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The start is always the most challenging part of the journey. At least, I believe it is. Why? Because I have felt that feeling every time I’ve started something new. I am sure you’re familiar with it too.

Even while compiling this list of 10 Best Ice Skates for Beginners, I felt that resistance. But trust me, the satisfaction of beating that feeling and doing something worthwhile is ecstatic.

On my journey to become a successful hockey coach, I’ve seen many bright and dull days. But I’ll save those stories for another day.

Today, I am here to help you choose the Ice Skates for you. As a beginner, it can be very confusing to wrap your head around all the options. Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.

Not only have I listed 10 Ice Skates that you can buy immediately, but I’ve also prepared a buying guide. Don’t forget to check that out.

Let’s get started.

1. CCM Ribcor 74K Ice Hockey Skate - Best for Entry-Level Hockey Players

Let’s start this list with a hockey skate that is perfect for you to start your ice skating journey with. The CCM Ribcor is attested by many of my coaching students to be a wonderful experience. It has one of the largest boot volumes you’ll find, meaning this boot will not pinch your foot!

If you look inside the boot, you’ll find that CCM has included a brushed microfiber liner with abrasion protection, which boosts this boot’s score in the comfort department. Moreover, it does not disappoint in the footbed department either, which provides ample support from the boot’s bottom. Cornering and striding is a delightful experience in these.

There are several more features about these skates that stand out. One of them being the 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee that CCM provides on this. Yes, you can test these for three months straight and give them back if you don’t like them. It tells you a lot about how confident CCM is about these boots!


  • Superior comfort for the price.
  • Well crafted stainless steel blades.
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Long-lasting blades.


  • Slightly on the expensive side.

2. Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Recreational Hockey Skate - Best For Recreational Skating

Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Men's/Boy's Recreational Hockey Skate...
49 Reviews
Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Men's/Boy's Recreational Hockey Skate...
  • Recreational skate with Thinsulate lining, nylon...
  • Factory sharpened leisure blade attached
  • Mens (adult) Size 11 – Black

You said you don’t want to play professional Ice Hockey but still want to skate? Okay, I heard you. Here’s something for casual skating or, in more specific terms, ‘recreational skating.’

The Jackson Ultima Softec is one of the best on the market for those looking for something comfortable around the $100 price tag. These ice skates are available in a few different models, which are aimed at different genders. So if you’re looking at ice skates for women, they have an option for you.

The upper and tongue is lined with Thinsulate to provide you with some level of comfort and warmth. And I have to say, yes, this pair of ice skates live up to the claim. The foam padding is well cushioned, which further helps the cause. There’s also a velcro closure for fastening ankle straps and your laces, which I find is a welcome addition to any boot.

Also, don’t forget to refer to the sizing guide for this one. These ice skates require you to go with your usual shoe size. Overall, this is an excellent pair for those who expect to have a fun time skating on the pond.


  • Comfortable and warm.
  • Great fit.
  • Well-insulated boot.


  • Blades may need sharpening before use.

3. Bauer Vapor X2.7 Ice Hockey Skates - Junior - Best For Junior Hockey Players

One of my favorites is the Bauer Vapor X2.7 Ice Hockey Skates. Yes, there’s a senior model too. But I will be talking about the junior model here specifically. The parents reading this for their junior star deserve help too! But yes, if you like the skates, you can get the senior model also. They are mostly the same.

Let’s talk about what makes Bauer Vapor X2.7 an excellent ice hockey skate. These are some of the best for regular players. The comfort and performance on these skates are exceptional, and I have heard only good things about it from those who’ve used them. The design or the COMFORTFLEX system (as Bauer markets it) is ideal for low-volume foot dimensions. It offers excellent support for the ankle and the heel for a secure fit.

The inside is taken care of, too, with memory foam padding with a microfiber liner. So, you can really start to imagine now why people love the boot on these skates. Moreover, the Tuuk Lightspeed EDGE holder allows you to change blades quickly when needed, which is of excellent quality.

Overall, the Bauer Vapor X2.7 is one of the best entry-level skates you can get. If your kid is starting to get into serious ice hockey, this can be a good buy for you.


  • Good quality cushioning.
  • Provides optimum support for your foot.
  • Convenient ability to quickly change blades.


  • Some users said the toe room was a bit extra for them.

4. Jackson Ultima Softec Vista Women's/Girls Figure Skates - Best For Figure Skating

No products found.

This one is for the figure skating enthusiasts. Don’t worry; I did not forget about you. And these are not just any random ice skates. Jackson Ultima Figure Skates are one of the best figure skates for beginners. While I do recommend these for the starters, if you’re on the intermediate level, you’re likely to find value in them too.

The specific model we’re referring to here is made for women. One of my friends got these for his 12-year old daughter. She wanted to get into figure skating after getting inspired by her friends. I can tell you from her experience that she likes these skates for their lightweight and comfortable feel.

The moisture-resistant nylon on the upper side keeps your foot warm while skating. These ice skates are also available in a few different colors like black, pink, blue, navy, and white. If you know figure skates, they are nearly always in white – so the colors are a welcome addition. Overall, the Jackson Ultima is a good deal for the recreational and beginner figure skaters looking to get started.


  • Well-made ice skates.
  • Aesthetic build.
  • Well-padded and comfortable.


  • Some customers complained of incorrect size listings.

5. Rollerblade - Bladerunner Zephyr - Best For All-Round Recreational Skating

Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Zephyr Men's Adult Ice Skates,...
  • SUPERIOR LATERAL SUPPORT is provided by the...
  • A PRECISE FIT is enabled by the cuff buckle and...
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES hold their edge longer,...

Another one for the casual ice skaters reading this, the Zephyr by Rollerblade, is a reliable option. And I feel most people will enjoy using them. I know people who bought these as their first ice skates. So, yes, if you’re just learning ice skating, this can work well for you.

The company claims these are ready to use out of the box and do not require a break-in period. While the claim about fit may be valid for most, the part about being instantly ready to use is not correct. You will have to sharpen the blades before you ice skate, so remember that.

The Zephyr is reliable with decent support and comfort. But this is a skate that’s aimed to be a value-oriented product, so don’t expect it to blow your mind away with professional-grade quality. For the most part, these will get you going on your ice skating journey as it is suitable for beginners. But anything more than that may be a struggle.


  • Good support for the price.
  • Easy to balance.
  • Decent fit.


  • Blades aren’t the best.

6. Jackson Ultima Figure Ice Skates for Men - Best Figure Skates For Men

Jackson Ultima Black Figure Ice Skates for Men/Size: Adult 8
193 Reviews
Jackson Ultima Black Figure Ice Skates for Men/Size: Adult 8
  • Padded felt tongues for comfort and support
  • Traditional upper patterns with stylized chrome...
  • Ultima Mark I stainless steel blade allows for use...
  • Rolled padded lining with extra ankle foam for a...

So, were you looking for figure skates but found women’s only on the list? Were you thinking I’d leave you hanging? Not a chance, my friend. These Jackson Ultima are for you if you’re looking for good quality figure skates for men.

The best part about these is that they won’t make you break the bank. They are priced well. The outer leather is solid, and Jackson has used a quality blade. Skating in these will be a joyful experience, as is stated by many reviews online.

Also, this pair is suited for adults as well as kids. They are well-made with good ankle support. The inside is padded for extra comfort when skating. The blade used is the Ultima Mark I stainless steel, which is ideal for learning skating. Don’t forget to sharpen the blade before getting it out on the rink!


  • Optimum ankle support with extra foam.
  • Good quality stainless steel blades.
  • Lasts long.


  • Prices vary based on where you purchase it from.

7. Lake Placid Cascade Women's Figure Ice Skate - Best Budget Figure Skate For Women

Cascade Women's Figure Ice Skate White Size 8
  • Synthetic Upper outer boot with firm ankle...
  • Warm, woven liners with Comfort Padding
  • Reinforced ankle support
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Water proof sole

I understand you may not want to splurge out over $100 bucks for your first pair of skates. I think this is especially so when buying for kids. You never know if they’ll stick with their skating regime or quit midway. So, for all you parents caught in a dilemma, this one’s for you.

These figure skates by Lake Placid are perfect for recreational use for beginners. With these, you get reinforced ankle support. The sole is waterproof, so you can skate for as long as you like. The blades are decent, and you will have an easy time balancing.

The boot is synthetic, and I don’t think you were expecting anything else at this price point. It gets the job done, and you won’t be left wanting for more, at least in the beginning. One thing I can say for sure is that these will serve you far better than any rentals on your local skating rink.


  • Good ankle support.
  • Decent build quality for the price.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Great price.


  • Finding the right size can be a hassle with these.

8. Riedell Skates 110 Opal Recreational Ice Skates - Best Long-lasting Beginner Ice Skates

Riedell 110 Opal / Womens Beginnner Figure Ice Skates / Color:...
  • Reinforced uppers for extra stability
  • Split comfort tongue adds support
  • Quilted man-made lining cushions feet
  • Foam quarter padding provides comfort for all day...
  • PVC maintenance-free outsoles stand up to the...

Ridell, along with Jackson, is a brand that makes skates for all levels. Right from the Olympian to the absolute beginner. They know their stuff well and make some of the best skates on the market.

This particular pair of ice skates, the 110 Opal, is aimed at beginners who want a soft figure skate. Riedell has used high-quality vinyl and other such materials to make sure these last long. They provide comfy support. And allow for more significant movement on the ice. The split tongue design ensures comfort and ample support for long sessions.

My overall impression of this ice skate pair is very positive, considering the looks, build, and price point. If you’re looking for ice skates that offer a comfortable fit, are designed for the rink and pond both, and keep you safe and dry, the Riedell 110 Opal is for you.


  • Good ankle support.
  • Decent build quality for the price.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Great price.


  • Finding the right size can be a hassle with these.

9. WINNWELL Balance Blade Adjustable Skates - Best Balance Blade Skates For The Youth

Learning to ice skate is a challenging affair. But I can assure you that it is a rewarding one as well. If you are looking for beginner skates for your child, this pair by WINNWELL will do the job.

This skate is specifically designed to help with balancing and to speed up the learning process. The balance blades have something special about them. The blade used is created using patented technology, which consistently has proven to make learning ice skating a safer and faster experience.

If you look at the overall design, you’ll notice the middle portion is broader and flatter to help with balance. The back and the front are well-made and help prevent falls. The velcro ankle mid strap also provides additional support. Overall, if you want the best beginner skate for your child, look no further.


  • Well-designed boot.
  • Provides great support.
  • Wider, flatter blade for easier balancing.
  • Patented technology.


  • Some users reported that the strap is prone to coming off from time-to-time.

10. CCM Jetspeed FT2 Senior Ice Hockey Skates - Best For Serious Hockey Players

Call this a classic case of ‘saving the best for the last.’ The CCM Jetspeed FT2 is a pair that I am a fan of completely. It is a one-piece foot from CCM’s JetSpeed line of products. It is ideal for those who skate 4 to 5 times per week.

The boot on this pair of hockey skates is so well-made that I can go on and on. But I won’t. I’ll tell you precisely what you must know. The fit is tapered, so players with average foot dimensions will find it snug. The Speedblade XS holder utilized here allows for quick blade changes. Moreover, the design is such that the foot contact area is optimized, making it feel like a natural extension.

Overall, this hockey skate is made for action. It is perfect for speed and power in your strides. It more than covers all the fundamentals and provides a magnificent experience.


  • Premium quality boot.
  • Outstanding fit and support.
  • TotalDri Pro+ liner keeps your foot dry.
  • Patent-pending technology.


  • Installing the insoles is a bit tricky.
Other Useful Hockey Articles

Our Buying Guide

You have made the right choice in reading till here. I like people who are thorough and want to be well-informed before making a purchase. And for you, I have written this beginner’s guide to buying ice skates.

I’ve put all my experience as a hockey coach to use to generate this. Don’t worry if you never plan even to touch a hockey stick. This guide will still help you out. No matter what use, the things that determine the quality of your purchase remain the same.

Without further ado, let’s get into all the factors you must consider when buying ice skates for beginners.


The most crucial part is the fit. Ice skates really need to be snug on your feet for you to extract maximum benefit out of them. If you go for a size that is not your ideal fit, you risk injuring yourself. When the skate is too loose on your feet, it becomes much harder to gain perfect control over it.

One important point to note here is that your ice skate size may not be the same as your shoe size. Usually, we find that the perfect fit is a size lower than the regular shoe size you wear.

How do you know what the right size is? Well, that you will have to judge for yourself. Does your toe feel crammed up when you wear the ice skate? Then it’s likely that it is too tight. Check the same for your heel. Your foot needs to rest comfortably inside the skate.

Additionally, you can refer to a sizing guide that most brands provide. It will help you to choose a size that’s right.

Your Use Scenario

Deciding whether you’re going to be jumping, spinning, or just casual skating in the rink is necessary. Once that decision is clear, you’ll be able to choose the best boot for yourself. Don’t think that any and every ice skate will be useful to you all the time.

Also, assess at what level you’re currently when it comes to ice skating. If you’re a beginner, go for comfortable boots. You don’t need super stiff boots as the higher level players do. Prioritize support and comfort when starting out. It’ll serve you better.


We are talking about the material of the boot here, of course. As I said above, you need something supportive and comfortable for your feet. Leather does that exceptionally well, and it has helped many beginner students get started on the right foot.

However, I understand leather is not for everyone. There’s not much wrong with choosing the alternative, i.e., vinyl boot skates. Choose what gives you the best fit and feel.

Understand Your Blades

I’ll be honest here. As a beginner, I didn’t really bother about the blades as much as I should have. It cost me valuable time and money. So, I urge you to learn from the mistakes I made and learn about the blades.

If you’re entirely new to this, you may get your job done with some beginner-level skates. You will find that they come with blades in the package itself. But I prefer to buy mine separately, as do a lot of advanced players.

The best advantage of investing in the top quality blades is that they don’t require sharpening as often. They are low on maintenance and high on performance. But of course, having your blades be made from high-quality stainless steel is going to cost you more money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best ice skates for a beginner?

Depending on your requirement, you can refer to the options I’ve listed above.

Are figure skates better for beginners?

Yes. Generally, it is advised to use figure skates as a beginner.

Can I skate with unsharpened skates?

No, you must get your skates sharpened.

How to Make the Right Selection

With all the options presented above, I am pretty sure you must’ve found the right ice skate for you or your child. If you’re unsure, refer to the buying guide.

As a final piece of advice, I’ll say don’t shy away from investing a decent amount in ice skates if you’re remotely serious about it. The added support, comfort, and power transfer drastically help in performance and longevity. It is vital if you’re trying to do anything advanced.

If any confusion persists, feel free to get in touch. I’ll be happy to answer all questions in the comments. Share this with your friends and family so they, too, can get started with ice skating.

Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson
Cameron is from Ottawa and played college hockey for the Saskatchewan Huskies. He now coaches AA hockey. He is passionate about traveling, trekking, woodwork, and ethnic food. Cameron is also interested in sharing his knowledge about the beautiful game of hockey.