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There’s nothing quite like the fraternal solidarity one will find between goalkeepers on a soccer pitch. 

Within football, it exists an enigmatic kinship coined the ‘goalkeeper’s union’ where keepers of old and new support each other through the highs and lows of the game. 

It’s one of the most unique camaraderies in sport, and Renegade GK are certainly a part of that fraternity. 

Focused on providing goalkeepers with the tools they need to succeed in the modern game, Renegade design, and provide some of the most technologically advanced goalkeeping gloves you’ll find in the industry. 

While being the preferred goalkeeper glove provider for the National Premier Soccer League, Renegade are committed to providing their customers tips and tricks on becoming the best goalkeeper possible.

Whether you’re a pro keeper or are a parent looking to get your kids some new gloves, make sure you check out their educational blog if you’re looking for goalkeeper specific training or advice on how to improve your game.  

On that note, let’s take a look at some of Renegade GK’s goalie gloves and how they can help you improve your game. 

1. Eclipse Series - A goalie glove for the professionals

Renegade GK Eclipse Ambush Professional Goalie Gloves with...
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Renegade GK Eclipse Ambush Professional Goalie Gloves with...
  • TRUSTED BY PLAYERS & THE PROS: RGK gloves are...
  • PROFESSIONAL LEVEL: The new RGK Eclipse series is...
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Designed by goalkeepers for goalkeepers, Renegade provide gloves for all levels of goalkeepers. From FC Tulsa’s Andrew Macrae to kids playing in junior leagues, Renegade have adapted their goalkeeping glove technology to cater to all types of goalies to achieve their full potential. And their Eclipse Series gloves are at the top of the range.

These are perhaps one of the tackiest gloves I have ever worn, and make no mistake, the technology that has gone into designing these gloves will ensure, well, that you won’t make any mistakes in the net! Featuring a high-end German Contact Latex, these gloves are great for the pros looking for that extra bit of grip and security when in possession of the ball.

The Eclipse comes in a negative cut shape that grips your palms firmer and provides the wearer with added control when catching and throwing the ball. They also feature a 360° elastic strap that provides you with unrivaled support to fend off hard-hitting shots coming your way, making them perfect for goalkeepers operating in the top leagues of football.


  • Perfect for professionals.
  • Extremely tacky grip.
  • Internal memory foam padding.
  • Designed to give added control. 
  • All-weather glove. 
  • Sublimated backhand provides cooling.


  • Internal memory foam can become smelly as your hands sweat in the gloves, but these gloves are well ventilated, so that rarely happens. 
  • Gloves can lose their tackiness with excessive use. 

2. Rogue Series - Renegade’s most stylish gloves

Renegade GK Limited Edition Rogue Patriot UK Goalie Gloves with...
  • TRUSTED BY PLAYERS & THE PROS: RGK gloves are...
  • LIMITED EDITION: The new RGK Rogue series is the...
  • LEADING SAFETY PROTECTION: The Rogue’s composite...
  • SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: We've tried to pack as...

Operating since 2017, Renegade have adapted their gloves to meet the latest technology and the coolest styles in world soccer. Over the past three years, new footballs, boots, and equipment have all come into the market, requiring Renegade to continually look at new ways to implement fresh technology and styles into their gloves to keep up with these advancements.

One of the most stylish pairs of gloves in their roster is the Rogue Series, which comes in a variety of colorway’s including its excellent Outlaw gloves, Slash colorway, and hunter style. As goalie gloves go, these are some of the freshest I’ve seen on the market and will help you stand out on the pitch with both your skills and your style.

The Rogue Series gloves are also made from Renegade’s Microbe-Guard Fabric. This pretreated antimicrobial material used in their goalie gloves eliminates 99.999% of all bacteria and viruses that can get into the fabric of their gloves. Particularly in light of recent issues around the pandemic, these gloves are great to help ensure your safety out on the pitch.


  • Stylish. 
  • Cushioned padding. 
  • Made from Microbe-Guard Fabric.
  • Tacky grips. 
  • Great for intermediate players.


  • Not the best fingertip padding compared to other brands, but the backhand of the glove is well supported to keep your hands well propped when saving hard shots. 
  • Gloves extended palm puller can become annoying on your wrists. 

3. Fury Series - The most comfortable glove

Renegade GK Fury Nightfall Goalie Gloves with Pro-Tek Fingersaves...
  • TRUSTED BY PLAYERS & THE PROS: RGK gloves are...
  • SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: We've tried to pack as...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We’re not happy,...

Playing in goal can sometimes be one of the most dangerous positions on the pitch. And it’s no wonder Renegade have devoted their time to making unparalleled equipment to help goalies stay safe and comfortable in net.

Renegade’s Fury gloves are specifically designed to do just that. Balancing the need to give goalies the best grip while also maximizing comfort meant that I didn’t want to take these gloves off when I tried them on; they were so well padded. Perfect for both adults and junior players, the Fury’s come in a roll cut format that provides you with the largest possible contact with the ball, giving you the best and most consistent grip on the ball.

The gloves are ventilated, too, and are made of a composite 3D Airmesh body that will keep your hands cool and dry while you comfortably fend off shots advancing on your goal. With that in mind, these gloves are an excellent option for any budding goalkeeper looking to develop and enhance their skills.


  • Super comfortable. 
  • Ventilated. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Roll cut fit. 
  • Excellent grip for people with small hands. 


  • Roll cut grip is not the best for advanced goalkeepers or those with big hands but is excellent for young kids learning new keeping skills. 
  • Gloves don’t provide as much support and grip to the back of the keeper’s hand. 

4. Vortex Series - Best for grip and stability

Renegade GK Vortex Strom Goalie Gloves | 3.5+3mm Hyper Grip & 4mm...
  • TRUSTED BY PLAYERS & THE PROS: RGK gloves are...
  • LEADING SAFETY PROTECTION: Our Vortex gloves use...
  • SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: We've tried to pack as...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We’re not happy,...

The Vortex gloves were one of my favorites as they were so tacky I could literally grip a football upside down in my hand. With a negative roll grip, the gloves will snugly wrap themselves around your hands and provide superb control on the ball as you grip it in your palms.

These gloves also come with a 180° thumb wrap that provides additional support to your thumbs as you look to block shots on your goal. This makes all the difference as every goalie knows you’ll find your fingers and thumbs being bent in the wrong way every time you turn up to training. For that reason, these are a great pair of gloves for any keeper facing off against hard-hitting strikers.


  • Great support.
  • Thumb stability. 
  • Great grip and a snug fit on your hands.
  • Ventilated. 
  • Cool colorways.


  • These gloves don’t have the best back grip or support, but their palms are one of the tackiest gloves Renegade produce. 
  • Not the best gloves for junior footballers. 

5. Triton Series - The best glove for all abilities

Renegade GK Triton Raider Goalie Gloves with Pro-Tek Finger...
  • TRUSTED BY PLAYERS & THE PROS: RGK gloves are...
  • SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: We've tried to pack as...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We’re not happy,...

Football is a game for all people, and Renegade haven’t forgotten that when designing their gloves. The Triton Series gloves are loaded with all protection levels, including removable finger-saves, a 360° wrist strap, and a functional backhand that supports your fingers and stops you from damaging your hands. That makes them perhaps the best gloves to protect all kinds of players, from juniors to adults.

If you’ve ever played in net, you’ll know how much of a battering your hands can take. And particularly if you’re buying these gloves for a young player, you’ll want to ensure they’ll be adequately protected at all the shots coming at them. That’s why you should look to the Triton Series gloves to help keep your hands well protected and safe as you fend shots away from the net.


  • Excellent for comfort. 
  • Great for all ages and abilities. 
  • Great for wrist and finger support.
  • Ventilated fabric. 
  • Perfectly fits keepers of all ages. 


  • Gloves aren’t as tacky as its professional standard gloves, but they provide a great starting point for any player starting out in goal.
  • Colour schemes are not as vibrant as other gloves.

6. Vulcan Series - The most durable glove

Renegade GK Vulcan Abyss Goalie Gloves with Pro-Tek Finger Spines...
  • TRUSTED BY PLAYERS & THE PROS: RGK gloves are...
  • SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: We've tried to pack as...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We’re not happy,...

After listening to their customer’s feedback, Renegade have developed the Vulcan Series gloves to give professionals a durable yet lightweight glove that is an excellent value for money option. These gloves are best for semi-professionals and those keepers who train regularly and are looking for a comfortable yet hard-wearing pair of gloves at an affordable price.

If you’re like me and go through around three pairs of goalkeeper gloves a season, then look no further as these are a very hardy pair of mitts that provide good results on the pitch.

These gloves are also well padded too and come with a thick wrist strap that will expand to wrap around most wrist sizes. The strapping also acts as an additional guard to prevent your hand from flexing under hard shots, making it an excellent option for any goalkeeper looking to test themselves at the next level.


  • Extremely durable. 
  • Lightweight.
  • Made with breathable fabric. 
  • Comfortable. 
  • Good grip. 
  • Strong wrist guards. 


  • Other users have claimed these gloves aren’t the best gloves for indoor soccer, although they are designed for grass and artificial pitches. 
  • The mesh fabric can sometimes hold dirt in its gaps, but the gloves are very easy to keep clean and maintain. 

7. Talon Series - Best for youth players

Renegade GK Talon Cyclone 2 Goalie Gloves with Pro-Tek Finger...
  • TRUSTED BY PLAYERS & THE PROS: RGK gloves are...
  • SUPERIOR VALUE & COMFORT: We've tried to pack as...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We’re not happy,...

These gloves are a combination of everything a young player will need in a goalkeeper glove. They have a tacky Hyper Grip, Airmeshed Body to keep your hands ventilated, and adequate protection to keep your hands and wrists safe when you’re saving shots on the line. My favorite thing about these gloves is that they are so durable. As I’m sure many parents will know, kids can wear down their equipment very quickly, but you won’t find that with these gloves.

Combining leading technology with the most durable materials, Renegade have built an exquisite goalkeeping tool that is perfect for young players who can use these gloves to enhance their skills, with a pair of gloves that will last multiple football seasons.


  • Comfortable.
  • Durable.
  • Great for youth players. 
  • Tacky grips. 
  • Well ventilated. 


  • Not the best option for skillful players looking to get more features and grip on their gloves, but they are perfect for juniors looking to develop necessary keeping skills. 
  • Can be a bit rigid to put on at first, but you’ll find the gloves very quickly mold to your hand’s shape. 

The Ultimate Buying Guide

We’re going to outline some of the more important features you should look out for in each of Renegade’s goalkeeping gloves that will help you improve your game.


Having a tacky grip is perhaps the most crucial part of any good pair of goalkeeping gloves. The better the grip, the more control you have over the football, and the better chance you have to save shots. If you want your hands to literally stick to the football, check out Renegade GK Eclipse Goalie Glove.


Playing with warm, sweaty hands is not ideal for any goalkeeper. The more your hands sweat, the more likely they are to slip when you try to catch and save shots on goal. To prevent this, purchase a well-ventilated pair of gloves like the Renegade GK Vulcan Series, which will keep your hands cool and dry out on the pitch.


Perhaps the most essential part of any glove is the support it gives to your hands, fingers, and wrists. As a keeper myself, I’ve come off the pitch with countless broken fingers and sprained wrists, which is why my advice is to always pick a pair of gloves, like the Renegade GK Vortex that will help support your hands.


You’ll likely be spending a lot of time wearing these gloves, and the last thing you want is to be wearing an uncomfortable pair of mitts that will put you off your game. For exceptional comfort, check out the Renegade GK Fury Series made of special memory foam padding that will mold itself to your hands.


Soccer is all about showing your flair. Give yourself the confidence to make spectacular saves and huge aerial catches with a flash pair of gloves like the Renegade GK Rogue Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pairs of gloves should I go through per season?

Most professional goalkeepers will go through multiple pairs of gloves every month. But depending on how much you play, most amateur goalies can make one or two pairs of gloves last a season.

Does a goalkeeper have to wear gloves?

It’s not written in the football laws that you have to wear gloves, but it is undoubtedly advisable to help protect your hands and give you greater confidence to stop shots on goal.

How often should you wash your goalkeeper gloves?

Not too often, as you will end up damaging the tackiness of your gloves palm grip. I would usually wash mine once every two weeks to clean out any old mud and keep them fresh.

Final Words

Renegade GK are revolutionizing the way goalkeepers play through their superb arsenal of goalkeeping gloves. From developing new grip technologies to anti-microbe materials, they are a front runner in producing the best products for goalkeepers of all skill levels.

The brand is an entrenched part of the community that backs the goalkeeper’s union. They are goalkeepers at heart and are on a mission to help other keepers better their skills through their fantastic products and insightful online blog.

Make sure you check them out if you’re in the market for a new pair of goalkeeping gloves.

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