Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

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There is nothing sweeter than smacking a golf ball pure 300 yards straight down a fairway.

If you can get it right, a driver can be one of the most lethal clubs in your arsenal to help you save shots off your round.

But being such a technical club, you need to ensure you’re using the right driver for your abilities.

We’ve put together this guide detailing the top 10 best golf drivers for high handicappers that will help you hit the ball far and straight. We have also included a buyer’s guide that will give you some pointers on what to look out for when picking up your next driver.

Let’s tee it off with the Cleveland Turbo.

Top 10 Best Golf Drivers For High Handicappers

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Driver 9.0 R RH

Cleveland are renowned in the golf world for their simple yet effective clubs. You won’t find any frilly extras on their clubs, as they are all manufactured with efficiency in mind. Essentially they do the job you need them to do, and that’s precisely why I like the Cleveland Turbo Driver.

This club is simple, effective, and forgiving, making it perfect for helping you hit sweet shots off the tee. 

The deep weighting in this club and counterbalanced shaft means the club is magnanimous and will allow you to hit full shots even if you slightly mishit the ball. The club also comes with a turbocharged clubface that provides a more extensive impact zone to strike the ball. 

What does this mean?

Well, if you’re like me and struggle to hit the ball in the sweet spot consistently, the large turbo clubface means you can strike the ball anywhere on the clubface, and your ball will still travel far and straight, with high velocity. This makes the Cleveland Turbo an excellent option for beginners and high handicappers learning to hit long drives.



Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite,...

Never played golf before? Perhaps this is the best club for you.

Pinemeadow provides a range of golf equipment to help you kick-start your golf career. The PGX Driver is a simple, value-for-money alternative that beginners and high handicappers can use to hit fuller, straighter shots. You’ll be surprised how many fairways you’ll hit with this club.

For many new golfers, slicing the ball off the tee is perhaps the biggest problem in their game. The PGX’s offset clubhead prevents that. As you swing down onto the ball, the clubhead’s counterpoised angle means your hands will move past the ball before your club will. This enables PGX’s clubface to come through square on the ball, sending it straight down the fairway.

The club’s shaft and head are made of steel, one of the most durable drivers we have reviewed. Plus, being made of steel means the club’s shaft is pretty stiff, which will help you generate more speed through your downswing to hit the ball harder than a club with a carbon fiber shaft.

Overall this club is a perfect tool for the golf rookie who wants to develop their technique and hit straight shots on the course.



TaylorMade SIM Driver, Mitsubishi Diamana S Limited 60 Shaft,...

Rory McIlroy is perhaps one of the best drivers for beginners of the ball on the PGA Tour. Although he had an up and down week at the Master’s back in November, McIlroy swung round the course with his TaylorMade SIM Driver, landing pretty much every fairway on his comeback from his shaky opening round.

If you want to improve your game and hit the ball like McIlroy, the TaylorMade SIM is an excellent choice for you.

The SIM’s revolutionary new shape helps you increase your downswing speed while also adding weight onto the driver to provide greater forgiveness on your shot.

Using some of the most innovative technology, the SIM’s Twist Face feature allows you to play straighter and more fluid shots. I especially loved how the clubface was curved, reducing any sidespin on the ball and preventing you from slicing or hooking the shot.

You can also tweak the weight of the TaylorMade SIM to optimize your ball flight and trajectory. Use the sliding weight adjustor to move and redistribute balance around the clubhead to suit your swing, making it perfect for anyone wanting to make improvements to their game.



Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Driver (Right Hand, Project X Evenflow...

Callaway produce some of the best clubs for improving distance. Cousin of the Callaway Big Bertha Driver, which is perhaps one of the biggest drivers I have seen in golf, the Mavrik embodies Bertha’s size but modernizes it into a ball-striking machine.

Having a high ball speed is the key to hitting long shots. Callaway has implemented a new Flash Face technology into this clubhead that will smash the ball on impact to optimize your distance off the tee. Callaway have also inserted two “jailbreak” bars behind the clubface that reverberate when you strike the ball, adding an extra fizz onto your shots.

What’s great about the Mavrik is its enormous strike zone. The bigger the face, the more chance you have of hitting it sweet. When I took this driver out for a spin, I was able to experiment with a wide variety of shots and still see the club connect well with the ball in the direction I wanted to hit it, simply because of its gargantuan face.

Check this driver out if you want to add an extra 50 yards onto your drives.



MAZEL Titanium Golf Drivers for Men,Right Handed,460CC (Right,...

As a beginner, I remember putting my clubs through their paces. When it comes down to it, you want to invest your money on a driver that will last multiple seasons and will hold up under all the turmoil you’re going to put it through.

That’s where MAZEL comes in. They pride themselves on producing some of the most hard-wearing equipment in golf, and this driver is no different.

Made full of titanium, this driver is a brute. You’ll struggle to break or scratch the MAZEL’s huge sweet spot, meaning it will last for a very long time. The MAZEL is also super lightweight despite it being so durable, making it an easy club to swing and hit big bombs up the middle of the fairway.

The MAZEL’s precision-milled face adds an extra bit of forgiveness to your swing, helping you deliver faster ball speeds while also correcting any mishits you play. In my opinion, it is one of the best clubs for those looking to get into golf and make their equipment last longer.



Cobra Golf 2020 Speedzone Extreme Driver Black-Yellow (Men's,...

The higher the ball speed, the further the ball will go, and with the Cobra Speedzone, your ball will zip off the tee faster than a speeding bullet. Well known for their innovation in golf, Cobra’s Speedzone is engineered to maximize power output onto the ball while minimizing drag through your swing.

I like to use lighter drivers like Cobra Speedzone. As opposed to heavier clubs, the Speedzone’s titanium chassis wrapped around a carbon fiber wrap saves 25 grams of unnecessary weight that slows your swing speed down massively. You’ll feel what it’s like to grip it and rip it with the Speedzone.

Plus, there’s no need to worry about slicing your ball into the bushes with this club. The Milled Infinity face on the Cobra provides excellent precision, while the clubhead’s weight is distributed low and wide to add stability over your shots. That all means you’ll feel comfortable ramping up your power and having a crack at the fairways with this driver.



Ram Golf Laser Anti-Slice Offset 460cc Oversize 10.5° Driver,...

The slice is perhaps the bane of every golfer. It can be one of the most problematic issues to fix in golf but don’t fret; Ram have designed and built a driver that will correct your technique to hit straighter, more flush shots right down the fairway.

Using their anti slice technology, the Ram Anti-Slice is set at a very pronounced angle, more than the Pinewood PGX above, which will allow you to come down onto the ball on a square swing path and remove any chance of a slice from the shot. The Ram also has a large target zone and a small aim marker to help you make a sweeter connection with the golf ball.

I like this driver as it gives you the confidence to stand on the tee and have a real rip at the golf ball. Its oversized titanium head was one of the best features and gave me a lower center of gravity over the shot, which allowed me to strike through the ball without being concerned that I’d slice the ball.

Plus, if you like a bit of flex in your backswing, the Ram’s graphite shaft is very forgiving and will give you to get that extra bit of whip through your shot. This is the perfect driver for a new starter looking to eliminate any slices from their game and improve their accuracy.



Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Draw Driver (Left Hand, Tensei...

The Callaway Rogue is perhaps the most forgiving driver on this list simply because it has a very long and wide clubhead. This is because its bigger footprint adds greater stability to your swing, giving you a greater chance of hitting sweet shots and keeping the ball on target.

That combined with perhaps one of the largest sweet spots Callaway have made, this driver will zip the ball off the tee no matter what sort of swing you throw at it. Plus, its super-light carbon fiber design means you’ll be able to reach some high ball speeds as you rip down through your backswing onto the golf ball.

One other cool feature about the Callaway Rogue is its lighter jailbreak bars that, although not as heavy as the Callaway Mavrik’s, still reverberate as you strike through the ball and add an extra bit of pace onto your shots. If you’re struggling to make good contact with the ball off the tee, this is a very merciful alternative that can help you hit fuller and longer shots.



Autopilot A14 (Right, Graphite Shaft with Stainless Steel...

Everyone has imperfections in their golf swing. Autopilot Golf have developed the A14 driver that will quite literally put your game on autopilot to help you iron out these imperfections in your swing.

Firstly the driver is set at 14.5°, making it easier to get a good loft on your shot than most of the 10.5° drivers on this list while also giving you a much superior connection with the golf ball.

My favorite feature of this club is its anti-rotation design, which, accompanied by its higher loft, enables you to move your club conventionally through impact, helping you hit much straighter shots.

The A14’s weight is dispersed towards the corners and exterior of the clubhead. This placement helps eliminate the margin for error and mishits as you swing through the ball while also helping you get the driver’s full force up and through your shot to improve your ball speed.

The A14 is great for any budding golfer looking to improve their swing-shape and accuracy on the course.



Intech Golf Illegal Non-Conforming Extra Long Distance Oversized...

Warning, this driver is not legally conforming to the USGA golf regulations, but it is excellent if you’re looking to have a bit of fun with your friends and smash the ball miles.

Its 520cc clubhead is one of the most oversized features we’ve seen on a driver; it’s probably about the same size as my head!

If that’s anything to go by, you’ll immediately know you can hit some long bombs with this literal behemoth. Plus, accompanied by its large sweet spot, the Intech is pretty forgiving, so don’t worry about mishitting the ball as you put your full force behind the club.

Plus, the Intech’s extended shaft and tacky grip also add to the traction you can get behind the ball. So if you’re looking to have a bit of fun on the range or want to work on striking the ball harder, this is a great club to help you add some yards to your game. Be mindful though I don’t recommend using this driver in an official tournament.



What To Look For In A Golf Driver As A Beginner?

Picking the right driver for your needs can be difficult but bear in mind these tips to help you make the right decision.

Weight disbursement

If you’re looking to improve your connection and hit the ball straighter, pick a driver that has its weight distributed to the outer extremities of the clubhead, like the A14 Autopilot. This will help you strike the ball truer and land more fairways in regulation.


As high handicappers, we are all guilty of duffing a few shots on our way around the course. To help you improve your game, you want to consider purchasing a magnanimous driver that will let you hit straight and full shots, even if you mishit the ball. The Clevland Turbo driver is the best club on this list to help amateur golfers get the ball up into the air.

Large strike zone

The bigger the clubface, the better chance you will have to connect well with the golf ball. Large strike faces reduce the chance of you slicing the ball and help you hit longer shots. Check out the Callaway Rogue 2020 for a driver that has a huge sweet spot.


Most modern drivers are a combination of graphite and carbon fiber, they can break pretty easily, and drivers aren’t cheap to replace. You’re going to want to pick a driver like the MAZEL Titanium that will hold up to the thrashing you’re going to give it.


Ultimately you want to pick the driver that will help you hit the ball furthest. Ensure you choose a club that will allow you to generate good ball speed and energy through your stroke. Check out the Callaway Mavrik 2020 for a club that will help you create more power.

Frequently Asked Questions

It varies depending on your age and stroke type, but your average male golfer playing off a handicap above 21 should expect to hit their drives between 176 and 200 yards. Similarly, female golfers of the same handicap should expect to hit their drives between 141 and 155 yards.

The biggest hitter on the PGA Tour in 2020 was American Bryson DeChambeau, who averages a whopping 337.8 yards on each of his drives. Crazy, right!

This is contingent on how fast you’re striking the ball. 12.5° drivers allow for more forgiving, higher-lofted shots and are great for beginners and high handicappers looking to improve their contact with the ball off the tee. I’d recommend only purchasing a 10.5° driver if you’re a more experienced golfer and can generate fast ball speeds over 100mph.

How to Make the Right Driver Selection As A High Handicapper?

The driver is perhaps one of the most challenging clubs to use. But it is also one of the most important. If you’re able to use your driver to cut the fairway in two, that can be extremely useful to help shave shots off your ground.

It’s important to remember that hitting it long doesn’t count for everything in golf. Accuracy is far more critical, as your distance off the tee will count for nothing if you hit your ball into the long rough or a bush.

My top tip as a high handicapper is to purchase a forgiving driver that will help you whack the ball straight, find more fairways, and consequently hit more greens. 

The more you can keep the ball in play with your driver, the more shots you’ll save on your scorecard. So always pick a driver that will improve your accuracy. 

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