Training Best At Home Leg Workouts

Best At Home Leg Workouts

We all know how hard and time-consuming exercising can be, especially for anyone who has a job or a career, right?

You’ve already made the investment and went out of your way to actually get to the gym.

The worse part?

It takes you a lot of time to get there and prepare for your daily activities. The situation becomes even more frustrating when the place is crowded and you have to wait to use some of the exercise equipment.

But don’t worry – there are ways for you to complete your leg day workouts without leaving the comfort of your home.

You don’t need any expensive and bulky machine like the hack squat or the leg press. Over the years I have spent coaching athletes, I have researched a lot of ways to working out at home, without any equipment.

However, challenging it was to find the right exercises, I have compiled this ultimate guide that will save you the hassle of ineffective exercises you can find on amateur blogs.

This 24 best leg workouts at home guide will save you valuable time as it compiles all the right exercises.

I have designed this list in a way that is both approachable for beginners and challenging for the more experienced athletes out there. With these workouts, you’ll get the same or even better results than actually going to a gym. Of course, it will only be possible if you work hard for it.

If you choose to invest the next few minutes into going over these workout suggestions, I promise you that you won’t ever have to go to the gym for leg day again. Thanks to the following exercises, you can easily transform your home into your personal gym, free of charge!

Home Leg Exercises For Men

If you are a man and need the proper leg workout routine that you can easily do in your home, here are some suggestions:

Squat Jump

One of the most efficient and easiest home leg exercise for men – Level: Beginner

  • The proper way to do it is to place your feet aligned with your hips
  • Squat until your thighs are parallel to the floor
  • Jump while you are in this position
  • Upon landing, make sure that you do so in a position that has your knees bent at around 45 degrees

For optimal results, pause in a deep squat for a second or two and repeat the jump.

Side Lunge

Work on your quadriceps’ strength – Level: Beginner

  • To do this one the right way, you need to stand straight
  • Keep your feet separated by about 3 feet
  • Start from the right side and keep your left leg straight
  • Push your hips backwards
  • Make sure to bend your right knee and lower your body
  • Repeat the process on the left side

The moment your thigh is parallel to the floor – you are doing it right. Remember to always keep your feet flatly on the floor.

To get the best results, make sure to pause for a few seconds. The more you remain in this position, the better. However, try not to overdo it as you’ll feel unbelievable muscle soreness the next day.

Single-Leg Hip Raise

Level: Intermediate

  • Lie down on your back with your arms spread on the floor
  • Make sure that your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are bent
  • Align your right leg with your left thigh
  • Stretch your leg while lifting it
  • Squeeze your butt muscles
  • Elevate your hips from the ground

To get the best results, stay in this position for more seconds and return to the starting point. Repeat the exercise by switching legs.

Quick toes

Simple and efficient exercise to tone your muscles – Level: Beginner

  • Position your body into a semi squat stance
  • Run in place using very short steps
  • Put the weight on the front of your foot during each step

For optimal results, run as fast as you can!

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Home Leg exercises for women

Here are the best leg exercises that the ladies can do to get the most toned body, all without having to leave their home:

Bodyweight Squats

Easy, fast, and efficient, this exercise will allow all women to tone their legs – Level: Beginner

  • Stand straight, your feet aligned with your elbows
  • Straighten up your torso in front of your hips
  • Place your butt backwards, into a squat position
  • Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground
  • Use your heels to stand up straight

If you want to get the best results, make sure to point your toes out when working out. Also, make sure that your feet are flat on the ground.

Plié Squat Calf Raises

Level: Intermediate

  • Position your feet more than a shoulder-width apart
  • Turn your toes out
  • Place your hands on your hip bones
  • Squat just like you would in a regular squat
  • While you are in a squat position, raise your heels off the ground and stand like that for 1-2 seconds

To get the best results, make sure to have your back straight.

High Knee Toe Taps

Level: Advanced

  • Get a chair or a box
  • Stand in front of it
  • Place your right foot on the box or chair
  • Jump and swap your legs with quick actions

Make sure that your chest is lifted at all time and that your back is straight. This will greatly enhance the results.

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Side Leg Raises

Level: Intermediate

  • Find a comfortable surface, ideally on a yoga mat
  • Lie on it on one side
  • Keep your legs out straight, one above the other
  • Lift your torso using your lower hand. It should be at a 30 degree angle from the surface
  • Slowly lift your top leg
  • Repeat a few times
  • Switch sides

To maximize this exercise’s potencial, make sure that you lift the leg using your butt muscles, not your lower back.

Home Leg workouts for mass gain

Walking Lunge

Level: Intermediate

  • Place your right foot in front of your body, as far as possible from your left leg
  • Leave your forward foot flat on the ground
  • Lower your body and left knee until it touches the ground
  • Complete the motion by bringing your left foot together with your right one
  • Repeat from step one by switching legs

For best results – keep your back straight.

Split Squat

Level: Intermediate

  • Put one foot forward
  • Squat down until your back knee touches the ground
  • Get back up using your forward foot

Make sure to switch legs after each rep.

Step Ups

Level: Beginner

  • Put a bench or a chair in front of you
  • Step on the bench with one of your feet
  • Step with the other foot as well in a quick motion
  • Return to your initial position

Repeat this exercise several times and switch your leading foot.

Squat Pulses

Level: Intermediate

  • Stand and keep your feet 3 feet away from each other
  • Squat down like you normally would
  • Push your hips up and down a few times while keeping your back straight
  • Return to your initial position

If you feel like it’s too easy, squat lower while doing this exercise.

Home Leg workout with dumbbells

Goblet Squat

Increase strength, bone density and motion range – Level: Intermediate

  • Stand up and hold a dumbbell with both hands
  • Keep it in front of your thighs
  • Lower your body
  • Do a squat while holding the dumbbell in the same position
  • Repeat the exercise

Make sure to keep your upper body steady throughout the exercise. 

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Reverse Lunge

Level: Intermediate

  • Take two dumbbell and place them on your sides, palms facing inward
  • Put one foot backwards and drop your knee to the ground
  • Hold this position for a few seconds
  • Raise back up
  • Repeat the exercise and switch legs

Try to pick dumbbells’ weights according to your fitness level.

One Legged Toe Raise

Level: Beginner

  • Find a stepper and place one of your feet on the stepper
  • Take a dumbbell and hold it on the side of your body
  • Raise your body on the stepper by standing on your toes
  • Slowly return to the initial position
  • Switch legs and repeat

For maximum efficiency, use a higher stepper.

Dumbbell Swing

Level: Intermediate

  • Hold a dumbbell with both hands
  • Start with your hands between your legs
  • Crouch down with your hips above your knees
  • Stand up and bring the dumbbell above your head, fully stretching
  • Return to the initial position

For better results, make sure to have your back straight.

Leg workouts at home with weights

Suitcase Squat

Level: Advanced

  • Stand up straight, in a shoulder-width stance
  • Get dumbbells in your hands
  • Let your arms rest along your body
  • Do a squat
  • Go back up

The heavier the dumbbells, the better the results.


Level: Beginner

  • Stand up straight, in a shoulder-width stance
  • Slightly bend your knees
  • Let your arms rest along your body
  • Hinge at the hips
  • Further bend your knees and push your butt backwards
  • Lower the dumbbells with your shins
  • Return to the initial position by standing up straight using your heels

The key to this exercise is to have your upper body parallel to the ground.

Curtsy Lunge With Kick

Level: Advanced

  • Stand up straight, in a shoulder-width stance
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand
  • Rest your hands on top of your shoulder, palms inward, elbows bent
  • Step backwards in a diagonal position with your left foot
  • Lower your left knee until it touches the ground
  • Bend your right knee at a 90 degree angle
  • Use the power in your right heel to stand back up
  • Kick your left leg to the left side
  • Immediatly repeat the exercise

Pro tip: complete reps on one side, then repeat the same reps with the other side 

Sumo Squat

Level: Intermediate

  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart, and stand up straight
  • Point your toes out at about 45 degrees
  • Hold a weight with both hands
  • Bend your knees and make a squat
  • Use your heals’ power to stand up straight

For best results, make sure that you squeeze your glutes hard when you are at the top. Also, you can use heavier weights as you get stronger.

Leg Workouts At home Without Weights

Bulgarian Split Squats

Level: Advanced

  • Find an elevated surface
  • Stand with your back facing the elevated surface and place one foot on it
  • Sink down as low as you can
  • Go back up, keeping your back as straight as possible
  • Finish off with a jump if you can

The higher the surface, the more efficient this will be. Make sure to switch legs after each rep.

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Single Leg Squats

Level: Intermediate

  • Stand on one foot
  • Keep the other leg bent at the knee
  • Raise your arms for balance
  • Squat down as low as you can without falling down or losing the form

If you want to increase the difficulty, extend the raised leg horizontally. This turns the exercise into a pistol squat which is harder, but more effective.

Curtsy Lunge

Level: Intermediate

  • Stand up straight
  • Place one leg behind the other in a diagonal
  • Squat down until your back knee touches the ground
  • Go back up, repeat the exercise on the other side

For better effectiveness, you can do more repetitions and bend down as deep as you can.

Reverse Lunge

Level: Intermediate

  • Stand up straight and place your legs about shoulder-width apart
  • Place one leg one step back
  • Go down until your back knee touches the ground
  • Go back up, do a few reps and switch to the other side

Make sure that you keep your back as straight as possible and to remain balanced using your arms if needed.

At Home Leg Workout – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need leg workout machines to exercise at home?

For everyone trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle in the quest for a better-looking body, buying workout equipment can be very expensive and should not be done without thinking things through. The answer to this question revolves around two very important aspects:

– Are you a beginner?

If the answer is no, skip to the second point. If however, your answer is yes, you actually don’t need to buy any equipment. Start off slowly with less demanding workouts to see how things go. It will take some time for your body to get used to the process of working out.

During your beginner days, having machines would simply be a liability as they would be taking up space in your home. You can easily use the exercises listed in this guide and have the time of your life working out, without actually spending a dime.
Once you become more experienced and accustomed to working out, ask yourself the following question:

– Are you an experienced athlete who needs to workout often?

At this point, you have already mastered the regular workout routines like the ones I mentioned above. If you think that working out without equipment isn’t going to cut it anymore, then step up your game.

You can reasonably make an investment and allocate some space to set up a home-gym. Instead of spending valuable time going to the gym, you’ll have your own personal equipment, available to you instantly at any time.

How can I build leg muscle at home?

Building muscle is not something that happens overnight. It is a long process that requires dedication. It took me more than a month for any significant difference to be visible.

The main things you can do to build muscle in your legs at home is to work out at least three times a week. This won’t overwork your body, and you’ll achieve some results rather quickly.
In addition, make your leg workouts count. If you are feeling completely painless and comfortable, you aren’t doing it right. You must test your limits.

The last advice that I must give you is one that many forget: You need to rest!

In order for your muscles to regenerate and get stronger, they need to rest. Get some quality sleep and take some days off from working out.

How do I tone up my thighs?

The best way you can tone your thigh muscles is to be equally dedicated as with building muscles. In fact, toning up the muscles can be even harder than building them. The truth is, both goals are very hard to achieve, but beginners often forget about the most important aspects of toning.

First, you must use resistance training. If you don’t have resistance bands or any other resistance equipment at home, you can easily get some. These aren’t expensive and are surely worth the investment.

Second, go full cardio. Not only is it great for your heart and lungs, but it is also a great way of staying fit. Cardio will also help keeping your thighs and other muscles toned.
You can run around in the neighborhood and in the park. All you need are some good running shoes. Cardio also helps you lose any extra weight, and is great for overall body detox.

Are wall sits bad for the knees?

I asked myself the same question when I was beginner, as I felt terrible pain and my legs were shaking within the first 2 seconds of any wall sit. Asides for being great for overall body toning, if you use weighs or a resistance band, wall sits can be helpful for your arms as well.

However, the question is are they bad for the knees and the answer is definitely NO. In fact, wall sits are often suggested by doctors specializing in orthopedics for people who suffer from knee pain. They activate the knees after a few repetitions, and they are great for long term knee regeneration.

Do squats make your thighs thinner?

The fact is – squats work your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. This means that whenever you are doing squats, you are activating several muscles, tightening them in the process. However, this question is heavily discussed amongst experts. This is because genes play a huge role in our body type (thus, muscles) and how our body burns calories.

We all know that squats are compound movements. The more you do them, the more calories you burn, right? If you burn calories, it is reasonable to assume that you will be losing weight.
However, some people can get bigger thighs by squatting. This is because higher repetitions of a certain exercise will make your muscles grow in size. But don’t worry, you cannot easily overdo them, as at a certain point your muscles will stop changing visually and will be just more enduring.

Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter
Jessica is an AFLCA certified personal trainer and holds a Masters degree in physical therapy from the University of British Columbia. She has been working in the field for 5 years and writes as a freelance about all things fitness related.

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