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It’s frantic, it’s high tempo, and it’s knackering. It’s Indoor soccer.

If you’ve never played it, you might think smaller pitches and fewer people on each side may slow down the game. But that is a massive misconception.

Indoor soccer is seriously demanding. You are constantly sprinting up and down, chasing your man to attack and defend, and in a confined space, things can also get quite physical.

That’s why you need a quality pair of indoor soccer shoes to provide you with the support and control you need to move the ball around the pitch in comfort and style.

If you play or are planning on playing a lot of indoor footy, make sure you pick up a pair of indoor soccer shoes that can up your game and support your ankles as you play. This guide will walk you through ten of the best indoor soccer shoes and give you some tips when purchasing your next pair of shoes.

Top 10 Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

adidas Men's Samba Classic Soccer Shoe, Core Black/Cloud...

This is the OG of indoor soccer shoes. The Samba is an icon of soccer and has stood the test of time since its original release in the 1950s. It was initially designed for soccer players to train on frozen pitches.

Unlike most other indoor soccer shoes, the Samba Classics feature a soft leather upper, which is tied together with multiple suede overlays, giving you maximum control over the ball. Plus, we loved its grippy gum rubber sole, making it easy to turn and pivot when playing on an indoor surface.

There’s a reason why these kicks have stood the test of time. They are simply one of the comfiest indoor soccer shoes on the market, giving you the best control on the pitch and some great style off it.



adidas Men's Soccer Mundial Goal Shoes, Core Black, 10 M US

Styled after the infamous Copa Mundia soccer boot, worn by Fraz Beckenbauer, Zinedine Zidan, Diego Maradonna, this is one of the best and most comfortable shooting trainers on the market.

Similar to the Samba Classic, it features a smooth leather upper which provides great control when shooting, and a split suede toe and heel, giving you that added support when turning and running. The best thing about this shoe is the support it gives you with it’s EVA sole cushioning that provides a spongy layer of support to stop you from damaging your heels and your achilles.

Plus the shoe has a soft interior lining and fits your foot like a glove, preventing you from feeling any chafing on your heel. This is a great option if you’re looking for full comfort and control.



PUMA Mens King Top Turf Training Soccer Shoes, PUMA Mens...

This is the OG PUMA shoe that is all about control and support. Perfect for a hard-hitting defender and you can use this cleat both indoors and on artificial pitches. Its grippy and toothed sole is great for twisting and turning, giving you ultimate control over your movements.

Again being made from leather, rather than synthetic materials, helps this shoe give great control and accuracy when receiving and making a pass.

The only downside is that they are a bit heavy compared to other trainers on this list, meaning I’d recommend them if you’re playing as a defender and are looking for a supportive shoe that will support your ankles when you go in for a tackle.



NIKE Women's Footbal Shoes, Black MTLC Cool Grey Cool Grey, 10.5

This is a proper indoor soccer shoe, similar to the Nike Mercurial cleat made famous by the legend Christiano Ronaldo, it is a great option for any position on the field, providing support, accuracy, excellent grip, and allows you to explode off the line quickly.

Firstly the shoe has a soft and breathable internal cushion that molds to the shape of your foot giving you that added comfort you need when twisting and turning on the pitch. Speaking of comfort, we loved the added support this shoe gives your heel, with added padding situated below the arch of your foot and your achilles tendon.

The shoe has a grippy upper layer, meaning you’ll feel like Ronaldo, getting full control to move the ball around in the air when you shoot or take freekicks.

We think this is a great option for any midfield maestro, looking for a shoe that will enable them to move freely on the pitch, enough support to tackle, and greater command over the ball to control the match from midfield.



PUMA Men's Monarch IT Futsal Shoes, Black White, 9

Looking for speed and accuracy all in one? This could be the shoe for you!

The PUMA Zapatillas is one of the most lightweight and flexible indoor soccer shoes on this list. Made out of a synthetic upper and gum rubber sole, you’ll feel like you’re playing in your socks with this shoe!

Plus the shoe is built to give you the most explosive traction as you start your run, as its sole has a crease between your heel and your forefoot that separates as you take off, giving you greater grip, and the ability to explode past defenders into the box. These are one of the best indoor soccer shoes out there for any wingers, looking for a lightweight, dynamic shoe, giving you a full range of movements.



adidas Men's Nemeziz 19.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe, Utility Black, 9.5...

Stylish and sleek, just like the skills you’ll be pulling off when you don these trainers. Worn by skill maestro Lionel Messi, the Adidas Nemeziz wraps around your foot and ankle to give you the power to control and maneuver the ball with the lightest of touches.

The soft, synthetic upper on the shoe gives you amazing control of the ball while also making the trainer extremely lightweight.

The shoe itself is stunning and we love the minimal yet comfortable design, with your ankle being strapped into the shoe, again giving you better support around your achilles and greater control of the footy with the boot becoming an extension of your foot.

But the great thing about this shoe is the grip on the sole. The sole is flat and is covered in contours, giving you the traction to accelerate quickly while also enabling you to chip under the ball and pull off some wicked tricks. We recommend this shoe to younger players looking to get better at controlling the ball and learning new tricks.



adidas Predator 20.3 In Sneaker (unisex-adult) core Black/core...

The Predator is probably the most famous boot in indoor soccer history, made famous by players like David Beckham and Steven Gerrard. It is all around, one of the best indoor soccer boots on the market, known for its power and precision accuracy, and is a great option for any midfielder who likes to shoot or play long through passes into your forwards.

Similar to the Nemeziz, the Predator 20.3 wraps around your ankle, locking your foot in to make the shoe an extension of your leg, giving you the best support and power in front of goal. The shoe is made up of a coated mesh upper that is embossed, particularly at your instep, to give you enhanced control with the ball at your feet.

Plus we loved the heel support this shoe gives you, with its robust, anatomically-designed heel, which is also cushioned to hold your foot in snugly. It is a great option to support your feet, but also give you a full range of movements.



No products found.

This version of the Adidas Copa comes without the ankle support and is great for those still looking to take lethal shots at goal, without the annoyance of having ankle support getting in the way.

Similar to its previous namesake, this shoe has an embossed rubber upper, around your big toe, giving you greater control and power when you strike through the ball. Plus our favorite feature about this shoe is the breathable mesh lining that surrounds the back of your foot, keeping you cool during the game.

Reminiscent of Predators of old, this shoe is the classic midfielder’s trainer and gives you ultimate control over the ball, while also letting you hit some long-distance belters into the goal. It’s also a great option if you like to sit deep and play defenders into the box.



Nike Junior Bombax Indoor Soccer Shoes (Navy Blue/Blue/White) (12...

The Nike Bombax trainer is like a glove on your foot. It molds to the shape of your foot and allows you to twist and turn on the spot without worrying about rolling your ankle or jarring your knee.

The best bit about these indoor soccer shoes is that they are super lightweight, meaning they are a great option for any striker looking to play with their back to goal, turn and break through the defense.

Similar to the Mercurial, these indoor soccer shoes provide you with a lightweight option, but are slightly wider in fit, meaning that they are a great fit for people with big feet.

Plus this shoe also has a gum rubber sole, that is contoured throughout and has a pivot point at the ball of your foot, giving you greater traction to explode off the line and break down opposition defenses.



Nike Tiempo Genio II Leather IC Mens Football Boots 819215 Soccer...

Modeled after the infamous boots designed for the 1994 world cup in the U.S., these trainers emulate the iconic swoosh logo that has been seen around the world since. I think the most iconic player to wear the Tiempo, was the Brazilian Ronaldinho, who showed off his unparalleled level of control on the pitch while wearing the cleat equivalent of these trainers.

The best part of these indoor soccer shoes is the soft leather upper. It smoothly wraps around your foot giving you padding and control from your toes to your instep, but the leather is supple and slightly contoured giving you that Ronaldinhio-esq touch when you control the ball.

Plus the shoe also gives excellent grip with its rubber sole and EVA support and laces up to enclose your foot in the shoe comfortably.



Best Indoor Soccer Shoes – The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

Here are our top tips on what to look out for when buying your next pair of indoor soccer shoes.

Heel Support

It’s vital to protect your feet when playing on hard surfaces. Having a good thick sole underneath your foot with special EVA cushioning can reduce the shockwaves coming up your legs, damaging your achilles and ankles. Check out the Adidas Mundial Goal for a shoe with the best foot support.


Indoor soccer can be a very fast paced game. You might be playing 5 or 6-a-side on a small indoors pitch and have typically very little time to receive and redistribute the ball.

That’s why you’ll need a good shoe that can enable you to quickly and easily control the ball and pass or shoot. Check out the Nike Tiempo x Genio II for a shoe that is built to give you extra control.


Similarly if you’re looking to break the line and torment defenders, you’ll need a shoe that will let you gain traction off the ground and inject more pace into the game. Check out the PUMA Zapatillas for a shoe that can give you that extra speed.

Lightweight Shoe

For the more skillful and fast players out there, you’ll be looking for a shoe made of a synthetic material that is lightweight and feels like you’re wearing socks. Plus lightweight indoor soccer shoes like the Adidas Nemeziz can give you better control over the ball to show off your skills.

Ankle Support

Now this depends on personal preference, but some might want to purchase a trainer that has ankle supports built into the shoe. For example, having an ankle support on the Adidas Predator 19.3, gives the player more precision when shooting and gives the ankle more support when running.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes - Frequently Asked Questions

Astroturf cleats can be used on both artificial glass and indoors. The main difference between the two is the rubber sole of the astroturf shoe which usually has more grip and an array of small rubber studs on the sole. Indoor soccer cleats usually have a flat based sole, designed for giving better grip on indoor pitches.

Not always, but the majority of the best indoor soccer shoes are designed to not leave marks or smudge the floor you’re playing on. But if you’re looking to perform at your best, definitely purchase a pair of indoor soccer shoes as their flat, grippy soles are perfect to help you control the ball easily on the hard indoor surface.

I have been lucky to trial a number of brands from Adidas to PUMA and they all proved to be great indoor soccer shoes. But it depends on what sort of player you are and what position you’re playing in.

Personally I love Adidas as I have always valued the quality of the shoes they produce and the Predator has always been my favourite shoe boot as a midfielder myself.

How to Make the Right Selection

I love playing indoor soccer and I love it even more when I play well. That’s why I enjoy playing with the best kit as purchasing the best kit to optimise the type of game you want to play can really give you a lot more confidence and help you play a lot better.

For instance, if you’re looking for speed as a winger, you should definitely look to purchase a set of Adidas Nemeziz over a pair of Tiempo’s. But as a defender, you should really look to purchase something a bit more sturdy and protective, like a pair of Adidas Sambas.

Ultimately it all comes down to the game you want to play, but one thing to always remember is to make sure you’re comfortable in the indoor soccer shoes you’re playing in!

What are your favourite indoor soccer shoes? Let us know in the comments!

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