What Do Soccer Players Wear In Cold Weather?

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Across the world, soccer life is relentless.

Weather patterns may change, but the most global game around spans from some of the coldest places on the map to the most sizzling beaches you’ll find on Planet Earth.

Deep into the coldest months of the year now, you simply have to be prepared. Dreaming of warmer days is all well and good, but, as they say, summer bodies are made in winter.

The United States, of course, is no different. Whether you find yourself playing in the blustering winds of Chicago or the harsh winter of North Dakota, any player will want to optimize their performance by ensuring they’ve got the soccer gear for cold weather.

By protecting yourself from the cruel chill of winter, you can seriously set your game alight. Trust me; I’m a coach from deepest, darkest Scotland and have worked in some of North America’s most ice-kissed conditions.

Rarely have I actually been warm when out on the field, even when I was playing soccer.

In the heat of competition, marginal gains can count for anything, and some of the giants of the sports apparel game have taken note.

Want that fire? Well, you need to stay warm. If you don’t, your opponent will, and they’ll have already got a head on you.

By securing the right soccer gear, you’ll insulate from what the world throws at you and escalate your performance.

So, what do you need and why? Luckily for you, there’s an awful lot out there.

1- Nike Hyperwarm Field Player Gloves

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Let’s start with the easiest thing to cover in cold weather, your hands.

Protect yourself from numbness and feel every moment by donning some sharp-looking Nike Hyperwarm Field Player Gloves. Even goalkeepers will be jealous about how much these’ll keep you warm!

Aside from the obvious degree of warmness these will give you; the silicone grip allows you to keep much better control of the ball when taking a throw-in, potentially giving you and your team that crucial advantage.

There’s also the added factor of looking the part. Come on, some of the most recognizable players in the game have rocked the glove look, including the likes of Thierry Henry, Alex Morgan, and Lionel Messi.

Which of us hasn’t dreamed of replicating them? No one, that’s the answer.

2- Under Armour Over The Calf Soccer Socks

Under Armour Unisex UA Over-The-Calf Team Socks LG Black
  • Signature moisture transport wicks moisture,...
  • ArmourBlock technology neutralizes the microbes...
  • Strategic Cushioning built into the sock for...
  • Embedded arch support reduces foot fatigue,...
  • Contoured "Y" heel for comfort and perfect fit

Switching attention to the lower part of your body and the most essential limbs when it comes to soccer, these Under Armour Over The Calf Soccer Socks will help give you the kick required to raise your performance while playing soccer.

Gone are the days of getting socks for Christmas, proving to the ultimate sign of growing old. With something as good as this, you’ll be eagerly awaiting the chance to tear into what’s under the tree from that distant aunt.

Essential to any soccer gear set, socks have just never been as exciting.

Made from nylon and spandex (the Holy Grail for any sports apparel), they’ll keep you warm, help absorb sweat and keep you fresh, all while providing crucial support for your feet by way of their embedded arch support.

As you’ll be more than aware, not all soccer surfaces can be considered in the same universe as some of the pristine fields we see in MLS and beyond, so that extra comfort is crucial. In this world, comfort equals control.

Even after your game or practice, these will have kept you clean despite you breaking a sweat.

Anything thicker can have your cleats feeling too tight, restricting the precision of your touch.

Having seen plenty of players suffer that fate, any coach worth their salt will tell you thinner socks are the way to go.

3- Adidas Track Pants - Stay Warm With Soccer Gear

adidas womens Sst Track Primeblue Pants, Black White, 2X US
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adidas womens Sst Track Primeblue Pants, Black White, 2X US
  • Women's iconic track pants for showing adidas...
  • Slim fit is snug on the hips and thighs
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  • This product is made with Primeblue, a...

There are few garments as iconic as a pair of Adidas Track Pants.

A classic clean look throughout the years, the slightly stretchy material will allow for maximum flexibility while keeping in heat to light the fires of your warm-up.

Crucially, you’ll be keeping dry, too. Even if the heavens open, the material helps repel water so you can focus on what matters and keep your head in the zone.

Another positive, of course, is that they’re made from upcycled waste collected from the ocean shores, so you’d also be playing a part in saving the planet while playing soccer. In 2021 of all years, that seriously is something to shout about.

Yeah, there simply isn’t a downside to these. Your conscience will be clear, and what’s better than that?

4- Under Armour HeatGear CoolSwitch Compression Long Sleeve

Under Armour Men's UA CoolSwitch Long Sleeve Compression Shirt
  • UA CoolSwitch uses an exclusive coating on the...
  • Mesh HeatGear fabric, with all the benefits of UA...
  • 4-way stretch fabrication allows greater mobility...
  • Moisture Transport System wicks sweat & dries fast
  • Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor...

Progressing up the body again, the Under Armour Heatgear Compression as a base layer will keep your upper half as toasty as your lower portion during those games in cold weather.

Sitting nicely under another jersey or sweatshirt, these are as comfortable as it gets and, hey, let’s not pretend they don’t look great.

Under Armour has nailed that look, haven’t they?

Indeed, the second-skin fit helps keep you as streamlined as possible, and, like the socks we mentioned earlier, the material absorbs sweat, along with odor control.

Good news, particularly for anyone you’re meeting after practice…

5- Nike Beanie Hat - Soccer Gear Essential To Stay Warm

Nike Mens Stock Cuffed Knit Beanie (Black/White)
  • Cuffed design helps hold the beanie in place
  • Swoosh design trademark is featured on the front...
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Acrylic fibers provide a soft, warm feel

Keeping your head cool is essential in a more metaphorical sense, but, frankly, it’s hard to do that when your earlobes are frozen due to the cold weather.

In fact, it’s nigh on impossible.

So, warming up there can help you concentrate and brave the conditions, and the snug fit will batten down the hatches.

The knit fabric will feel soft to the point where you’ll barely notice it, furthering your focus on the field.

A beanie hat is a must have when you’re look for a complete set of soccer gear for cold weather. Honestly, you won’t regret it. Just do it.

6- Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Fleece Blanket

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Let’s face it, few self-respecting soccer players like sitting out.

Maybe you’ve been left out by your coach or simply looking to keep warm between sessions; it can prove to be a pretty frustrating situation.

Your burning desire to be involved isn’t always enough to keep you warm but in a stroke of good luck, the Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Fleece Blanket has you covered in more ways than one.

Coming in a portable bag to make transport as seamless as possible, it’s another waterproof tool to aid in the battle of the opening heavens and, by covering up to three people, anyone you’re sat next to will undoubtedly be a fortunate teammate indeed.

Helping others. What a good citizen you are.

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Comments from a cold-weather seasoned coach

Considering the intense cardio workout soccer requires, it’s hugely important to keep the parts of the body we’ve been talking about warm.

There is nothing worse than your muscles tightening and ruining your experience.

As the old saying goes – fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Such a cliche may sound a little tired these days but, seriously, battling the blizzard has been made so much easier thanks to this kind of gear. The tools are there now; there’s no excuse not to use them.

All of these products that are part of your ideal soccer gear for cold weather are going to prevent injury too.

Would you wear jeans to the gym? Not unless you’re crazy. They aren’t going to help you achieve what you want to the best of your ability.

Why should soccer be any different? You’re right; it shouldn’t.

James Cunningham
James Cunningham
James lives in Chicago with his wife and three daughters. Originally from the UK, soccer has allowed him to travel the world. Now a youth coach, he fully enjoys teaching others about the game that he loves so much. His favorite team is Manchester United.