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Hockey players with wide feet like me often have a difficult time finding the right hockey skates. I discovered that simply slipping into poorly fitting skates, just for the sake of playing, is not ideal. It becomes hard to focus on the game and can even leave you with blisters and other injuries. 

I realized the importance of picking the right ice skates only after I got the perfect ones. With my wide ice skates, I was able to play better, focus better, and grow betters as a player. There is no pain to hold you back, and you can do your best without any regrets. 

However, just keep in mind that buying the widest hockey skates available is not the solution. There are many other factors to consider. I decided to list down and review some of the best hockey skates for wide feet to help my fellow hockey players.

1 - Bauer Supreme 3S Pro Ice Hockey Skates - Top Choice Skates for Wide Feet Hockey Players

Bauer Hockey is one of the most popular manufacturers of hockey products. It has been producing top quality hockey products for about 80 years now. It is this confidence that makes Bauer’s Supreme 3S Pro more appealing to its customers. The Supreme 3S, in simple words, are pro ice hockey skates and one of the top choices when it comes to wide feet. The Supreme 3S Pro not only offers more area to your feet but also increases power and comfort with its lightweight and fully thermoformable 3D Curv Composite Boot. 

The 3D Curv Boot is combined with the power boot cut, asymmetrical toe-cap, and added stiffness in the lower portion, providing extra stability and delivering more straight-line speed. Apart from this, the Supreme 3S Pro also features a reflex classic pro tongue with molded inserts that offer a customized fit, giving players a more forward flex and added comfort. You also get premium LS Plus blades with the skates with increased height and come with Bauer’s new power profile, having four zoned radii, also known as quad profile.

If you are looking for an aggressive pair of hockey skates for wide feet that gives you more speed and longer stride, then the Supreme 3S Pro skates are just the perfect choice for you. Its 3D curv composite boot feature gives you more flex and power while not compromising with comfort. This allows hockey players to play seamlessly, making longer strides and aggressive plays.


  • Flex rating of 80 makes it the second stiffest boot in line
  • Premium LS Plus blades are durable, have longer edge life, and increased height
  • Features 3D Curv Composite boot that is lightweight and fully thermoformable
  • Reflex Classic Pro Tongue with molded inserts offers custom fit 
  • The blades come with Bauer’s Power Profile, which is a four zoned radii 
  • Perfect hockey skates for longer strides, aggressive plays, and total comfort


  • May take time breaking in

2 - CCM Super Tacks AS3 - Fastest Hockey Skates for Wide Feet Hockey Players

CCM is currently hailed as the largest manufacturer in the world for Hockey products. The brand is over 100 years old and has been delivering top quality hockey products since 1905. The CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro ice hockey skates carry on that legacy with top-quality performance and speed. Its one-piece mono frame quarter package is lightweight, highly durable, and allows seamless energy transfer from the skate to the feet to the ice, making it one of the fastest hockey skates for wide feet available. 

The Super Tacks AS3 Pro features the same anatomical fit that hockey players are accustomed to, offering a 360-degree fit around the forefoot, heel, and ankle, eliminating any negative space within the boot and making the energy transfer more efficient. These skates also come with easily-swappable skate tongues built with D30 Smart Material protecting the sensitive ankle areas from blocked shots and direct impacts. Additionally, the skates’ interior is also filled with comforting features like TotalDri Pro+ Liner, Durazone Abrasion Protection, multi-density memory foam, and Smooth Contour Pro comfort padding, making them very comfortable ice skates to play in. 

Apart from all this, the CCM Super Tacks AS3 pro also features SpeedBlade XS1 Black Runners that are oxide-treated and are 12% taller than traditional runners that significantly improve player’s speed. If you are looking for hockey skates that are fast, comfortable, and help you move quickly around the ice, then CCM’s Super Tacks AS3 Pro are just the ones for you. With its one-piece mono frame built and SpeedBlade XS1 Black Runners, I’m sure you will be scaling the ice quickly and comfortably.


  • One-piece mono frame build make the skates lightweight and highly durable
  • 360-degree anatomical fit eliminates negative space within
  •  Comes with easily-swappable skate tongues built with D30 Smart Material
  • TotalDri Pro+ Liner with Durazone Abrasion protection keeps your feet safe from impacts
  • Features with SpeedBlade XS1 Black Runners that are oxide-treated and 12% taller than standard runners
  • Multi-density foam and smooth contour pro comfort padding makes the interior very comfortable


  • Beginners may find the boots too stiff

3 - Bauer Nexus 2N Ice Hockey Skates - Most Spacious Skates for Wide Feet

When I first tried on the Bauer Nexus 2Ns, the first thing that I realized was how spacious they were. The features highlighted that the skates offered a high-volume fit, but it actually felt nice to feel that space and comfort. Even with so much space, the Form Fit+ footbed does an excellent job holding the foot at its place, increasing the skates’ responsiveness and stiffness. You can also find a memory foam padding at the ankle that adds more comfort, improves heel stability, and protects your feet from direct impacts.

Like every other Bauer skates, these are incorporated with the 3D Composite Curv Boot that is fully thermoformable and holds the entire foot. The laces are aligned in a traditional configuration and snug up a 48 oz. pro-styled tongue. Moreover, this tongue is made using a pretty thick foam and injected with a plastic metatarsal guard to protect your foot from forceful impacts. Inside the skates, you can find a Hydra Max 2 moisture-wicking lining that is very soft and keeps your feet dry and comfortable at all times. 

At the bottom, the Nexus 2Ns feature a lightweight, fully composite outsole that increases the skates’ stiffness and responsiveness. When it comes to blades, I really liked the Tuuk LS3 runners as they really have a strong edge and increased the radius of stride. Moreover, Tuuk’s Lightspeed Edge Holders do a great job holding the blades and making it very easy to replace them. 

All in all, the Bauer Nexus 2N ice hockey skates left me with quite a good impression. I felt that they are a set of affordable skates delivering an elite-level performance. They don’t hurt my sides, make me feel spacious, and definitely improve my confidence and performance on the ice. You should definitely get these skates if you want more space on the sides while not compromising your stride speed and range.


  • Offer a high-volume fit perfect for wide feet players
  • 3D Curv composite boots 
  • 48. oz pro styled tongue with plastic metatarsal guard
  • Hydra Max 2 moisture-wicking lining inside 
  • Tuuk LS3 runners have a strong edge and wide radius
  • Elite-level performance at an affordable price 


  • Takes time breaking in
  • Fitting might vary from person to person

4 - CCM Super Tacks 9380 - Most Affordable Ice Hockey Skates for Wide Feet

The CCM Super Tacks 9380 are one of the most affordable ice hockey skates for wide feet on the market. Even with the reasonable price range, I hardly felt that CCM compromised with its quality. The skates are designed using the MetaFrame technology and are crafted out of RFM composite, which for me is the best quality of the 9380s, making them very lightweight and highly comforting. 

Super Tacks 9380, according to the CCM, are medium fit skates, but for me, they fit wonderfully, even though I feel that my feet are wider for a medium fit design. I felt the skates to be less stiff than other options in this list, but that didn’t really affect my performance on the ice. Another thing that greatly impressed me was that CCM included their top of the line, moisture-wicking Total Dri Liner and included padding at the heel pocket for added comfort and security. 

Apart from all this, the Ortholite Footbed definitely does justice to the price and provides ideal support. I even enjoyed the comfort of the dual-density asymmetrical build with added lace bite protection and reinforcement layers placed at the tongue. At the bottom, I was actually surprised to see a top-of-the-line SpeedBlade XS holder with SpeedBlade Xchange System that makes it very easy to swap out the blades. This holder is partnered with SpeedBlade XS Stainless runner that offers a long-lasting edge resulting in an excellent performance.

The best part about these skates is that even though they are a medium fit design, they fit my feet very well and did nothing to bring my performance down. I definitely would have enjoyed a little more stiffness because the skates were not as responsive as I wanted them to be. In any case, if you are looking for an affordable option for high performing ice hockey skates, then I would definitely recommend them for you.


  • Medium fit design offering an excellent fit 
  • Top-of-the-line Total Dri moisture-wicking liner 
  • Ortholite Footbed provides ideal foot support 
  • Dual-density asymmetrical build with added lace bit protection 
  • SpeedBlade XS holder with SpeedBlade Xchange system for easy blade swapping
  • SpeedBlade XS Stainless runners are durable and provide excellent performance
  • One of the most affordable ice hockey skates for wide feet


  • May not be stiff enough for pro players

5 - Bauer Vapor X2.9 - Best Low Profile Ice Hockey Skates for Wide Feet

The Bauer Vapor X2.9 ice hockey skates are low-profile skates from the Bauer’s Vapor line. When I first tried them on, it was a difficult fit for my wide feet. But once they started breaking in, I eased into them. I was thrilled that Bauer included its Form Fit+ footbed in these low-profile skates as well, as I was really accustomed to it, and that made my struggle of breaking-in them bearable. 

The Vapor X2.9s come with Bauer’s Performflex system that improves the fit, comfort zone, and overall performance. This system also includes a 3D Lasted Tech Mesh quarter package construction that I felt was another comforting feature that helped my feet sink in. The skates inside contain a Comfort Edge and Aero Foam padding for extra support, and you can also find some extra padding at the ankles that snug up your feet perfectly. 

Along with the Form Fit+ footbed, Bauer has included a hydrophobic microfiber liner that provides excellent support, feel, and moisture-wicking properties. The footbed is also lined up with memory foam to add comfort from below, while a two-piece 48 oz. felt tongue injected with metatarsal guard adds comfort from above and adds protection. I was delighted with the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder system that makes it extremely easy to swap out the blades and really holds the Tuuk LS1 blades that come with it in its place. 

Overall, Bauer Vapor X2.9 ice skates are the right choice for those who do not play as often but are still interested in being in the game. They are not really durable, but they are an excellent choice for the price they come in.


  • Available at a very comfortable price
  • Low-profile skates for not very often use
  • Form Fit+ Footbed provides excellent comfort 
  • Performflex system for improved fit and comfort zone 
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder System holds the blades perfectly
  • Tuuk LS1 blades are strong and improve stride performance
  • Two-piece 48 oz. felt tongue with injected metatarsal guard 
  • Hydrophobic microfiber liner keeps feet dry and comfortable


  • Advanced players may need more features

6 - Bauer Supreme 3S Ice Hockey Skates - Most Comfortable Skates at Low Price

The Bauer Supreme 3S Ice Hockey Skates are designed to provide all-time comfort for skilled players. I really liked the comfort and flex these skates offer, and considering the price they are available at, they really do justice in terms of performance. In any case, what I really liked the most was that these skates are very stiff and responsive, but not as much as their pro version.

The Performance Fit System that Bauer used in Supreme 3S really adds comfort, while the 3D Lasted Flex Composite Boot makes them easier to flex. All of these features are enhanced with the combination of Pro TPU outsole, which adds extra stiffness in the lower part of the skates and delivers a more straight-line speed. Apart from this, the Supreme 3S also features a Power Cut that made me feel stable, while the Pro 48 ounce Felt Tongue allowed me to flex forward and added more comfort while moving.

However, the most highlighted feature of the Supreme 3S is its LS+ Stainless Steel blade that is tall and comes with Bauer’s 4 zoned Power Profile. Thanks to this, it was easier for me to make long and aggressive strides while maintaining the optimal speed. The Supreme 3S have a flex rating of 70, which I think is a little more than what I felt, but all in all, it does not fail to deliver excellent support and stability.


  • Excellent flex and comfort for an affordable price
  • Features Performance Fit System and 3D Lasted Flex Composite Boot 
  • Comes with a Pro TPU outsole that adds stiffness at the lower part 
  • Pro 48 ounce Felt Tongue allows forward flexing 
  • LS+ Stainless Steel blade that is tall and has Bauer’s Power Profile 
  • Excellent skates for players who make long and aggressive strides


  • Might become uncomfortable if worn for too long

7 - CCM Tacks 9070 - Cheapest Ice Hockey Skates for Wide Feet Players

The CCM Tacks 9070 ice hockey skates are the cheapest option on this entire list. I don’t really recommend these if you are an aggressive pro-level player, but they may be an excellent choice if you want to spend a lot of time practicing your game. They sure are durable and can handle stress, but not the best choice if you look at them from a performance perspective.

In any case, the Tacks 9070 skates are filled with exciting features that I was not expecting at its price range. The skates are molded using the MetaFrame technology, which makes them fit great, while the quarter package is made using the RocketFrame Composite that is lightweight and fully thermoformable. Apart from this, the CCM Tacks 9070 also features a double-stitched 7mm center-injected white-felt tongue. This tongue adds a good layer of protection and keeps you safe from stray pucks and direct impacts. Another impressive feature is its embossed lace-bite guard that positions your laces for a tight and accurate fit. 

I also found a moisture-wicking liner that comes with DuraZone Abrasive patches and HD Microfiber. The insole is also a vented Anatomical Response Model that keeps the insides dry and comfortable while supporting your foothold. When it comes to the bottom part, the 9070s have a SpeedBlade 4.0 holder, which boasts SpeedRib technology, a unique geometric design that allows seamless energy transfer from feet to boot to ice. 

Everything considered CCM Tacks 9070 are a fantastic choice for players who are looking for durable hockey skates for wide feet. They are medium-volume skates, and if your feet have standard dimensions, these will fit you perfectly. However, if your feet are too wide on the sides, they may feel a bit tight.


  • Highly affordable ice hockey skates
  • Molded using the MetaFrame technology makes great fit 
  • Vented Anatomical Response Model keeps inside dry and comfort
  • Moisture-wicking lining comes with DuraZone Abrasive patches and HD microfiber
  • SpeedBlade 4.0 holder boasts SpeedRib Technology 
  • High-performance SpeedBlade Stainless steel runners
  • Center injected, double-stitched tongue for durable protection and comfort 
  • Excellent choice for regular practice


  • Not recommended for pro-level games

The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

There are many things you should consider while buying the wide ice skates that suit you perfectly. To help you figure out everything you need, I have highlighted the things you should consider while choosing the perfect ice hockey skates.

Fitting (Size and Volume)

The first thing that wide feet hockey players like me should look out for is how good the skates fit you. The better the skates fit, the better you will be able to move. Moreover, good fitting skates significantly reduce the chances of getting blisters and lace bites.

When it comes to fitting, I feel that there are no better skates than Bauer Supreme 3S Pro. Like I mentioned before, Bauer’s Supreme 3S Pro offers a lot of area for your feet to fit in comfortably. Also, the 3D Curv Composite Boot combined with its Power Boot cut design make it much easier to slip your feet in while keeping them warm and comfortable within.

Speed (Stiffness and Responsiveness)

Good ice skates should not be slowing you down. If you are a hockey player who likes moving up and down the field a lot, you must consider how fast your skates respond to your movement. I believe that fast ice skates are very stiff and responsive.

CCM’s Super Tacks AS3 are the fastest hockey skates in this entire list. Its one-piece mono frame design makes these skates very stiff and responds well to sudden turns and movements. Moreover, these skates are very lightweight, durable, and offer seamless energy transfer from your feet to boot, allowing you to accelerate at a higher speed and make longer strides.

Protection (Foam and Padding)

No matter how good you are on the field, if you are injured, you are putting your entire game career at risk. Therefore, protection is essential, and you should always get ice skates that have enough padding and protective features.

For this category, CCM’s Super Tacks AS3 retakes the top spot. With a tongue made of D30 Smart Material, DuraZone Abrasion Protection liner, multi-density memory foam, and Smooth Contour Pro comfort padding, these skates offer the best protection you can get from any skates for wide feet.

Comfort (Lining and Support)

Ice skates need to be comfortable. If your skates are not comfortable, your focus will be on adjusting your feet and not playing the game. Therefore, comfort should be one of the top factors to consider before buying your ice skates.

Now, when it comes to comfort, Bauer Nexus 2N Ice Skates are the champions for me. These skates are really comfortable, and with the Hydra Max 2 lining, they take that comfort to the next level. This liner is really soft and works really well in keeping the moisture out. The memory foam padding at the ankles adds to the comfort value, making them the most comfortable ice skates.

Blade Runners

The quality of the blade runners is crucial. The blade runners need to be highly durable and should be able to support you throughout the game. More than that, the blade runners should be able to withstand all the pressure that a player puts on them, no matter how aggressive or long strides you make. Along with the runners, the holders’ quality should also match, and they should be able to firmly hold the blade at its place while seamlessly transferring the energy from your feet to the blade. 

Bauer Supreme 3S Pro skates are the winning choice for this category, as they are the perfect hockey skates for making longer strides and aggressive plays. These skates come with premium LS Plus blades that are highly durable, have a longer edge life, and increase height, making it easy for any wide-foot ice hockey player to move around the ice without losing energy. The blades also feature Bauer’s Power Profile that significantly improves the energy transfer’s performance, speed, and efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Hockey skates for wide feet?

The Bauer Supreme 3S Pro are currently the best hockey skates for wide feet. They come with high-quality blade runners, offer more area for your feet, and features a power boot cut, asymmetrical toe-cap, and added stiffness in the lower portion, providing extra stability and delivering more straight-line speed.

Which ice skates are the widest?

Bauer’s Nexus line is the most high-volume skate there is, and out of these, the Nexus 2N is the most advanced option. All Nexus ice skates feature a wide toe box, full ankle wrap, high instep, and extra depth in the heel pocket. Therefore, the Bauer Nexus 2Ns should be the widest skates there are.

What does EE mean for hockey skates?

Ice hockey skates are available in many sizes, and the EE label indicates fit for the widest hockey skates.

How do you break in new hockey skates fast?

There is a way to break your ice hockey skates fast. Just put your ice hockey skates in the oven and wait for around 4-5 minutes. Make sure to keep an eye on them, and I absolutely do not recommend you to do anything else while the skates are in the oven. After 4-5 minutes, take them out, and you should find them to be noticeably softer than they went in.

The 3rd Period

Finding the best hockey skates for wide feet is not easy. You will have to consider every factor that may affect your focus, comfort, and performance in the game. Ice skates can be costly, and I’m sure you intend to buy them for a long duration. If you make a hasty decision, then you might end up regretting it for a long time.

In this article, only the best hockey skates for wide feet are mentioned. If you do not want to lose a lot of time searching for the right pair, this list can significantly narrow your search list. In any case, make sure that you try the skates and check to see if they are comfortable, fit your feet properly, and do not bring down your performance level.

If you have already used one of these ice skates, let us know our experience. Also, mention why you liked them or didn’t like them, and if any other choices are better than these. If you find this article informative, make sure to share it with your friends who have wide feet and might be interested in buying a new pair of ice skates.

Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson
Cameron is from Ottawa and played college hockey for the Saskatchewan Huskies. He now coaches AA hockey. He is passionate about traveling, trekking, woodwork, and ethnic food. Cameron is also interested in sharing his knowledge about the beautiful game of hockey.