10 Best Tennis Racquets For Beginners

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Finding the right tennis rackets is one thing that can make starting out playing tennis a bit tricky. Don’t worry; even some of the best athletes find problems when it comes to that department. For beginners, choosing the right one can be quite overwhelming as the market is filled with jargon that paints their rackets as the best.

As a beginner, your tennis racket should be user-friendly; that’s the most critical aspect. In my coaching experience, I’ve learned that a good racket should incorporate a blend of control and power for the ultimate playing experience.

When I started playing tennis over ten years ago, I didn’t know what to look for in a racket, so I had a hard time controlling it.

In this post, I will take you through a step-by-step process to help you select the best tennis racket for beginners. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly what to look for, ensuring your playing experience is nothing but fun and enjoyable. So, let’s dive in!

HEAD Ti. S6 Tennis Racket Strung - The Best Tennis Racket for Beginners

HEAD Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet - Strung
  • The head size of the racquet is 115 square inches...
  • The beam of the racquet is 28.5mm
  • The string pattern of the racquet is 16x19
  • The racquet weighs 8 oz
  • The racquet is extra long in length at 27 3/4"

The Head Ti. S6 is considered to be one of the most popular rackets for beginners, and this doesn’t come as a surprise. Its frames are composed of graphite and titanium, making it lightweight and easy to move around the court.

Its head size is 115 square inches making it perfect for beginners as it gives it a wide surface frame to hit the ball. With a weight of 7.6 oz, it’s very light, allowing quick turn and movement.

Another exciting feature is its extra-long handle, that’s 27.75 inches a feature, which you don’t get to see every day; it provides you with additional reach when serving the ball.

The Ti. S6 incorporates the perfect blend between power and lightweight, a crucial feature for those who are just beginning to learn how to play tennis and learn a few things on the court. The head Ti is cheap and a great choice.


  • It’s ultra-lightweight
  • Comes in a wide variety of sizes
  • Has a large sweet spot
  • Durable


  • Comes with no cover

Babolat Pure Drive 110 - The Best for Learning to Serve

Not every time you’ll see Babolat recommended for beginners. This model is an upgraded version of its predecessors; hence it’s meant for more dominant and experienced players. It’s designed with Frame String Technology that identifies the impact zone from the ball, providing you with greater power and balance.

The racket has an Elliptic geometric shape on the frame providing additional resistance. In my opinion, one of the most exciting features is the Cortex dampening system that reduces vibrations when hitting the ball.

Weighing only 11 ounces, it’s the right fit for beginner and intermediate players. It can be a bit heavy to some, but it provides stability and power when serving the ball, something that beginners might be lacking. Babolat has a head size of 110 sq inches, ensuring you have a sweet spot with a large surface area to strike the ball.

The modern design technology is one of the main selling points for me as it combines both the tech and technique of the player bringing out the best in you. In my honest opinion, it doesn’t get any better than that!


  • Designed with frame string technology
  • Its very lightweight
  • Has a large sweet spot
  • Very comfortable to play with


  • A tad expensive for its range

Babolat Boost Drive - The Most Versatile

Big brands like Babolat are manufacturing quality tennis rackets with a low price point that is affordable to all. The Boost Drive weighs 9.8 Oz, making it extremely lightweight and stable, providing you with a sturdy and stable swing.

The racket comes with a head size of 105 inches and a length of 27 inches that’s oversized with a huge serving spot making suitable for both beginners and intermediate players.

It’s also designed with a Woofer Grommet system allowing the ball to stay on the racket a little bit longer, 25% compared to other rackets. Its frames are made of carbon fiber, boosting its overall strength, durability, power, and control.

What makes this among my favorite rackets is its SpiralTex synthetic gut provides less torque during contact with the ball, creating a powerful and clean swing. The boost drive is padded at the handles, ensuring you have a perfect grip on it.

It also comes with a shoulder strap and covers for secure storage and movement to and from the court.


  • Has excellent stability and power
  • Durable
  • Quite affordable
  • Superior ball control


  • Some have complained its grip loosens with time

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 - The Best for Top Spins

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racket (Black/White, 4 1/4)
  • Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Adult Recreational Tennis...
  • Power frame for players with short, compact swings
  • Hammer Technology creates a larger sweet spot for...
  • Perimeter Weighting System improves torsional...
  • Head-heavy balance increases stability and...

If you want an awesome racket, the hyper hammer 5.3 is the best option as it combines maneuverability, control, and power. The hyper hammer is designed with an oversized head that’s 110 square inches providing you with more power and a broad sweet spot.

It has heavy frames with 16 x 20 open string patterns that will provide you with more spin and power to your servings.

Thought we were done, no! It also features Hyper Carbon Technology, which was exclusively used in the aerospace sector, making it 65% less light than titanium and four times stronger than regular materials giving you more control over your shots.

The Wilson 5.3 has a length of 27.5 inches, which helps you to conveniently reach farther balls or serves without stretching or hurting yourself.

This is the right racquet for beginners as it enables you to learn faster, giving you more control and power.


  • Has heavy-duty frames
  • It has increased length for more reach
  • Uses hyper carbon technology
  • Lighter than most rackets on the market


  • It’s a little bit unstable due to vibrations
  • Has too much power with full swings

Wilson Federer Adult Tennis Racket - The Best Budget Option

Wilson Federer Adult Recreational Tennis Racket - Grip Size 3 - 4...
  • Wilson Federer Adult Recreational Tennis Racket -...
  • AirLite Alloy construction creates lightweight...
  • Power Strings feature longer mainstrings for...
  • Stop Shock Pads reduce racket vibrations for...
  • Lightweight, midplus head provides greater degree...

The Wilson Federer racquet is a top choice for many reasons, the Wilson brand is synonymous with quality and excellence. The racquet is designed with an exclusive Arc technology that is significant in tow vital ways stability and balance giving you unbelievable control.

Wilson Federer is fitted with pre-strung power strings that improve your power when serving back to the court. It also comes with perforated grips giving you excellent ensuring the racquet doesn’t slip when handling it.

What even more impressive is they are also fitted with shock pads that absorbs and minimizes vibration offering more comfort and control. Wilson racquet has a head size of 3-point head light and 106 square inches providing you with a large sweet spot when hitting.

Wilson Federer is made up of AirLite Alloy that’s lightweight in nature weighing not more than 10.4 ounces making it perfect for beginner and intermediate level players.


  • Comes with shock pads
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Has excellent non-slip grip


  • Not suitable for professional players
  • Has limited color options

Babolat Boost Aero - Best Tennis Racquet for Beginner-Intermediate

Babolat Boost Aero Tennis Racquet, Strung
185 Reviews
Babolat Boost Aero Tennis Racquet, Strung
  • Light weight, easy to handle & excellent...
  • FEATURES: Composition: Graphite
  • Light weight, easy to handle & excellent...

There is no better way of improving your game other than using a racquet by pros like Rafael Nadal; the Babolat boost aero is the best product for both beginners and intermediate players.

The Babolat has sufficient head size of 100 square inches provides you with more power when hitting the ball, with a weight of 11.3 oz; its super-light that ensures you get more stability and strength as you play.

What impresses me the most is the 4-points head light balance, which absorbs shock, giving you more control and maneuverability. Its string pattern has grommet holes that measure 16 x 19 with a robust spring bed, which increases contact time with the tennis ball.

Its padded grip has shock-absorbing capabilities providing you with ultimate comfort and more control over your racquet
The Babolat Boost Aero stands out due to the ability to combine topspin and power to your serve; its superior stability will satisfy even the most demanding and picky players.


  • User-friendly
  • Has padded grip for extra comfort
  • Has less shock and vibrations
  • Has plenty of spin and power combination


  • It’s a bit pricy
  • Not suitable for non-power hitters

Babolat Boost Strike - Best Lightweight Tennis Racquet for Beginners

Babolat Boost S Tennis Racquet (Prestrung) - Size 1/4
  • From the base line, the Boost AW not only swings...
  • Ideal for beginners and juniors
  • International products have separate terms, are...

Babolat boost strike is highly recommended for those players who want more power behind their shots. In my coaching experience, it’s understandable for beginners to make less-than-perfect shots. Luckily for you, the boost strike has a wide enough head size of 102 sq. Inches giving you a sweet spot to strike the ball with power.

The Babolat boost strike is made of 100% graphite that’s lighter, making it perfect for anyone who wants a reliable and dependable racquet. Its also fitted with a Babolat Uptake, providing you with the best grip and excellent ergonomics that’s more comfortable.

The boost strike weighs only 10.4 ounces when strung, allowing for easy maneuverability, allowing you more control. It also has 16 Mains / 19 Crosses giving you plenty of room to spin. If that’s not enough, you’ll be blown with the fact that it comes with a length of 27 inches that provides robust swing every time.

Unlike other tennis gear, the boost strike will provide you added power that will rattle any opponent making you look like a pro.


  • Has comfortable feel and control
  • Has a large sweet spot
  • It has an ideal frame suitable for beginners
  • Quite affordable


  • It’s been said that the string tension is not suited for beginners

Wilson Clash 100 - Good Beginner Tennis Racquet

For those looking for a racquet that provides control and stability, the Wilson Clash 100 should be at the top of your list. The racquet is mapped with carbon ensuring you get the right power required to hit the ball.

One of the truly remarkable features is it combines StableSmart and FreeFlex tech that will improve your game all-round by enhancing and improving your playing techniques. The Clash 100 weighs only 10.4 ounces that gives you extra control when serving the ball.

When it comes to hitting the ball, it doesn’t get any easier with Clash 100; the racquet has 100 square inches with no-shared holes and a one-piece string pattern. Its also quite stable as it absorbs shocks from the shots allowing you to return the returns clean and efficiently.

As a coach, I was genuinely impressed by Wilson Clash 100; it’s has the potential to be a revolutionary model that might change the landscape of the game.


  • It’s easy on the arm
  • Uses new exclusive tech
  • It’s easy to handle
  • Lightweight


  • High price point
  • Some may find it requires a little bit more pressure and power to properly hit the ball

HEAD Graphene Extreme MP - Great Racquet for Occasional Players

Head Graphene Extreme MP Tennis Racquet
171 Reviews
Head Graphene Extreme MP Tennis Racquet
  • 100 Square Inch Headsize, 11.1 Ounces Strung, 4"...
  • Lightweight Graphene Innegra Technology for a...
  • Slightly rounded head shape as used on past...
  • This racquet is pre-strung with Head Synthetic Gut...

The Graphene Extreme is one of the best rackets ever created by HEAD, the technology of Extreme MP has made it one of the most spin-friendly rackets on the market; it has a higher launch angle that makes it easier to strike the ball with depth.

It can be quite heavy at 11.2 oz, but don’t worry; its stability and strength are unmatched; the racquet provides you with the ability to drive through serves with plenty of spin and speed that will suit plenty of playing style.

When it comes to striking the ball or serving it’s a walk in the park, it has a head size of 100 square inches, making it easy to control the ball even if you didn’t hit it right. It also has an open string pattern 16 x 19, which will also help you to generate more spin and power.

As a novice to the sport, this racquet has all the features that will help you play in the right way in no time.


  • Affordable
  • Provides more spin and power
  • Has a huge sweet spot for hitting
  • User-friendly


  • Some users have complained it lacks control

Wilson Burn 100LS - The Outsider

Wilson Burn 100ULS v4.0 Tennis Racquet (4_3/8)
  • Lighter weight for optimal frame maneuverability
  • Spin Effect Technology increases ball RPM without...
  • Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more...
  • High Performance Carbon Fiber offers increased...
  • Item #: WR044911U-3/8

When it comes to racquets for beginners, the Wilson Burn 100LS has everything that you may need. The racquet is perfect for those who base their game on groundstrokes and want the racquet to improve the power behind their shot.

The racquet uses modern tech such as Parallel Drilling that will provide you with a consistent control and power while also providing a forgiving string bed response making it ideal for beginners who are still learning the craft.

Wilson Burn is made of carbon fiber making it one of the lightest racquets of the Burn 100S providing you with stability and stiffness while on the court. The racquet has extra long handles with the new X2 Shaft which shortens the throat allowing you to have more room to play withtwo-handed backhands.

Its also designed with the latest Smart Sony Sensor making the only version with the state-of-the-art tech. For players who love a racquet with a more traditional feel, the burn 100LS should be at the top of your list.


  • Provides greater control and spin for groundstrokes
  • Has excellent maneuverability
  • Great value
  • Amazing grip


  • Can be heavy to some players

Best Tennis Racquets For Beginners - The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

The thought of buying a new racquet for a beginner can be quite overwhelming as there are plenty of brands in the market which advertise to be the best in the business. Unless you are a professional player, you might get confused with the jargon and terminologies used.

Well, for this buying guide, we are going to identify key factors and features that you should consider when you are in the market for a racquet.

1. Frame size/head

When in the market for a racquet, the head size is one of the most vital features that you should always consider. It refers to the hitting surface that’s within the frame of the racquet; a mid-range racquet measures anywhere between 80-95 square inches while the mid-plus sized is anywhere between 95-105 square inches.

The larger the racquet, the huge the sweet spot providing you with more power and pace to hit your serve. For beginners, I always advise them to go for a larger head size as they are a bit forgiving and relatively easier to play with.

However, for professional and intermediate players who have honed their skills over time and have power and precision in their servings should stick with mid-plus or mid-sized.

When it comes to head size, the Babolat Pure Drive is a clear winner as it has 110 square inch.

2. Grip Size

In my coaching career, I have realized there are plenty of ways you to know and determine what if the best grip size for you.

I always recommend to newbies applying this trick; if you can hold your racquet with your forehand and you can be able to slip your fingers between the end of your palm and fingers, then that’s a pretty excellent grip. 

For beginners, a grip of three or four is what should be at the top of your list. However, if you have large hands, a grip size of five will be perfect for you. A grip of two or three is suitable for women.

But, if you are not sure what is the best grip size suited for you, you can head out to a sporting store to get an accurate measurement.

The Babolat Boost Drive, for example, has padded grips.

3. Material

The material used in the racquet should be one of the key features that you should always pay close attention to. A lot of racquets on the market use different materials that make up the frame; I always recommend going for a racquet that is made from a combination of titanium and graphite.

They provide a durable and long-lasting frame, and it’s not heavy; they have the perfect amount of weight that will not be too cumbersome to your arm. For newbies getting a frame that does not break easily is essential.

When it comes to material, the Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 is the clear winner here.

4. Balance And Weight

Weight and balance are of the most vital traits that you should always keep an eye out for in a tennis racquet. Heavy racquets absorb shock more; they are more stable and robust, while for light racquets, they are relatively easy to move around the court with.

For professionals, they prefer heavy racquets as they have more power as they have fine-tuned their techniques and skills. A lighter request is best suited for beginners as they need more time to build their upper strength to effortlessly control heavy racquets.

But how light or heavy your racquet should be dependent on your personal preference.

When it comes to balance and weight HEAD Graphene Extreme MP is the winner.

5. Brand

Deciding on which brand to go with is one of the most challenging things you’ll have to do as there are so many amazing brands on the market. You’ll be spoilt for choice; most sporting apparel stores sell select brands, which might make things a bit easier for you.

The only way to be sure which brand for you is to test them out, some of the top brands recommended by top pros include Yonex, Pacific, Gamma, HEAD, Babolat, Wilson, Prince, to mention a few.

Babolat, my personal favorite tennis brand, if often synonymous of quality.

6. Price

The first thing that we all consider is the price; I always advise players to carry out prior research to know what each brand cost so that they can draw up a budget. From my experience, beginners can spend anywhere between $100-$200.

But if you are on a budget, you can spend less than $100. The good thing there are plenty of brands on the market. However, never compromise on quality and but a racquet that won’t last. Also, stick within your budget limit so as not to bankrupt yourself.

You can buy a less expensive racquet and save money over time to afford a high-quality racquet of your dreams.

Babolat Boost D (Boost Drive) has an attractive entry price at $99 for its quality.

7. Marketing & Hype

As I had mentioned earlier, manufacturers like to hype their products as the ‘top’ or ‘the best of the best.’ It’s prudent not to get sucked into the mumbo-jumbo of their marketing strategy.

Over the past three decades, the racket technology hasn’t changed that much, so don’t be fooled by all the hype and marketing.

8. Stiffness

Racket flex after impact is critical as it affects the overall comfort and power. A stiffer frame will lose less energy when striking the ball but result in more shocks to your arm.

For beginners, its advisable to go for a medium-stiff racquet, which ensures your arm is not strained in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tennis racket is best for beginners?

Deciding on which tennis racket to buy depends on your skillset; for beginners, its always advisable to go for something lightweight with a large head size area providing you with the perfect sweet spot that will enable you to fine-tune your skills, build your strength and allow you to train well.

For beginners, it’s essential worth noting that the more you play, the stronger you’ll be allowing you to focus on control and precision.

What is the most common tennis grip size?

It’s always important to get the right grip size when purchasing one; you don’t want to tire your muscles by getting the wrong grip size. Here are the recommended sizes for people with different hand sizes.

Small hand
• 4 inches
• 4-1/8 inches
• 4-1/4 inches

Medium hand
• 4-3/8 inches
• 4-1/2 inches

Large hand size
• 4-5/8 inches
• 4-3/4 inches

Note that all of the grips are in U.S sizes, so you might want to do conversions to your country’s size.

Which tennis racket brand is the best?

I get that question a lot of time, and the answer is quite simple. There is no perfect racquet; for each brand, the manufacturer provides different models to suit the playing style of different players.

One of the mistakes that beginners do is going for expensive brands that celebrities endorse, it might be good, but it might not suit you. But, in my honest opinion, regardless of the brand, go for a racquet that will suit your playing style and preference.

How do I choose a tennis racket?

For a beginner, here is a quick checklist that will aid you in your selection process.

– Does it cost less than $150?
– The head size should be at least 100 square inches
– Not heavier than 10.5 ounces
– Has an appropriate grip size that will fit your hand

If it ticks all the boxes, then you’ve found the right tennis racquet.

Are lighter tennis rackets better?

As we had mentioned earlier, the weight of the tennis racquet depends on your skillset. For beginners, lighter racquets are the best option as it does not require much power and can be swung easily.

The Tie-Break

Buying the right tennis racket, especially for beginners, is vital as it will help you progress and develop your skills in the future. Luckily for you, we thoroughly researched and compiled a list of 10 of the best beginner-friendly tennis racquets.

For those who are looking for greater power and control, the Wilson Clash 100 is perfect for beginners as it will help you improve your overall game. Wilson racquets usually offer great control. At times it’ll make you feel like you turned into the all time greatest: Mister Roger Federer.

However, if you are on a budget, I recommend going for HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racquet, it comes with a variety of size options with excellent features and a suitable alternative to other racquets on the market. With that, we wish you a ton of fun at the court. Ciao!

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