Ethan Rai

Ethan Rai has a bachelor’s degree in sports and exercise science & sports journalism and has also been a personal trainer for six years. Ethan is also an amateur boxer. Thanks to his strong academic background, he has developed a deep understanding of the physical demands of boxing and the importance conditioning and training play in his level of performance. He is a family man at heart and is passionate about staying in shape physically, mentally, and spiritually. At the same time, expressing his passion for creativity through writing.
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How To Improve 1.5 Mile Run Time In Two Weeks?

So you need to increase your 1.5-mile run time fast. With my years of experience working with hundreds of runners and different athletes, I have composed the 5 fundamental principles you need to increase your time significantly within 2 weeks. 

Can Fitbit Watches Measure Blood Pressure?

Fitbits have taken the fitness industry by storm. Providing a plethora of health-tracking features, all in the format of a digital watch. Leading many to ask the question can it track blood pressure?  Despite all its brilliance, Fitbit is not

How Much Is A Plate?

As a newcomer to the gym, I often heard the term “plate” thrown around but had no idea what it meant or what it weighed. I then learned a plate refers to a 45-pound weight plate. For example, “my deadlift

5 Best Bodyweight Quad Workouts To Do From Home

The quadriceps often referred to as the quads, is one of the most essential and strongest muscle groups in the human anatomy. Not training them would leave so much athletic performance on the table. Not to mention the added quality

The Definitive Guide For The Best Beginners Boxing Gloves

So, you’re just starting your boxing journey and have begun considering what boxing gloves to purchase to help you progress your skills. The boxing glove market is saturated with products that aren’t fit for a beginner, so it can be

How Much Is A Plate?

As a newcomer to the gym, I often heard the term “plate” thrown around but had no idea what it