australian chin-ups are a great replacement I recommend.

The Australian chin-up, also known as a horizontal chin-up, is one of the first exercises learned by those approaching the world of Calisthenics.

They’ll grow your biceps thanks to the elbow flexing with your body weight.

Cause of putting your feet on the ground, they’ll also put a lighter pressure on the beginners.

#3 Headbanger Biceps Curls

Headbanger is my favorite movement for calisthenic bicep training because it is a super crazy explosive variation of the chin-ups.

It will place a high tension on your bicep for a continuous period. That’s why it’s very effective to grow your biceps not only strength but endurance as well.

#4 Isometric Chin-Ups

Isometric chin-ups are one of my two chosen exercises to exhaust every bicep muscle fiber at the end of a workout.

During the isometric holding, this movement will attack deeply into your bicep and force your micro muscle fiber to work under constant tension.

That’s why it creates significant hypertrophy and helps to build your bicep from the inside.

#5 Eccentric Chin-Ups (Negative Chin-Ups)

As I noticed, negative chin-ups are the rest workout I use to finish a calisthenic bicep workout.

It’s straightforward to do, so it will support your bicep to gain some more reps though you feel depressed to pull a single chin up or any movement. It ultimately kills your bicep.

#6 Ring Biceps Curls

Now, let’s try a change with this calisthenic bicep movement on the gymnastic rings called ring biceps curls.

They also provide flexing on your bicep but with a higher isometric because you must use your body and brain to maintain the balance between two rings.

This factor will help you not only build biceps but improve your feel of muscle connection as well.

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#7 TRX Biceps Curls

Another exercise I want to show you to improve your muscle connection while building your bicep is the TRX biceps curl.

It’s a suspension similar to the gymnastic rings but with D-handles.

It will bring a serious challenge to your biceps by creating pressure on them while forcing your body to be stable.

However, some of my clients said they feel more comfortable with D-handles than rings.

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#8 Resistance Band Biceps Curls

Resistance band biceps curl is the best choice for beginners and women.

The factor I love most about the resistance band is that it provides many kinds of bicep curl vertically like the dumbbell.

If you’re busy, It’ll support you in frequently training your biceps strength and endurance because it’s super simple to set up and practice.

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Calisthenic Bicep Workouts For The Best Long-Head Biceps Isolation

As I mentioned, activities that take advantage of the biceps function and use the narrow grip would vigorously develop your long-head biceps.

#9 Close Hand Chin-Ups

If you want to hit the long-head biceps especially, close grip chin-ups are a breathtaking movement.

They’ll help you firmly increase the height of your bicep from the side view. Your biceps overall will improve impressively.

#10 Assisted One Arm Chin-Ups

You’ll experience the one-arm chin-up feeling after doing this challenging workout.

Your fingers on the opposite arm will help you pull primarily from the dominant arm.

Your biceps, lats, and chest are the main muscles that get trained. Your bicep will become more powerful and enduring because of loading more tension.

Calisthenic Bicep Exercises For Better Short-Head Biceps Isolation

Workouts that take advantage of the biceps function and use the wide grip will actively grow your short-head biceps.

Training short-head biceps will help your bicep bigger faster. Your arm in the T-shirt will bring a very sexy looking.

#11 Behind-The-Head Chin-Ups

Behind-The-Head Chin-Ups is an advanced variation of standard chin-ups. Thanks to using a wider underhand grip, it lets your short-head biceps load more pressure in chin-ups.

You will see your bicep vascular pumped after this exercise.

#12 Pelican Biceps Curls

You can do the pelican bicep curls on the bar or rings. In contrast to bar curls, you will pull this exercise from your back rather than your front.

This exercise takes advantage of the isometric and eccentric tension, then puts them on your short-head bicep.

So it’ll help your bicep become broader and more powerful.

Calisthenic Bicep Movements For Brachialis Biceps Isolation

Movements that take advantage of the biceps function and use the hammer grip will thoroughly train your brachialis biceps.

Your biceps will look very defined and shredded from the side view.

#13 Commando Pull-Ups

Commando pull-ups are a specific variation of standard pull-ups. It is a light-hearted workout that emphasizes elbow flexion and some shoulder flexion.

As a result, more lateral instability will help you develop your biceps, strengthen your core, and expand your lats.

#14 Towel Chin-Ups

Similar to a chin-up, but using a towel. It will give your brachialis biceps and forearm twice the exercise.

By grabbing a towel instead of only the bar, you significantly increase the grip problem, making the entire activity more difficult.

Your brachialis bicep will load a lot of tension.

Custom Calisthenic Biceps Workout Program

In calisthenic, the biceps always participate in the movement of pulling workouts (like pull-ups) and skill (like muscle-ups).

If you’re a new-timer, you only need to pick one to two biceps workouts for a pulling day option.

If you stand at an intermediate or advanced level and want to train your bicep more, you can practice your bicep twice per week.

No matter which level you are or which equipment you have, try to hit the bicep through three muscle elements: long head, short head, and brachialis.

Here is a basic program that anyone can follow at home or anywhere:

If you are intermediate or advanced, try this program:

Tips For Efficient Calisthenic Bicep Workouts

Keep Your Wrist Straight To Maximize The Tension On The Biceps

In pulling movement, besides the central role of the biceps, the forearm also participates through the hand grip.

Keeping your wrist straight will decrease the effort of the forearm and put more pressure on your biceps during the training.

It means that your bicep will improve faster and more robust.

Train Your Bicep With A Low-Tempo

Low-tempo means controlling every rep. The “low tempo” will allow you to take advantage of muscle fiber status, including isometric, eccentric, and concentric.

Your bicep will develop overall, from inside to outside.

source gymguider.com

Take Full Range Of Motion For Every Single Rep

Quality is better than quantity. Every bicep muscle element gets a matching angle for the most loading.

It would be best if you did a complete range of motion for intensely training the biceps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Calisthenic Bicep Training

Does Calisthenic Help Me Build Bicep Effectively?

The answer is an absolute YES. You can see that through some famous calisthenic athletes such as Chris Heria, Andrea Larosa, and Frank Medrano.

The progress may bring a little difficulty initially, but keep going. You will achieve massive, defined, and muscular biceps that deserve what you invested.

Will My Biceps Gain From Push-Ups?

They will not because standard push-ups only hit your chest, triceps, and shoulder.

Someone said that another variation of regular push-ups named pseudo-push-ups would impact the biceps because it uses the reserve grip.

I agree, but not absolutely. Jeff Cavaliere of Athlean-X explained that these push-ups are ineffective and may injure your wrist.

What Should I Eat For Better Bicep Training?

Most calisthenic bicep workouts are compound workouts. So a high-carb diet is advantaged.

But you also keep it balanced because lots of carbs can make you gain weight.

Final Set

I’ve shown you my 14 stunning calisthenic bicep workouts that I used to help my clients achieve big, shredded, powerful biceps.

You even get a more significant effect if you take a shorter rest between sets of these exercises.

Let’s do it and check out the related helpful posts below!

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