Best Turf Shoes For Soccer [The Definitive Guide]

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Ah, turf soccer. 

A wonderful invention by the sporting gods years ago, playing soccer on turf instead of grass affords us protection all year long, even when the cruel chill of winter tries to throw us off our game. 

Turf, or artificial grass as it’s more widely known as is one of the best surfaces to play soccer on. These days, soccer players are treated to an abundance of pristine surfaces and, as a battle-hardened coach, I absolutely love working on it. 

But, I hear you ask, what are the best soccer turf shoes? We know all about Nike Vapours we’ve seen some of the best soccer players lace up out on real grass, but what about for artificial turf? 

Well, rest assured, guys and girls, you’re in safe hands here. I’ve been a pro coach in a previous life, and, let me tell you, there are some things to look out for when buying these particular kinds of soccer shoes. 

With that in mind, let’s get started with five good choices.

1. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat - Perfect For Intermediate Level Soccer Players

Adidas is always a good choice. 

A truly iconic sporting brand, their performance Mundial team products are absolutely perfect in helping your turf soccer game to the next level. Indeed, an awful lot of soccer cleats are actually made too small for shoes and can risk nasty injuries but, oh no, not with these guys. 

Boasting a rubber sole The Beatles would be jealous of; playing soccer on academy turf has never been so comfortable. They’re also incredibly lightweight to aid in ball control, and the rubber studs we mentioned earlier make sure your feet indulge in a secure world of comfort when playing the beautiful game. 


  • Stylish 
  • Affordable 
  • The Rubber sole ensures comfort 
  • Safe soccer cleats for artificial turf 


  • May not be the most durable pair of turf soccer shoes if used frequently in bad weather

2. Diadora Men’s Capitano TF Turf Indoor/Outdoor Soccer Shoes - Best Turf Shoes For New Soccer Players

Diadora Men's Capitano TF Turf Soccer Shoes (9.5, Black/Yellow)
  • Great quality, well-priced soccer turf shoe from...
  • Upper: Soft, polyurethane synthetic upper. Insole:...
  • Midsole: Shock-absorbing EVA foam wedge.
  • Outsole: Multi-studded anti-abrasion rubber...
  • Classic Men's Soccer Turf Shoe From Diadora.

Designed for regular use, the Diadora Men’s Capitano TF Turf Indoor/Outdoor Soccer Shoes are another good choice. 

A high-quality pair of soccer cleats designed to provide comfort and stability across a wide range of turf surfaces, they are a tight fit around your feet. Again, the rubble sole protects even a regular soccer player from pain if practicing for a long time and is a perfect match for artificial grass. 

I’ve donned a pair of these in years gone by and cannot recommend them enough. As you can imagine, there have been so many times I’ve thanked the high heavens for their EVA shock-absorbing foam.


  • Affordable 
  • Durable 
  • Designed for regular use 
  • Shock-absorbing foam 


  • May have a negative impact on ball control 

3. New Balance Men’s Furon Dispatch Turf V6 Soccer Shoe - Best Turf Shoes For Soccer Players With Wide Feet

New Balance Men's Furon Dispatch Turf V6 Soccer Shoe,...
  • Lightweight mesh lining for increased comfort
  • Knitted Tongue and Collar
  • Synthetic PU upper
  • Knitted upper

Ok, so I’m a little biased here as I’ve got wide feet. I’m not proud of that but, hey, what can you do? 

So, if you’re like me and find most soccer shoes a snug fit, the New Balance Men’s Furon Dispatch Turf V6 product is perfect for you. As you’ll probably have come to expect now, these shoes have a rubber sole to ensure maximum comfort. 

New Balance is a hugely popular brand and boasts a logo you’ll see on many a top pro player, and these shoes are 100% synthetic, designed to provide you achieve your goals on artificial grass. 


  • Designed for wide feet 
  • Nice and light to aid in ball control 
  • Reliable brand 


  • May not be suitable for players with bigger feet

4. Puma Men’s Future 5.4 Tt Sneaker - Perfect Turf Shoes For Regular Soccer Players On Artificial Grass

Another excellent choice. 

The Puma Men’s Future 5.4 Tt sneaker is designed for performance on turf surfaces. Sleek and shiny, they are some of the most low-profile soccer shoes out there, and the synthetic material is somehow as good for comfort as it is for regular use. 

Lovely and lightweight, they are tight-fitting shoes and really help you find those marginal gains out on the turf. If you take soccer seriously, these are the perfect shoes for you. 


  • Comfortable 
  • Stylish 
  • Arch Support 
  • Lightweight 


  • A little bit narrow 

5. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy TF Shoe - Most Suitable Soccer Shoe For All Parties

No products found.

Ah, Nike. The granddaddy of them all when it comes to soccer shoes. 

Textured for touch and ball control, the rubber outsole offers you the chance to twist and turn out on the turf and is based on Nike’s personal research into the movement of pro soccer players. 

The rubber studs are perfect for turf surfaces, and the stud pattern is up there with the best I’ve ever seen. Indeed, I know a player is taking soccer seriously when they turn up in these. They are a perfect choice and will last you years if cared for correctly. 


  • Designed for ball control 
  • Designed for optimal traction on turf
  • Cushioned comfort 


  • Definitely on the smaller side
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Our Buying Guide

So, hopefully, you’ve now got some idea on what to look out for when it comes to buying soccer shoes designed to provide safety, comfort, and control on turf surfaces. 

Still, to make your task that little bit easier, we’ve put together an ultimate buying guide. Never fear, guys and girls, we’ve got you covered at every base when it comes to buying soccer shoes.


For comfort, it’s got to be the Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy Shoes. The rubber outsole and clever stud pattern help your foot feel free in transition and keep as much weight off your feet as you’re likely to find in this kind of market.


It absolutely has to be the Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat product. While it does boast a rather large boot opening, the soft synthetic material helps my student generally control the ball better while keeping their feet nice and protected against the artificial turf. 

If you’re serious about soccer, these are a good choice. 


Sure, we shouldn’t really care about what we look like out on the turf but, for regular soccer players, it’s certainly another factor to consider. 

After all, if you have confidence in your appearance, that could translate to better performances during your game or practice. 

So, we’re going for the Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 Academy Shoes again. A truly iconic sports apparel brand, these look absolutely incredible on your feet and, crucially, you’ll feel incredible in them. 

Protection for newcomers

Like anything, wearing turf shoes for the first time can leave its mark on your body as your feet adapt to regular use. So, if you’re a newcomer to turf soccer and need something comfortable that will still have your foot feeling good, I’d strongly recommend the Diadora Men’s Capitano TF Turf Indoor/Outdoor Soccer Shoes

Boasting some very useful EVA shock-absorbing foam will help prevent injury and get your feet used to life out on the turf. 

Overall winner

It’s got to be the Nike product we listed above unless you’re an absolute newcomer to turf soccer. 

They’re stylish, comfortable, and help with ball control. Plus, they’re Nikes. 

I mean, what more could you want? They would absolutely be my recommendation to anyone who’s after the best turf soccer shoes. Their rubber sole is unmatched in the soccer shoe world, and artificial turf will feel like a glorious carpet of comfort as soon as they’re on your feet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of playing soccer on artificial turf?

Artificial turf allows us to play the beautiful game even in the harshest of wintery conditions and really take our game to the next level. Generally smaller spaces, this guide to the best turf soccer shoes should seriously help you if you’ve not given turf soccer much of a chance before. 

Is it bad to wear turf soccer shoes on concrete?

I certainly wouldn’t recommend it, no. 

The best turf soccer shoes come with specially designed cleats to ensure your life on the turf is as seamless as possible. By pressing them against concrete, you really run the risk of dulling them and ultimately getting them caught in the turf surface. 

That can then lead to injury, so try to keep them off the harder surfaces as much as you possibly can.

Can I wear running shoes for turf soccer?

Technically you could, but running shoes wouldn’t give you quite as much grip on the artificial turf, particularly in a game that requires a lot of twisting and turning. 

What is kangaroo leather?

When shopping for the best turf soccer shoes, you might see the term ‘kangaroo leather’ used. Basically, kangaroo leather is made from the hide of the animal and is generally much stronger than other kinds, often used for turf soccer cleats.

What are the key things to look out for in a turf soccer shoe?

Design, comfort, and durability are all things to look out for when deciding on the best turf soccer shoes for you. Without those three key pillars, the shoes aren’t worth your time, money, or effort. 

High-quality soccer shoes are usually of a low profile (meaning they aren’t too clunky on your feet) and generally made from calfskin leather. 

Can you wear standard soccer cleats on artificial grass?

No, it’ll wreck the surface and make whoever has paid for the artificial turf very angry very quickly. 

I strongly recommend you don’t even try, even if you’ve got a strange urge to do so!

Why is it important to look for a good rubber sole?

A rubber sole can help protect the base of your foot, as the best soccer players will tell you. When looking for soccer shoes, you must find ones with a high-quality rubber sole to keep your feet as comfortable as possible. 

What can I do if soccer shoes hurt?

Even the best turf soccer shoes can start to hurt when you first start wearing them. That, sadly, is unavoidable during your game or practice, but there are some things you can do to help. 

A good sock liner can add extra protection from the stresses playing soccer can put on your body, so get as high-quality a pair as you can possibly afford when you’re starting your journey. 

What are the best brands for soccer shoes?

The world of the soccer shoe is a varied one, especially when taking into account the different surfaces the game is played on. Still, you get can the right fit for pretty much every occasion if you look at products from Nike, Adidas, Puma, Umbro, and Diadora. 

Last Advice

So, keep your eyes out for low profile soccer shoes that boast a high-quality rubber sole, an even stud pattern, and cleats made from kangaroo leather, and you’ve got yourself a pair of the best turf soccer shoes. 

A different type of game, turf soccer, is a great way to stay in shape during the winter months or in areas not suitable for a full-sized field. The design provides those who play ball, whether it be women’s or men’s soccer, with the right footwear for the conditions, so the products above should seriously help. 

Remember to pair them with a sock liner and try to get as good a synthetic material as you possibly can, and you should have no worries in regards to comfort or ball control. 

Hopefully, this helped you readers narrow down the best turf soccer shoes to best fit your foot! 

Did you pick up any of these products? If so, which shoes and why? Let us know…

James Cunningham
James Cunningham
James lives in Chicago with his wife and three daughters. Originally from the UK, soccer has allowed him to travel the world. Now a youth coach, he fully enjoys teaching others about the game that he loves so much. His favorite team is Manchester United.