James Cunningham

James lives in Chicago with his wife and three daughters. Originally from the UK, soccer has allowed him to travel the world. Now a youth coach, he fully enjoys teaching others about the game that he loves so much. His favorite team is Manchester United.
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Best Turf Shoes For Soccer [The Definitive Guide]

Ah, turf soccer.  A wonderful invention by the sporting gods years ago, playing soccer on turf instead of grass affords us protection all year long, even when the cruel chill of winter tries to throw us off our game.  Turf,

What Does A Green Card Mean In Soccer?

For many people, ‘Green Card’ refers to the permanent residency card of the US. It’s a hot topic as many people dream of gaining citizenship here. But that’s not the only green card you should know about, especially if you’re

What Is A Trequartista? [With Examples]

The trequartista.  One of the most iconic soccer positions of all-time, the likes of Francesco Totti and Juan-Roman Riquelme have thrilled supporters all over the globe. Indeed, that ‘number 10 role’ is synonymous with thrilling incisive attacking play and is

How To Become A Soccer Manager (Step-by-Step Guide)?

I have been a volunteer coach at our local club for well over three years now. I have coached 17 teams, and my daughter plays for one of those teams. Recently, she moved up to the U12 level. It is

How Much Do Soccer Refs Get Paid?

If you could choose to be one of the 23 people on the soccer pitch, what would be your last choice? Yes, you read that right, 23. Eleven players for each side, plus the ever maligned, occasionally praised, always scrutinized,

Best Portable Soccer Nets Reviewed

Need to practice soccer but don’t have a proper field in your area? Not to worry – portable soccer goals can solve the issue! As long as you have access to a decently-sized patch of flat land, a portable soccer