Our Guide To Help You Find The Best Soccer Goal For Backyard

Selecting the best soccer goal may seem like an easy task but you will come across a wide range of options.

They are available in various frame materials, sizes, netting types and shapes, which makes the task somewhat challenging.

But if you keep your playing needs in mind and know the crucial characteristics well, you can easily get the best backyard soccer goal that would perfectly upgrade your playing conditions.

In this article, I will show you some of the best soccer goals that you can buy to enhance your performance and ensure the longevity of the goal.

GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal
SKLZ Quickster Portable Goal
Franklin Sports Premier Steel
Franklin Sports Premier Foldable Goal
Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal

GOLME PRO Training - Best Backyard Soccer Goal

You can use this ultra-portable soccer net to play anywhere conveniently. With it, you no more have to wait for a field to begin the training as you can create one yourself. It is available in three regulation sizes, which makes it suitable for people of any age to train as well as practice with the same size goals that you play during the games.

The product has a patented one-piece design that needs just 3 minutes to set up and takedown.

Of the 3 sizes, the one which is 6.5 x 18.5 ft. is perfect for children under the age of 11. For the kids above the age 12, the 8 x 24 ft. is ideal and if you want a soccer net that can be used by anyone irrespective of their age, opt for the 7.2 x 18 ft one. It’s also easy to store as it can be folded and stored into a bag, and weighs just 30 pounds.

This is an overall amazing product of superior quality which you must opt for when you are looking for a soccer goal for training. It is affordable, compact, durable, and available in varying sizes which makes it versatile.



SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net - Best Backyard Goal For Shot Practice

The SKLZ Quickster soccer net is an amazing product perfect for solo training, volley as well as passing. It can be used for helping the players in master passing and enhancing the control of the ball from head to toe. The ball is returned by it with game-like conditions.

It is the best portable soccer goal, also very lightweight (nearly 13 pounds) and can be easily carried anywhere. Ideal to work on your volleys as well as half volleys with its instep and laces. You’ll just need just 7-10 minutes to break it down and pack it. The reps can be maximized by using the feet, thighs, and chest to trap the ball out of the air.

The SKLZ Quicker soccer net is an amazing product that helps you enhance your skills through repeated training so that you can improve you shot technique as well as your shot power.



Franklin Sports Premier Steel - Most Durable Backyard Soccer Goal

When you need the best soccer goals for home use, this is the perfect option for you as it can be set up easily and quickly in the park or your backyard.

The product is available in multiple sizes which ensures that players belonging to any age group can easily practice and score well.


  • The netting is made up of all-weather material.
  • The galvanized steel makes it extremely durable.
  • It has easy-fit pieces that ensure secured locking.
  • There are 6 stakes for better stability.

No matter which age group you belong to, this portable soccer goal is a great way of practicing. If you are looking out for a soccer goal that has good durability, then this is the one you can rely on.



Franklin Sports Premier - Foldable Backyard Soccer Net

This is a high performance folding steel soccer goal that is available in different sizes of  12’x6′, 10×5′, 6×4′, and 6’x3′. It can be assembled in the backyard with the least efforts, for kids to play soccer.


  • The net is weather resistant
  • The steel frame coated with black powder has high strength and durability such that it doesn’t easily deteriorate even in the worst weather conditions.
  • In order to keep the net in place, there are durable self-stick strips.
  • Setting up the steel goal can be done easily through the use of precision locking pins to secure the poles together.

If you want to turn your backyard into a soccer field, you just have to install this premier black folding soccer goal by choosing the size that best suits your requirements.



Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal - Best Value

When you wish to create a setup for some quick soccer game, this is the perfect product you can opt for. This soccer goal of superior quality is available at a very affordable price and can be used by people of any age group.


  • It is available in two sizes and two colors, i.e 12′ x 6′ and 6’x 4′ of black and silver color.
  • The product has heavy-duty galvanized steel tubing.
  • It has a dependable netting, made up of all-weather material, so you do not need to worry if it might get damaged in any extreme climatic conditions.
  • The net remains intact because of the self-sticking straps.

Franklin Sports Competition Soccer Goal is a budget-friendly product that you can easily set up and start using instantly. Thus, you do not have to search for a specific area to play. Be ready to experience the thrill of scoring the goal along with enhanced shots with this product.



GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal - The Best Nets To Play Without A Goalie

The specialty of the Golme Pro Pop up Soccer goal is that it is available in the form of two soccer nets that are portable. They have a size of just 2.5’, 4’ and 6’ which can be carried to any place with ease.


  • The product comes with multi-grip stakes so as to keep the goal intact during a play of the extreme level
  • There was a complete renewal of the PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal’s design inside out by the use of an x-strong frame which is indestructible. This has been incorporated around the soccer goal’s ultra-reflective net. Thus, not only its longevity will increase but you can enjoy more hours.

When you want to invest in soccer goals and wish to play without a goalie, this is the best product you can opt for. Its renewed design makes it suitable for having fun for longer hours and the durability makes it an investment worth it.



PowerNet Soccer Goal - Easiest To Transport

This soccer goal is one of the easiest to transport which provides you the flexibility to train at any place. You can easily set up various stations to maximize reps. Let’s see the important features of this product.


  • This full-size soccer goal is lightweight and thus can be carried while traveling to any place for practice.
  • The built of the frame is strig enough to take hard shots. You can expect it to last long without deteriorating.
  • It has a collapsible metal base and durable vertical bow poles made of fiberglass which can be set up easily.
  • You get a zipper storage bag of heavy-duty with the 12 x 6 ft goal, ground stakes, and bungee.

This soccer goal is excellent for use indoors as well as outdoors. It can be used for training the teams, goalie training, full field games as well as scrimmages. You must have this when portability is your concern.



Lifetime 90046 Soccer Goal - Most Adjustable Option

Among all the options we have listed till now, this is quite different as it comes with the adjustment option by which we can change its height and width. The telescoping feature of the product allows you to alter the height to 3′,4′ or 5′ and width to 4′,5′ and 7′. It has been built to last long.


  • The soccer goal is resistant to weather and rust owing to the powder-coated steel construction.
  • The net is made up of heavy-duty nylon, to ensure durability.
  • The goals remain intact and stable during the play because of the hinged steel poles which use locking pins. Also, there are 5 anchor hooks that stake it to the ground.

This is one of the best adjustable soccer goals available at a great price. It has a sturdy built that can makes it a durable soccer goal, worth your investment.



Bownet Mini Portable Soccer Goal - Best Small Goals

There are times when we wish to have the best small soccer goals. This one is the perfect product for the requirement. It is the first such soccer goal in the world in which the E.A.S(Energy Absorption System) technology of Bownet has been used. It ensures diffusion of the ball energy all across the goal, because of which its longevity increases.


  • It has steel frames that are powder coated.
  • There are composite BOW poles and stakes.
  • You do not need any kind of tools, heavy steel crossbars or guide wires to set it up.
  • It can be set up in just a minute. The takedown time is also less

There is less chance of injury while playing the game or practicing in this mini portable soccer, so you must get this amazing soccer goal that is unique owing to the technology used for making it.



Outroad Portable Soccer - The Outsider Option

This is a professional soccer goal with which you can have fun in your backyard. Besides this, young soccer players can practice in school too to score like soccer stars.


  • The soccer net is available in two sizes: 12×6 and 6×4 which makes it suitable for the kids as well as young adolescents.
  • When the soccer game is a small one, opt for the 6×4 ft soccer goal where 6-10 persons can play. Thus you can play soccer with your family, kids or grandparents.
  • The poles of this soccer goal are made of fiberglass that is of heavy-duty such that it can withstand high-level practices.
  • The soccer goal is of superior quality and is quite durable. There are 600D oxford fabric and 5 ply netting used to ensure this.
  • In order to firmly fasten the net to the ground, there are 4 ground stakes.

When you wish for an impromptu play, the Outroad Soccer goal is the perfect option as you do not have to put any efforts into its transportation or storage.



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Best Backyard Soccer Goal - The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

Let us see the essence of various features of a soccer goal so that you can finally decide which one to buy:

1. Material

Plastic or metal is used for making the soccer goals. The plastic soccer goals are portable, lightweight, affordable and designed for the youth. It is suitable for low impact and low use play. When you go for cheap soccer goals, make sure to look out for the other parameters too so that the investment will be worth it.

The performance and durability of the metal soccer goal are better than that of plastic. They have a high-grade design for high impact play and is comparatively expensive. These are available in varying sizes and used in tournaments, soccer clubs, leagues, etc.

2. Soccer Goal Size

For different age groups, there are soccer goals of a specific size, which you must know while buying one for your club, league or your player. Such as the kids of 6-7 years need 4′ H x 6′ W goal size in the field which is of 15 yards W x 20 yards L and those more than 13 years need an 8′ H x 24′ W goal size in a field which ranges from 50 x 100 to 80 x 120.

But there are certain soccer goals that can be used by people of any age group as they are available in various sizes such as the GOLME PRO Training Soccer Goal.

3. Portability

Depending on your need you have to decide if you want a permanent soccer goal or a portable one which is foldable, lightweight, can be easily stored and transported. You can use portable soccer games for training, practice or games on public fields too. These are affordable and come in various sizes which can be installed in those places where there are no permanent goals. Bownet 3′ x 5′ Mini Soccer Goal is the best known for its portability.

Permanent or semi-permanent soccer balls are heavy as well as more expensive, but they have high stability, durability and are reliable. These are generally needed for professional teams, schools, stadiums, etc.

4. Versatility

Make sure that the soccer goal you are investing in is versatile. They should be suitable for playing as well as training. The ones which are available in different sizes, portable, lightweight and easy to set up are versatile in nature. The GOLME PRO Pop Up Soccer Goal is one such example that can be set up easily at a park or even your backyard.

5. The Net

Make sure to replace the soccer net if you find it damaged, tangled or outdated. While buying one, see the standard sizes so that it can fit the goal frame. Another thing that needs to be seen is the net depth. Greater the depth more is the room inside the goal and these fit into the frames well. You can choose the one with 3 or more dimensions, i.e length, width, top, and bottom base depth. The soccer nets for the backyard should have secure net fastener systems in the form of clips and bars as in the case of Franklin Sports Premier Steel Soccer Goal.

6. The Purpose Of Your Soccer Goal

You need to know if you need the soccer goal for training, enhancing your skills or just playing in your leisure time. There are specific products that can help you master passing as well as gain control of the ball, such as the  SKLZ Quickster Soccer Net.

Best Backyard Soccer Goal – Frequently Asked Questions

A full-size soccer goal is generally 24ft x 8ft.

You will find the heavy soccer goals weighing around 400 pounds.

An u12 soccer goal is 7’x21′.

You have to get a soccer goal depending on your skill level and age group. Refer to our section about the soccer goal sizes.

SKLZ Quickster soccer goal is one of the best portable soccer goals.

These are the goals that are easy to set up, foldable and portable, and used in games such as football, hockey, basketball, etc. They have the potential to trap the balls approaching at high speed.

Final Words - Picking the Best Backyard Soccer Goal

The variety of soccer goals available in the market makes it necessary for you to we well versed with their characteristics. It will help you easily get the perfect one for your backyard, suiting your requirements.

What is your stand on the backyard soccer goals? Do you feel that one must know its various attributes before getting one? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.