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Participating in soccer training camps is crucial for aspiring soccer players. Soccer camps not only give youth the opportunity to improve their conditioning but also let them get in front of top-tier coaches from all around the country.

Today, I will introduce you to what I think are the 5 best soccer camps in the USA. With these, you (or your child) should be able to boost your career significantly and acquire a wide range of useful soccer skills.

Let’s get started without further ado!

5 Best Soccer Training Camps In The United States

Before moving to the list, I’d like to clarify that 4 of the 5 soccer camps I shortlisted aren’t camps, strictly speaking. Instead, these platforms provide access to HUNDREDS of soccer camps for high school students, college, and post-grad. Each venue offers its specific terms, locations, opportunities, and partners.

I’ll cover the key points below, but I suggest you also look at each website to get a better idea of what you are dealing with.

The highlight of Future 500 ID Soccer training Camp is that professional sports videographers film every 11 v 11 games in high definition

Future 500 ID Camp provides professionally edited highlight reels to players, and raw game footage is also available as an add-on.

Future 500 ID Camp isn’t the only company to provide participants with game footage. However, Future 500 ID Camp seems more professional and offers better quality in this regard.

Future 500 ID Soccer Camp also sends the footage to some colleges, and you may send the footage to colleges of your choice on your own as well.

Future 500 ID Camp coaches come from leading colleges and all 3 NCAA divisions. You may look at the exact coach list on each camp’s webpage.

One of the most significant aspects of Future 500 ID Camp is that it promises maximum exposure to each camp participant. Future 500 ID Camp typically schedules the sessions so every participating college coach can see every camper

Future 500 ID Camp offers camps for girls and boys too. The program of each center incorporates high-level coaching, educational seminars that teach participants how to market them to colleges, and more.

US Sports Camps has partnered with Nike to offer camping opportunities in a wide range of sports. Aside from soccer, US Sports Camps also features baseball, basketball, cricket, hockey, golf, football, and even esports camps.

US Sports Camps offers dozens of soccer camps throughout the United States. In this sense, US Sports Camps is richer than Future 500 ID Camp. As of this post’s writing, Future 500 ID Camp only had about a dozen camps.

However, when it comes to exposure, US Sports Camps camps are inferior to what you get with Future 500 ID Camp. With the latter, many more coaches participate in each camp, so you get the chance to get in front of more people.

On the other hand, US Sports Camps might be a little cheaper, so there’s that.

With each camp, US Sports Camps offers housing, travel, and dining opportunities. The staff generally live on-site with the campers too and supervise them at all times. 

Typically, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco are prohibited, while general misconduct usually results in dismissal from the camp. So discipline with US Sports Camps should be top-notch.

Exact Sports puts itself as the #1 provider of youth soccer training camps in the US. And when you have a look around the website, you realize that they probably aren’t far from the truth.

All in all, the offering of Exact Sports is similar to what you are getting with Future 500 ID Camp. Most importantly, Exact Sports involves coaches from various colleges and divisions, giving you some crucial exposure and allowing you to showcase your skill and potential.

All in all, depending on the event, you could meet with coaches from 10 to 50 colleges, which is huge for an aspiring soccer player.

Like Future 500 ID Camp, Exact Sports records the meetings and sends your camp video stream to a number of colleges. You may also send your footage to a college of your own choice if you want.

The camp list of Exact Sports appears to be much richer than what you are getting with Future 500 ID Camp. There were close to 100 soccer camps on the website as of this post’s writing, with the dates going up until late December.

Among other things, Exact Sports provides dedicated training for goalkeepers, 1-on-1 evaluation with coaches, and advanced practices and drills from youth soccer experts.

On each camp page, Exact Sports also boasts that 70.2% of Exact camp athletes make it into college sports. In contrast, without attending an Exact Sports camp, the chances of getting into college soccer are only 5.7%.

Image source: Exact Sports.

IMG Academy offers some of the most advanced soccer camps in the USA. Their training facilities incorporate over 20 multi-purpose fields, a covered turf facility, a 10,000 square feet weight room, and strategy rooms for video analysis.

IMG Academy soccer camps are comprehensive and more in-depth than competing solutions. Spanning from 3 days to 3 weeks, IMG Academy soccer camps cover:

  • Speed and agility.
  • Strength and power.
  • Mental toughness.
  • Leadership and communication.
  • Nutrition.

The pricing of IMG Academy youth soccer camps is pretty steep though. You should be ready to spend from $1k on a 3-day camp to as much as $10k for a 3-week trip.

For each soccer camp, IMG Academy offers several plans, with more expensive plans including personalized training sessions, customized instruction, and additional training specialization.

No matter which plans you go for though, your child will be provided with two soccer training sessions a day, daily meals and hydration, training evaluations, and more.

Finally, we have New York Red Bulls’ soccer camps. If you’ve ever wanted to train at a camping ground affiliated with Major League Soccer (MLS), then this might be your chance. 

New York Red Bulls soccer camps are held in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. With that, they are catered toward local talent, although you could send your child to participate no matter where you are in the US.

New York Red Bulls offers half-day, RDS, and residential soccer camps with varying levels of athletic load. Additionally, you get access to virtual summer soccer camps with 1 hour of daily programming, live training sessions, classroom activities, nutrition tips, and more.

Via the New York Red Bulls Academy, players from the U12-U19 age groups have the opportunity to break into the professional ranks of soccer. Academy sessions are held in modern training facilities that also happen to house the club’s First and Second Teams.

The Extra Time

I’ve provided you with essentially hundreds of soccer camp options, so you will probably spend a few hours investigating the suggested youth soccer camps. You should have a good look at each platform to identify which one would suit your needs the best.

You can find plenty of other high-quality soccer camps throughout the country, but I’ve limited the list to what I believe are the 5 absolute best soccer camps in the world to keep the post compact. Besides, I think that my suggestions will work for most people, and only a few of you will need to look further to find something worthy.

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