How Does The Golfnow App Work?

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Golf can be addicting. Hitting that one perfect shot, even if the rest of the day’s are terrible, can keep you coming back to the course over and over. If you’re looking to play golf more often and have stumbled upon or heard of the Golfnow app, you may be wondering: How does Golfnow work?

Golfnow is a must-have app for avid golfers and amateurs alike that partners with golf courses across the globe to secure tee times at discounted rates. Similar to hotel services like Priceline, Golfnow offers tee times at slower times for the course to allow them to still earn revenue during non-peak times, and it gives players a chance to play for less. 

We’ll look at Golfnow’s features and premium options and examine how Golfnow is a useful service for different types of golfers.

How do I use Golfnow?

Available as an app or on any web browser, Golfnow is very easy to use and accessible pretty much anywhere.

The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and is very easy to download and start using. 

Creating an account is optional, but it is easy and takes about three minutes, no credit card or personal ID numbers are required.

Whether you are using the Golfnow app or browsing, the Explore tab will allow you to easily browse golf courses near you or at a specific destination that are offering discounted rates on tee times.

Typically these deals will be in the near future, and occasionally you will be able to get a tee time immediately and at a great rate just by using Golfnow. 

Most of the time, the HotDeals, as Golfnow calls them, are available during weekdays when the courses are less crowded, but you can also find deals on premium time slots as well.

Where can I use Golfnow?

Not every golf course in your area or destination will be available on Golfnow’s platform, but it’s very likely that some will. 

With partner golf courses in all 50 states plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico, if you live in the US, you can likely benefit from Golfnow. 

If the selection of courses in your area is sparse, then Golfnow is still a fantastic tool to use when planning a trip.

Cities like Orlando, Dallas, Phoenix, Chicago, and others have more than 50 courses to browse from, so when planning that next trip, be sure to check out Golfnow before making your tee times.

Living or traveling outside of the US? Golfnow also has partner courses in Canada, the UK, and tourist destinations like Aruba, Ireland, Bermuda, and more.

Golfnow also provides access to courses many people would not otherwise have access to. Many private clubs are accessible to the public exclusively through Golfnow and can be found using the Private Golf Clubs menu on the Explore tab. 

While these clubs don’t have as many readily available tee times as public clubs, there are windows to access these exclusive courses through the app.

Golfnow's rewards program

Golfnow rewards are available to anyone who signs up for a free account, not just to their premium subscribers.

The more you play through Golfpass, the more reward points you earn. These points can be used when booking future tee times at check out to save even more.

For every $1 spent on HotDeal tee times and Golfnow’s convenience fees, you earn 1 reward point. 100 points = $10 off a tee time, so basically, for every $100 spent, you get a $10 credit.

As a Golfpass member, these reward credits can only be used after 12 PM, on the same day, and only on weekdays when booking tee times. Reward points can also be used to pay for Golfpass (Golfnow’s paid service).

There is no downside to using Golfpass’ rewards program if you are a casual player who wants to play from time to time, it’s free, easy to use, and lets you easily keep track of your points in the app.

Golfpass: golfnow's premium service

Avid golfers who check out Golfnow and feel they might use the app often should absolutely look into Golfpass.

At just $99/year, Golfpass packs some serious value for people who golf often and are open to playing different courses through the app.

Golfpass includes $10 in tee time credits per month, so if you play once 10 months out of 12 then your subscription will be paid for, but there are so many more benefits to Golfpass.

Looking to improve your game? Golfpass includes access to a library of instructional videos from club pros, golf personalities, and tour pros alike.

With Golfnow, there are convenience fees for every tee time booked, but Golfpass subscribers get waived fees on their first 10 tee time bookings.

If you’re in the market for new clubs, Golfpass members get a $40 Taylormade credit at signup as well.

And finally, 12 months of NBC’s streaming service Peacock Plus is also included in all Golfpass memberships.

Golfpass also offers a 7-day free trial for those who are on the fence, but there is great value in the service for both avid and casual golfers.

Golfnow Compete: Companion App

In addition to Golfnow, another great resource called Golfnow Compete falls under the same umbrella. If you created a Golfnow account, your same login will get you into Compete.

Compete is exclusively an app that allows you to keep score against your friends, join local competitions with large groups and even has a GPS to show your location and yardages when you’re on the course.

Keeping accurate scoring and tracking your progress on the course is important for golfers of all skill levels, and on Compete you can keep a log of your previous rounds.

Track your average scores, your fairway and green hit percentages, and putts per round easily from the app.

While Compete is a separate app, it is part of the Golfnow family and is a great (and free) add-on to Golfnow.

who is golfnow beneficial for?

Whether deciding to use Golfpass or not, Golfnow has benefits for golfers of any experience or budget level. Let’s check out how different golfers can enjoy the service.

beginner golfers

Golf can be addictive, even when you’re just starting out. As a beginner, Golfnow can be beneficial in helping new golfers find what courses are in their area and providing experiences to new challenges.

One of the best ways to learn the game is to see different layouts, hole designs, navigate new hazards, and play on different course types. 

Golfnow is a fantastic directory of courses in a new golfer’s area and should help them to grow their game.

Should a new golfer opt to try Golfpass, even on the trail basis, the instructional videos included there include a wealth of knowledge to improve scores drastically.

Members of private clubs

If you are a member of a private club already you may wonder what the Golfnow app can do for you, since you already pay to play at your home course.

Members are likely to play often, and when on vacation it’s a safe bet if someone is a member at a club they will want to play when they’re out of town as well.

Golfnow’s partnership with courses across the globe ensures you’ll never be without a tee time, and you can even get great deals when traveling.

Golfers on a budget

Unless you are very new to the game this is not news to you, but golf can get expensive.

Between cart fees, ever-changing equipment, replacing balls constantly and apparel, the costs to play regularly can add up quickly.

Golfnow is the perfect app for someone on a budget because you get discounted rates at your local courses.

This is especially true when you are flexible on the times you can play. Yesterday one of my local courses had a tee time for just $11.

Prices like this allow golfers on a budget to play more often, and the more you play the better your scores will be.

tee it up!

Golfnow is a fantastic tool for anyone who is ready to hit the links. 

Using the app’s services you can find tee times at great prices, find new and exclusive courses to play and even plan to play when you are on vacation.

Go to or download the Golfnow and Golfnow Compete apps today, they’re all free and will help improve your game and also help make playing regularly a little less expensive.

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