Is It Possible To Be An Equinox Member For Only A Month?

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So, perhaps you are still on the fence about whether to join Equinox and commit to a full membership, which leads you to wonder whether you can join the gym for only one month.

However, Equinox does not offer a singular-month option in their membership plans.

Let’s dive into what Equinox does offer while comparing their prices/services to other gyms so you can make the best physical and financial decisions.

How Much Is A Membership At Equinox?

Monthly Membership

One Club Access

All Clubs Access

Initiation Fee



Monthly Fee






In total, to join the gym at the lowest, it would cost $268, and if you want to only join for a month, you must cancel before the next payment is due.

You can choose between one club access, meaning your membership is only valid at the club you signed up at, or you can select all club access that enables your membership to be valid at every Equinox gym.

Initiation Fee

Both options have a $100 initiation fee and a $0 cancellation fee which is always a nice added touch that gives you the freedom to cancel your membership anytime. 

This fee is reasonable as it lets the public know this is a high-end gym when joining. Especially as they have an excellent range of equipment, classes, and amenities like a steam room, swimming pools, and even a jacuzzi. 

Find your nearest Equinox here and see for yourself with a free visit. 

Adding A Family Member To Your Plan

At Equinox, you can’t add a family member to your membership plan. Family members will have to sign up individually on a separate plan.

However, you can bring a Family member for a day. This is so they can get a feel for the gym and try out the facilities to aid them in deciding whether to join or not. 

How to Cancel Equinox Membership

Equinox makes it incredibly easy to cancel your membership. Simply contact them via phone, email, or you can go to your local Equinox and cancel, ensure you bring your I.D with you if you choose this option. 

Equinox will not charge you if you wish to cancel your membership. 

Equinox Price Compared To Other Gyms

Equinox is considered one of the most expensive commercial gyms in the United States. This is obvious when compared to other popular commercial gyms:



Initiation Fee




Planet Fitness



Golds Gym



24 Hour Fitness 



Why Is Equinox More Expensive?

Equinox’s classes. Equinox has a wide variety of classes, such as martial arts, boxing, spinning, yoga, pump, pilates, boot camps, and even strength and conditioning classes.

All of these are delivered by qualified instructors experienced in the specific sport or class type. 

Showers/Changing rooms. The showers are similar to the quality of a 5-star hotel, and Equinox provides a regular supply of shampoo, conditioner, blow dryers, and even hairspray.

If you plan to shower at the gym, you will not need any toiletries. Equinox will have you covered. 

Equipment. The Equipment at Equinox is state of the art with reputable brands such as Life Fitness and Hammer Strength. 

There are various machines for each body part, with some unique pieces you won’t see in other gyms, like Ladder-climbing machines and AirRunners.  

Along with squat racks and deadlift platforms to accommodate weightlifters and powerlifters. 

The Last Set

Although Equinox does not offer a one-month singular membership they still have there strong points that make them excellent, especially if you live in a massive city and can afford the membership. 

Despite being sometimes crowded, their gyms consistently ensure great customer service and arguably the best amenities in any commercial gym. 

Ethan Rai
Ethan Rai
Ethan Rai has a bachelor's degree in sports and exercise science & sports journalism and has also been a personal trainer for six years. Ethan is also an amateur boxer. Thanks to his strong academic background, he has developed a deep understanding of the physical demands of boxing and the importance conditioning and training play in his level of performance. He is a family man at heart and is passionate about staying in shape physically, mentally, and spiritually. At the same time, expressing his passion for creativity through writing.