The 10 Best Soccer Cleats For Women Reviewed

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If you’re on this page, you’re looking for a high-quality pair of cleats, and they’re an essential element to consider when you want to maximize your performance on the field. 

As a soccer coach, I always recommend my players do some thorough research when they buy a new pair of soccer cleats. Most of them only care about style, and before you know it, they have to return their purchase because it simply doesn’t fit their style of play.

After thorough research, I’m proud to show you what I believe to be the ten best women’s soccer cleats on the market today. Whether you’re a speedy player looking for lightweight shoes, or a rugged defender, I thought about everything. From beginners to pros, this list is for all of you!

Whether you’re a striker or a goalkeeper, cleats are perfectly tailored for any position on the field. You’ll find there are special ones for stability, comfort, traction, speed, or adaptability. Please keep reading to discover my in-depth reviews of these ten fantastic soccer cleats for you women!

The 10 Best Soccer Cleats For Women

adidas Unisex Goletto VIII Firm Ground Soccer Shoe,...

By choosing Goletto 6, you’ll start with the right foot. This cleat is made of synthetic leather, which provides comfort and a lightweight feeling, plus the touch! Whether you’re new to soccer or want to upgrade your equipment, this will be a great choice! I have no words to explain how well these cleats fit!

You’ve never seen padding this comfortable! The soft textile lining and Die-cut EVA insole will provide maximum padding plus comfort! Besides, you’re getting a cleat with a firm ground outsole that delivers superior traction, speed, and performance. Nobody wants to miss it.

Adidas did an outstanding job with this cleat. It has an incredible price and is one of the most healthy choices on our lists. This should be on top of your list if you’re a soccer beginner. Classic women will love its aesthetic, plus the stability this cleat provides.

This is an excellent choice for defenders because it features a sturdy build. If you’re a defender and want a lightweight pair of cleats, the Goletto VIII is a superb option. With this pair, you’ll recover the ball efficiently, guard your position, and even launch an attack from the back with speed.



adidas Unisex Predator Edge.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe,...

These Adidas Predator Edge.3 are cleats made for a field ruler. These firm ground soccer shoes will get you to domain the field. Besides, a snug collar brings you a sock-like fit for your ankle, delivering more stability. The embossing on the forefoot helps to keep the ball on your feet and get you in control.

You’ll be amazed by the specific outsole and stud position for women! Oh, and did I tell you that this beauty here can get you an ultimate experience lockdown with an automatically designed upper that imitates your heal shape? And check out this style.

The primary material is synthetic, so your feet will breathe easily. You’ll be able to move the ball with pure instinct and at high speed with the flexible support structured sock-like lift. I can assure you you’ve never felt so stable in the field! My tip is: if you have narrow feet, don’t hesitate and get it. I know sometimes it might be difficult for you to get the perfect pair of cleats, but now you’ve found it, I can assure you.



PUMA Evospeed 5 FG Women's Soccer Cleats-White-5.5

Check out these stylish PUMA cleats! Evo’s synthetic sole soccer shoe is light-weighted and has a gorgeously glossy finish, with extended heel and tongue tabs. Its insole is all cushioned with EVA, in a perfect conical and bladed shape!

The aesthetic is not everything, but it sums up a lot: this is a highly functional cleat with a revolutionary design. You can take this beauty home and feel comfortable and gorgeous simultaneously for a very reasonable price! If you need to run without slipping and keeping your feet from getting wet in the rain, these are the cleats for you!

This cleat’s conic shape provides top-notch support, offering incredible breathability, protection, and comfort. What are you waiting for? Despite being slightly oversized, you can wear thicker socks, which will solve any problem that may come. For a very reasonable price, you get a high-quality product that will last a long time.



adidas Performance Womens ACE 17.4 FG W Football Boots - 10.5...

These Adidas cleats are perfect for beginners! The design is impressive when it comes to precision. The model comes with a pure synthetic leather build, classic three stripes, interior cushioning, and a synthetic sole.

The ultimate grip comes from a very flexible ground outsole. Because of its flexible ground outsole, you can move with high-speed control and stability on firm ground (dry natural grass), artificial grass (long-bladed synthetic fiber), and hard floors.

Are you fast? Then, get ready to be the first! This versatile soccer shoe will allow you to get an improved touch while on the field. The stand-out feature is the control it gives you – they’re very light, allowing you to cut across the pitch at lightning speed.



Puma Men's Spirit Firm Ground Soccer-Shoe, Color Shift White...

We all know that PUMA is a global athletic brand that significantly influences sports in general, especially soccer. This industry delivers unexpected sports footwear with innovation and revolutionary design.

This item has low arched, providing support – great for anyone that needs high arch support. For a great price, you can get these great cleats that will last a long time due to being made of 100% leather. The sole is synthetic, and the platform measures approximately 1.25”.

Are you looking for comfort and excellent traction at a low price? These pearl white cleats are the perfect choice for you! A comfortable fitting for any woman at any age!



Under Armour Women's Magnetico Select FG Soccer Shoe, Tetra...

Under Armour Women’s Magnetico Premiere is an incredible pair of cleats with technology for high-speed stability. Are you a fast woman? This one was made for you. If you need extra agility, this must be your cleat of choice, besides keeping your legs feel free while you’re running.

The internal layers of this beauty have a flexible, auxetic material that can mold around your foot. It fits like a special glove and feels like it was customized to every single woman out there. This cleat will provide you with the power you need for sprinting.

Above all, we believe one of this cleat’s best features is the sole warm bedding, which makes them tear into the ground, even if it is substantial. Also, it has a pretty cool design (I like white shoes).



No products found.

Unlock all your agility with NEMEZIZ. These cleats are built with innovative, tape-inspired upper and offer high mobility without sacrificing support. Their outsole is specifically geared for women’s explosive acceleration on firm ground.

We know all you want to feel when you buy your cleats is a “feet hugging” … well, now you can have it. This is a perfect fit and response right out of the box.

Nemeziz will provide a secure lockdown and ankle stability with a dual lock collar. Adding to that, you’ll have the highest mobility and bandaged fit during radical games with the revolutionary Torsion Tape of the 360 Agility Bandage System.

You’ll get support and comfort from the same product designed specifically for women! Fell a surprise on your feet when you put these on because it has reinforcements inspired by sports bandages that will help you develop your style.



adidas Performance Women's X 15.3 FG/AG W Soccer...

Check out this design! These cleats have a soft, close-fitting mesh upper. Also, do you see that mid cage? It is reinforced for game-changing stability! You’ve never thought about it, have you? So, depending on your position, this might be the perfect one for you.

Chaos is the keyword for these cleats! The Adidas X cleats are made for Gamers who strike speedy and put concern into their opponents. There are a refined touch, steadiness, and traction, so you’ll develop chaos at the pitch!

This is a responsive pair of cleats with a new hybrid outsole, flexible for acceleration. Never fear about traction; you’ll get the grip you want, don’t worry! Plus, I feel the additional cushion of the fitted-color mesh pores and skin. This product’s quality is indescribable, offering comfort and impressive construction.



Nike Phantom VSN Elite DF FG Mens Football Boots AO3262 Soccer...

Nike has outdone themselves with this gorgeous ghost lacing system that covers the laces for you to get a more significant strike zone. Besides, these cleats got a textured synthetic material with incredible durability and precise ball control.

For a dynamic and precise ball control, pick this one! Plus, the inner bootie hugs your foot and gets you very comfortable with a supportive feel. These firm-ground cleats for use on short-grass fields may be slightly wet when it rains, but don’t worry: they rarely get muddy.

If you’re starting your pro-life and still don’t know which cleats to get, this should be your choice! The dynamic fit collar will wrap your ankle for a sock-like fit, and I can assure you that!



Diadora Women's Maracana L-W, Yellow Flou/Lime/Royal, 10.5 M US

We all know Diadora is proud of its Italian heritage and all the legions of World Class athletes who have chosen to use Diadora products. Many top players have looked to Diadora for performance and styling for years. Diadora shoes offer superior fit and innovation with the finest materials and Italian craftsmanship.

Many members of the World Cup Champion team from Italy wear Diadora. These cleats are made of 100% leather and a synthetic sole, and women’s last construction is a proper fit for a woman’s foot.

Also, you might want to get these cleats because of their double action cushion, plus the touch control zone! It’s an incredible addition to your beginner soccer accessories. You’ll be able to have control of your running and a flexible style when in the field. Meanwhile, you’ll be protected with excellent quality material.



Best Soccer Cleats For Women – The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

Well, if you’re a soccer fan, you must’ve noticed that all the players choose a different pair of cleats – and it’s not based on style. If you read this far, it means you’re a player or want to start playing soccer, right?

When you play soccer, choosing your pair of cleats is just as important as your training because it affects your performance.

Depending on the position o which you play, you have to choose a pair of cleats with specific features so that it will improve your field action. Always make sure to have a guide on you when you go shopping for your soccer shoes because when you train, it’s easy to get hurt if you wear a kind of cleats that don’t fit you.

You have to pay close attention to some features, pick the best option, and don’t forget to measure your feet correctly. One of the most challenging things about buying this kind of shoes is the sizing because sometimes they can be too wide or too narrow – do your research, and find out if you’ll need to get a larger pair or not.


Do you want your feet to stay cool? When you get a pair of leather cleats, look for pairs with mesh material to improve breathability.


Due to sizing, you must be very careful when buying cleats over the internet! Usually, you have to buy them a number bigger than your size, but make sure to read customer reviews and size guides for each brand.

Type of field

Depending on the type of soccer field you play, you have to get a specific type of cleats. Rubber cleats are the most popular ones for firm-ground and short-grass fields. You want to choose a model with metal cleats for regular soccer fields.


The material quality is paramount because it determines whether a pair of soccer cleats are durable or not. It should be the best option if you’re willing to pay a little more for better material. Make sure to check the material on the outsole, midsole, stud, upper material, and heel because it will all make a difference when it comes to your performance on the field!

Position played

You must consider your position on the field to know what kind of cleats you’ll get. If you’re a forward, you’re on the pitch to score and need to be able to make explosive movements – that’s why you might need a lighter shoe.

Now, if you’re a midfielder, you’ll spend the entire match running up and down the field, which means you’ll need the most comfortable pair of cleats you can get, with support in your heels.

You’ll tackle left and right when you play in the defense position, so make sure you get a shoe that can take damage.

For the goalkeepers, you have to find a lightweight shoe that can handle your back and forth motion – also, you’ll need to jump from side to side very quickly.

Ankle height

There are two types of ankle heights – medium and low. The medium ones will protect your ankle and reduce the chance of sprain, but unfortunately, they can limit your range and movements a bit.

The extra protection is needed if you’re a defensive player. If you’re a forward or winger, you need a boost in a range of motion, which you’ll only get with a low ankle pair of cleats.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have many questions regarding soccer cleats, and we’ll answer a few of them, which might enlighten you. 

Do professional soccer players wear new cleats every game?

No, because they need to get used to the cleats and feel adjusted to the feet, which takes a little time. 

Do footballers wear SG or FG?

It depends on the players’ preference. Soft Ground cleats are for when the ground is wetter, and the players need more grip. On the other side, the solid grounds provide stability when the ground is hard, reducing the chance of catching the cleats in the field.

What are the types of soccer shoes available?

You can find soccer shoes that fit every style- from street to field. But picking the wrong ones can cost you heavily in terms of money and injuries. You need to be aware of the playing surface so you don’t make the wrong choice.

How can I make my soccer cleats more comfortable?

You should train with them and get them more time on your feet to adjust. Besides that, you can wear them and put your feet in hot water.

What should I look for when buying soccer cleats?

We answered that in the previous section. You must check the material, consider the position you play, and the sizing.

Picking the Best Soccer Cleats For Women – Final Words

Well, after we’ve shown you all of these incredible cleats with unique features, I think you’ll be able to pick the perfect one for your needs! Remember to consider the position you play, which makes all the difference.

Pricing isn’t the most crucial thing to consider when you have many features to ponder. Remember that! You can get an incredible pair of cleats for a high price.

So, now we want to know, have you ever tried any of these cleats on our list? Are you planning on getting any? Share your wish list with us! We’d also like to know what you consider when buying your cleats and which ones you find the best soccer cleats for women.

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