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“Dad! Mom! I want to play Hockey!” Your kids tell you this, first you are excited, but that is quickly followed by many thoughts racing across your mind. What if they become world champions? You quiet down the excitement and caution yourself not to think that far, they might just be doing it for fun, and that is okay too. Sports are proven to build confidence, teach life lessons and keep kids out of trouble.  But the first step in playing hockey is finding the right hockey gloves.

The right hockey gloves can enhance how your kid enjoys the sport. You need to find the perfect glove, one that fits into your kid’s hand comfortably and makes playing the game fun and easy.

Well, you need not think too deeply about it. This article will provide you with relevant information on the best hockey gloves for your kids.

Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Gloves - Best Hockey Glove For Protection And Comfort

The Bauer Supreme 2s pro-youth hockey gloves are one of the best gloves for young people. This model is an upgrade from the 2017 model. The Bauer Supreme 2s pro Youth gloves are comfortably smug with an increased volume that aids mobility. It has unsurpassed comfort and feel.

Supreme gloves are known for their anatomical fit. What makes the Supreme 2S Pro hockey gloves different and better is that they use a neutral fit and have two-piece fingers and Ergo thumb. These features provide some added protection and a slow range of motion for enhanced control. They are great on young players who are working to improve their puck-handling. Bauer includes a pro-nylon mesh and cable mesh shell. This material helps to keep the gloves lightweight. It also features segmented mid-density foam to help disperse energy from common hockey impacts like slashes and blocked shots. Young players will experience these as they skate more competitively and will need the protection the gloves offer. Additionally, the grip tech palm technology provides players with the feel they desire when holding a stick.

Its efficiency and comfort makes the Bauer Supreme 2s pro-youth hockey glove the best for young people. It always helps beginners and those just learning to get better at the game.


  • Neutral fit for a comfortable feel
  • Pro Nylon Mesh for an improved construction
  • Segmented foam backhand for adequate protection
  • Ergo thumb for enhanced mobility
  • Grip tech palm for increased durability


  • For amateur, beginner hockey players 
  • It’s quickly outgrown.

Bauer Nsx Hockey Gloves - Most Durable Kids Hockey Glove

If your kid is just learning ice hockey, one of the most important things is the fit, and this is one thing the Bauer Nsx Hockey glove offers.  The right fitting equipment will ensure that young players stay protected and comfortable. Bauer Nsx Hockey Gloves – Youth is an excellent option for young beginners as it offers reliable protection and good comfort.

Bauer Nsx Hockey Gloves – Youth has many great features. One of these is the cable mesh shell. This offers a durable overall construction while keeping the gloves light in weight and complementing the tapered fit. The NSX gloves have MD foams in the fingers and backhand, which offer protection to these same parts of the hand. They also include an Ergo thumb for flexibility when gripping the stick. The Bauer features a light gray nash palm overlay, which helps to resist wear and tear when worn frequently. Another great feature inside the glove is a hydrophobic Mesh liner with a double function. It keeps the young player’s hand comfortable, and secondly, it helps the gloves to dry in between skating sessions. That isn’t all! It also comes with a poly knit gusset and a molded cuff roll.

The features of the Bauer Nsx Hockey Gloves are enormous, and its quality is top-notch. However, what makes it more remarkable is that it is one of the most affordable gloves available.


  • Cable Mesh Shell for durable construction
  • MD foams for added protection
  • Ergo thumb for increased flexibility
  • Hydrophobic mesh liner for enhanced comfort
  • Nash palm for a good feel.
  • It is affordable


  • Easily wears off if not well maintained.

PHX Elite Hockey Gloves - Most Affordable Kids Hockey Gloves

When it comes to hockey gloves, the fit is everything. You want your kids to feel comfortable in it. This, in turn, makes it flexible when they use it to play hockey. This is what PHX Elite Hockey gloves offer.

Phx Elite Hockey Gloves has many excellent features, which make it a must-have for young people. Its multi-dimensional foam construction makes it very comfortable for kids. It also has a two-piece thumb mechanism featuring Multi-Density with molded polyethylene (PE) inserts. This is excellent for flexibility and protection. Also, its two fingers are made of breathable mesh gussets. Phx ELITE Hockey glove has a grey Nash palm and reinforcement overlays. The Embroidered PHX logo on its cuff also makes it extra classy and fashionable.

This simple and affordable hockey glove is one of the most comfortable around, and young people will enjoy playing the beautiful game with it.


  • It is very comfortable because of its multidimensional foam construction
  • It Is very flexible due to its two-piece thumb molded polyethylene inserts
  • It has a fantastic fit
  • The embroidered PHX logo makes it attractive
  • It comes with a guarantee


  • Kids can only wear it for one or two years before they outgrow

Pure Hockey PH1 Hockey Gloves Youth - Best Hockey Glove for Beginner Players

Every great player was once a learner. For kids just learning how to play, this is the best hockey glove they can start with. It’s an excellent option for entry-level hockey players who are just developing their stick handling and shooting skills.

It has so many great and unique features.  One of these is the Multi-density foams added for lightweight protection. It also includes an open cuff for enhanced freedom and ease of movement and nash palms to cover the palms. The number of flex points per finger is one, and there is a 30 days warranty if you have any issues with the product.

What makes the glove even more impressive is how affordable it is despite having all these great features. It is also so easy to use and helps kids to get better at the game.


  • It is affordable
  • It aids freedom of movement because of its open cuff
  • It comes with a warranty
  • It helps young children with their shooting and handling skills


  • It has a one-finger flex point, which reduces its flexibility

CCM Tacks AS1 Hockey Gloves Youth - Most Technologically Advanced Hockey Glove

This particular glove is almost at a professional level, as it is an excellent product made from high-quality materials. It also has plenty of fantastic features.

One of its many great features is its professionally-approved polyester. It is also very durable and lightweight since it’s made from superior materials such as D30 ® Smart material with PE Foam, which provides lightweight construction and elite protection. One of its best features is its water repellent. The technology is called Water Repellent Nash ®, which, of course, makes it durable. It also has an enhanced feel for the kid’s stick, and it’s also super comfortable. In addition to all these, it has an open cuff that gives freedom of movement and augmented flexibility and protection. The price is also very affordable.

Are you looking for a glove that will last long? Then this is the glove for you. This is undoubtedly one of the best quality options because of its durability, comfort, and strength.


  • Lightweight construction and elite protection
  • Water repellent technology
  • Super comfortable
  • Increased flexibility
  • Extremely durable


  • It is too advanced for amateur hockey players

Warrior Covert QRE Hockey Gloves Youth - Gloves With The Most Hygienic Design

This is one of the most innovative and hygienic designs of hockey gloves for young children. The design and functionality are cutting edge.

Firstly, it has a covert taper fit. The glove conforms to the kid’s wrist and hand’s natural shape to maximize mobility and protection. It also has a butter-soft feel and responsive lycra gussets. The Axyflex thumb and anatomical stretch backhand give these Covert gloves a noticeable snappy, game-ready feel right off the shelf. It’s easily one of the most hygienic gloves around since its Wartech FNC liner makes it cool, dry, and odor-free. The price is also affordable.

These gloves are the very best if hygiene is a big concern for you and the kids. The gloves make their users stay fresh and clean.


  • It stays fresh and clean
  • Glove contour helps to maximize mobility and protection
  • It is cool, dry, and odor-free
  • It has a snappy game ready feel because of its anatomical stretch and Axyflex thumb


  • Kids quickly outgrow it

Mylec Elite Street Hockey Gloves - Most Elite Hockey Glove

Do you want your kid to be an elite player? This new design of the Mylec Elite Hockey gloves player can undoubtedly elevate your kid’s game to the next level. I once recommended them to a neighbor’s kid. Sure he’s had lots of practice and improved because of that, but he tells me the gloves have helped too.

The Mylec Elite Street Glove has a lightweight and form-fitting structure while allowing kids to have wrist and finger flexibility. The palm in the Mylec Elite Hockey glove is rugged and includes a Nash palm for increased grip.

For comfortability and protection, Mylec Elite Street hockey gloves are the way to go.


  • It is lightweight
  • It is form-fitting and allows for wrist and finger flexibility
  • It is comfortable
  • It is protective


  • It doesn’t have an Ergo multi-dimensional thumb, which will allow increased flexibility.

The Ultimate Buying Guide

When going out to shop for hockey gloves, there are a few essential factors that you should bear in mind. 


This is one of the first things to consider. Padding is essential in the choice of hockey gloves. Cheap gloves are padded with medium density materials, but a great glove is multi padded. Padding is vital for protection. Most of the hockey gloves listed above are well padded, but the Bauer Nsx Hockey Glove has the most effective padding. It has MD foams in the fingers and backhand, which offer protection in the finger and backhand.


Nylon shells are covering for the padding. Excellent hockey gloves have thick and more durable nylon shells that are lightweight and breathable. The best is the  CCM TACKS AS1 HOCKEY GLOVES made with  D30 ® Smart material with PE Foam, which provides lightweight construction and elite protection.


If you don’t buy gloves made from high quality and durable leather around the palm, you will soon discover that the palm will wear off. This is why it is best to get the right hockey glove that is adequately reinforced. BAUER SUPREME 2S PRO HOCKEY has the best palm protection.


Hockey gloves should have armored thumbs that can bend backward to prevent thumbs from dislocating if the stick is ripped off one’s hands. Gloves that are more mobile around the arms and wrists are one of the best. Most of the gloves listed provide reliable protection. But Warrior  Covert QRE Hockey Gloves are pretty awesome because of their Axyflex thumb and anatomical stretch.

Size And Fitting

A glove’s fit and the size is everything. You do not want to get a glove that is either too big or too small. Try to get the right fit for your kid by looking up the size preference chart and by measuring the gloves. Typically young players are beneath 12 inches. This represents the bend between the inner elbow and the base of your kid’s fingers. Finding the right fit will be based on measurement and fitting. You have about ¼ of space in the fingertips, and when you curl your kid’s hands into a fist, they shouldn’t stretch out the material connecting the palm to the glove at the tip.

Fitting is vital among young players, and most of them will prefer a snug feel within their gloves. Anatomical fits give players a realistic feel of the stick because it has a little extra space. BAUER SUPREME 2S PRO HOCKEY has an anatomical fit and is the best hockey glove so far for comfort and protection.

Water Resistance and Hygiene

It is not uncommon for most people to complain about gloves having a particular smell and getting wet because of sweat. It is best to buy a hockey glove that is water-resistant and hygienic, like Warrior  Covert QRE Hockey Gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Hockey Players Wear Gloves?

Gloves are essential tools for hockey players. They protect the hands from getting bruised and burned from the ice. The top padding and shell are also useful in protecting the player from hockey pucks and the opponents’ ice hockey stick.

On What Hand Should You Wear a Glove?

Ice-skaters wear the same glove on both hands, but goaltenders wear different types on each hand.

How Do I Know The Size of Hockey Gloves to Buy?

To get the correct size of gloves to buy, measure from your fingertips to the end of your elbow pad. If your fingers touch the end of the glove, it is probably too small for you. You can find out by laying your dominant hand flat, fingers together, facing upward. Let the measuring tape be around your palm, below the knuckles.

Do Gloves Make a Difference?

As earlier said, they are useful for protection, but they also have the added advantage of comfort and durability. Excellent gloves also protect you from injuries and do not wear quickly. Although to make your hockey glove last longer, you should air it.

How Long Do Hockey Gloves Last?

You will probably have to change hockey gloves every season, depending on how quickly your kids outgrow them.

How Can I Stop Their Gloves from Ripping?

They are a few ways to stop hockey gloves from ripping, and it will all depend on how you take care of the gloves. Ensure that you store them in a cool and dry place, do not let your kids leave them in the bag. Also, make sure the two gloves are kept apart.

What Is The Smallest Size of a Hockey Glove?

The smallest hockey glove is 8 inches for children between 4 – 7 years.

Final Words

Getting the right hockey glove is very important for parents whose kids are just getting into the game. Care should be taken when selecting an option. You do not want to buy a hockey glove that doesn’t last long and doesn’t protect your kid from injuries. The seven hockey gloves mentioned above are the best out there, so you have to choose the one suited to your needs based on the criteria listed in the ultimate shopping guide. Most of the products in this list have guarantees, and they are all very affordable.

If you have ever tried any of these, let us know what you think in the comment section below, and do not hesitate to share this article if you found it helpful.

Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson
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