James Cunningham

James lives in Chicago with his wife and three daughters. Originally from the UK, soccer has allowed him to travel the world. Now a youth coach, he fully enjoys teaching others about the game that he loves so much. His favorite team is Manchester United.
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The 4-3-3 Formation: A Complete Guide for Coaches and Players

Roll the ball out on any pitch worldwide, and there’s a good chance the 4-3-3 formation will be the game plan. Its popularity in the beautiful game isn’t by chance. The 4-3-3 formation is a tactical darling of modern soccer,

How To Tell If Your Child Is Good At Soccer? 9 Ways To Find Out

Did you know soccer is the world’s most popular sport, with over 250 million players in over 200 countries? That’s a lot of kids kicking balls! More than a mere hobby, soccer can bring impressive benefits, shaping your child’s health,

The Ultimate Guide to What is a False 9 in Soccer and How They Play

Friends, every once in a blue moon, a strategic shake-up like the false 9 comes along and revolutionizes the world of soccer. Far from being a fleeting trend, it’s a game-changer that transforms traditional formations and reframes our understanding of a striker’s role. Back in the day, the

How To Become A Soccer Fan And Start Watching Games?

As a soccer coach, players’ friends and families sometimes approach me to figure out the game. It’s understandable. How are you supposed to support a loved one during a match if you have no clue what’s going on?  Besides that,