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The best soccer camps in Europe are all about the passion for the game, and through hard work, dedication, and a lot of fun, soccer skills are elevated to a whole new level of expertise.

The biggest and most professional soccer clubs are all in Europe, but the U.S. has many decent clubs producing fine players. Worthy American soccer camps include FC Dallas, Philadelphia Union Academy, Houston Dynamo Academy, Atlanta United FC, and many more.

Soccer is the fourth most popular sport in the U.S. after American football, basketball, and baseball, whereas soccer is the top sport in Europe. The love and passion for soccer differ in each individual, but those who want to make the big leagues will look at European soccer camps hosted by the top clubs with proven track records.

Let’s look at eight of the top European soccer camps and see what they offer.

8 Europe’s cream of the crop soccer camps

So, why should American parents send their children to European soccer camps? To take advantage of Europe’s incredible coaching talent, learn about soccer from those who do it best, and for your child to capitalize on their hard work.

There will undoubtedly be some who will disagree with my choice of the top soccer youth camps in Europe, but that is to be expected based on how electrifying soccer opinions can be.

I’ve looked at the available offerings plus those small extra tit-bits that make attending a European soccer camp memorable and selected 7 top soccer camps.

Manchester City Soccer Camp

Located in Manchester, England, Manchester City hosts youth soccer training camps at the actual team training center. Their soccer camps are exclusively boys-only and girls-only.

Manchester City recruits the best coaches, medical, and support teams and invests in the finest training equipment and technology to maximize results. Here are a few camp pointers:

  • The club offers English classes for parents who want to combine sport with learning.
  • Camps are 7, 12, and 14 days long with the entire board and cater to children from 9 to 17 years old.
  • The Soccer Performance Program is designed for boys and girls from 14-17 years old, while the Soccer Development Program is for boys and girls from 9-13 years old.
  • The camps focus on improving player skill levels in a professional training environment.

The Paris Saint Germain Academy (PSG)

Situated in Paris, France, PSG soccer camps have much to offer young talented soccer players. They focus on the tactical and technical training aspects of soccer that revolve around each player’s physical and psychological preparedness.

The camp’s children will experience first-hand what it’s like to be a professional soccer player. Other camp benefits include:

  • Video analysis sessions to point out and correct errors. This also helps player positioning on the field and teaches self-awareness within the context of a team.
  • Highly skilled coaches trained and certified by PSG ensure training consistency.
  • The camps are for both boys and girls aged 7 to 20. French camps run for a week, while the English camps run for two weeks.
  • Camps run during the school holidays in autumn, Christmas, Easter, and summer. There are also half and full-board options.

The Real Madrid soccer camp

Situated in Madrid, Spain, Real Madrid hosts its soccer camps for boys and girls within the Real Madrid Campus. Campers are taken on a tour of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and the club museum, and Real Madrid Academy. This does wonders for the campers’ spirits as it’s like an adrenaline rush of motivation that keeps giving.

Much like PSG camps, the children experience first-hand the behind-the-scenes life of a professional soccer player. Here is some camp information you may find helpful:

  • There are two different camp packages to choose from, the first is for beginners with 24 hours of training per week, and the other is for advanced players with 30 hours of training per week.
  • Each camper will receive a Real Madrid training kit so training can continue after the camp.
  • Full or half-board options are available for children aged 7 to 17, and both English and Spanish are used.
  • Camps are held exclusively during summer and begin with one week, but you can add on extra weeks if you like.

Liverpool FC soccer camp

The club slogan “You will never walk alone” from Anfield, Liverpool’s home stadium, is amplified in their training camps. Liverpool FC is situated in Derby, England, and is one of the great yet unique soccer clubs worldwide that have won the Premier League and the Champions League several times.

Your child will soak up the importance of team dynamics and glow in the glory of being part of the Liverpool family. Camps are designed to maximize learning and improving skills but also focus on mindset, which is vital to becoming a professional player. A brief rundown of the camp includes:

  • Cater to both boys and girls and run for one week with 20 hours of jam-packed training hosted by Liverpool international coaches with different versions of the camp for boys and girls.
  • Individual feedback from coaches so campers can understand their strengths and weaknesses and aim to improve on them.
  • Camps cater to 9-17-year-olds and are held exclusively in summer with full-board only.

The ICEF soccer camp

ICEF is situated in Evian, France, and is a high-performance private sports study academy. ICEF focuses on education and intensive soccer training exclusively for boys aged 13 to 19.

If your child is a promising soccer player, a one-year enrolment at the academy will make all the difference.

However, ICEF also offers one-week high-performance training camps during the summer that are hosted in Publier. Here are some key points:

  • ICEF is rated as one of the best training centers in Europe, and highly skilled coaches host the camps with UEFA certifications.
  • Sporting facilities are state-of-the-art with the best quality artificial pitches.
  • The camp is for one week, but a second week can be booked, and you have the option of half or full-board.
  • A minimum skill level is required, or a club or team membership is a prerequisite.

Soccer Inter Action

Situated in Valencia, Spain, Soccer Inter Action is a high-performance training camp for boys and girls ages 10 to 21. Soccer Inter Action is very similar to ICEF in France as both have private centers dedicated to soccer.

The one-week soccer camp is an intensive training camp, and the players will be able to improve on the technical and tactical aspects of soccer. Below are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Qualified and highly-skilled coaches conduct all training sessions.
  • The facilities conform with FIFA’s official rules, and there is an artificial pitch and training space dedicated to goalkeepers.
  • There is round-the-clock security at the center to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • The one-week training camp offers full-board only and is held during school holidays in English and Spanish.

Chelsea FC Foundation

Situated in Godalming, England, the Chelsea FC foundation hosts a one-week soccer camp for boys, girls, and goalkeepers of all skill levels. Focus is placed on soccer development and achievements crafted by the Chelsea Academy.

Camps take place at the Charterhouse School in Surry, and a prizegiving ceremony is held at the end of the camp at the Stanford Bridge Stadium. Here are some points to consider:

  • You can opt for English classes during the camp, and your child will visit Chelsea’s home at Stamford Bridge.
  • Exclusive training for boys, girls, and goalkeepers maximizes skill development.
  • Only full board is offered for 9-17-year-old boys and 12-17-year-old girls.

Arsenal Football Development UK

Situated near London in southern England, Arsenal hosts summer soccer camps at three sites for boys and girls ages 9 to17.

Arsenal’s philosophy and training program revolve around the experiences of professional Arsenal Academy players.

Arsenal focus on a wide range of skills, drills, and tactics that challenge standard techniques and skills needed in soccer, and they look to develop the person first, then the player.

This helps to teach the Arsenal way, which is an attractive and practical soccer style. Here is some crucial information:

  • Campers are placed in training groups according to age and skill level. The camp offers a more intense and advanced level of coaching, including video analysis, nutritional advice, injury prevention, and overall fitness.
  • Camps are conducted in English and daily English classes can be arranged.
    · Goalkeeper training consists of half-day daily training sessions.
  • Campers will visit the home of Arsenal, the Arsenal Emirates Stadium in London
  • Off-the-field workshops help to develop the player’s knowledge and understanding of what it takes to become a professional soccer player.

The Extra Time

If your child has a deep passion for soccer and you want to create the optimum opportunity for your child to ground themself in the world of professional soccer, then do look at European Soccer Camps

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