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With the great game of lacrosse, one of the fastest-growing sports in North America, maybe you’re one of the swathes of newcomers to it. Maybe, then, you’re looking for the best lacrosse stick for a beginner. 

Oh, dear reader, we’re here to help you. Rest assured, you’re getting advice from a vastly experienced lacrosse coach to have taught budding young teams across the United States.

Like getting into any sport, it can be daunting as you first step into the game of lacrosse. When you’re coming into the world of lacrosse cold, you really want to guard against making an unwise investment, spoiling your first foray into this wonderful game. 

Trust me, as a coach; I’ve seen things. Terrible, terrible things. But, thankfully, that’s inspired me to help others. Granted, it might not be the noblest of acts, but I feel strongly about this sport and want to help others feel confident about getting into it. 

So, to help guard against that, we’ve compiled a list of the five best lacrosse sticks for beginners. 

1. Maverik Charger Complete Attack - Best Lacrosse Stick For Beginners

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Ok, I’m a little biased here as this is the stick I’ve used the Maverik for years, and it’s never done me wrong. In fact, Maverik is THE gold standard when it comes to shopping for lacrosse gear, fusing in-depth technology with optimized foam, so you know your money is being put to good use here.

The semi-soft foam mesh streamlines your performance and leaves no heavy netting to hold you back when running at top speed while also providing an outstanding balance of hold and release.

Seriously, this is a wonderful stick to start with, and the thinner lightweight shaft affords you so much flexibility but a tremendous amount of control. In the game of lacrosse, there aren’t many better qualities than that. Any coach worth their salt will say the same and, if they don’t, send them directly to me.

At a reasonable price, it’s a pretty safe way of getting your gear sorted out early on, and its comfortable grip will ensure your hands stay blemish-free during those long hours on the practice pitch. This really is the complete stick.


  • Reasonably cheap
  • Comfortable hold
  • Soft mesh netting great for hold and release 
  • Stylish look 


  • May be slightly too basic for expert players

2. Warrior Evo Warp Junior Lacrosse - Best Lacrosse Sticks for Beginners

Warrior Evo Warp Junior Lacrosse Stick, Black Gray, 37"
  • Youth specific warp complete stick
  • Shorter length (37 inch ) designed for younger...
  • Warp pocket doesn't need to be adjusted
  • Wider face shape increases the catching surface
  • Meets US lacrosse 10U specifications

Again, I’ve got a bit of a connection to these as my son uses them all the time but, trust me, they’re well worth the investment. No, I’m not just saying that; this seriously is a fantastic piece of equipment!

Warrior have certainly earned the right to be considered one of the world’s premier lacrosse brands, and their Evo Warp Junior stick is just another in the range of top-of-the-line equipment offer.

This complete stick makes your life so much more comfortable; the warp pocket requires no further installation, and its wider face shape allows for a bigger surface area to catch the ball. Towards the bottom of the rod, there’s a flared rail to allow for much better stick handling.

Absolutely loved by beginners, this stick is easy for kids to use and will undoubtedly help them at junior level, leaving them more time to enjoy the learning of the game. That, really, is all the matters.

I hope your kids are as happy as my son! If every youth lacrosse stick were like this, the grassroots of the game would be so much better to watch. In the future, perhaps we’ll reach that most glorious of promised lands…


  • Great for learning 
  • Net has a bigger surface area 
  • No fiddling about with the warp pocket 


  • Only for beginners, advanced players might want something a little more complex

3. STK Lacrosse Fortress 300 Girls Complete Stick

STX Lacrosse Women's Fortress 300 Complete Stick with Head,...
  • Stiff design for defensive players
  • Runway pocket is a unique, Overlapping center...
  • Includes new string lock technology, which allows...
  • Elongated Face increases power
  • Complete stick includes 7075

Women’s lacrosse isn’t always given the respect it deserves and, whether you be in high school or a latecomer to lacrosse sticks, this STK stallion is for you. Honestly, as far as ball control goes, it’s one of the best lacrosse sticks out there.

Any budding player needs to learn how to master the ball, and this stick is one of the best tools out there to give you the mastery of it in no time at all. Good news, right?

This stick is designed for defensive players who do tend to have shorter sticks generally. The face shape offers a wide catching area for ground ball pick-ups, and the complex stringing system seriously makes it one of the best beginner’s lacrosse sticks on the market.

Available at a good price, the STK lacrosse fortress is the perfect present for any high school student (or beyond) looking to find her way in this great game.


  • Cheap
  • Stick is designed for ball control 
  • Perfect for youth players 


  • Not suitable for men’s lacrosse 

4. STX Stallion 550 Junior Attack Complete Stick

STX Lacrosse Stallion U550 Junior Attack/Midfield Complete Stick,...
  • C-Channel technology provides extra strength for...
  • Dual sidewall braces provide stability on outside...
  • Featuring STX’s signature open sidewall in the...
  • Improved stringing pattern, paired with STX’s...
  • Includes STX 7000 alloy handle

STX Lacrosse Stallion products have earned such a glittering reputation when finding the best youth lacrosse sticks. It can be challenging for entry players to choose the best complete stick, but this carbon fiber stick is made to help youth players excel at ground balls.

Get game ready with this one, a lot of my beginners have invested in the product, and it is absolutely worth it. At only $69.99, the features on the STX stallion make it one of the elite youth lacrosse sticks you’re likely to find on Amazon.

The C-Channel technology provides extra strength for checking, as well as ground balls, and STX stallion’s trademark open sidewall in the rear keeps the stick in good condition no matter how many years old it grows to be.


  • Performance soft mesh
  • Carbon fiber handle 
  • Improved string pattern


  • Shaft length not enough for anything above entry players 

5. Signature Lacrosse Junior Stick For Girls and Boys

Signature Complete Junior Boy's | 28" | Silver
  • Designed to Make Learning the Sport Easier for...
  • Lightweight Aerospace 7001 Series Aluminum Shaft,...
  • Game Ready Sticks Like It’s Never Been Done...
  • Consistent. With a quality, pre-strung pocket,...
  • Durable. Built to withstand whatever their season...

Entry players will absolutely love this one. This lacrosse stick is designed for youth players (hence the smaller small shaft and head and the shorter stick length), but that doesn’t mean it’s any worse for practicing players.

The stick comes with some thought behind it. Purposefully designed to make learning the sport easier, the soft mesh pocket is already built onto it and a lightweight feel to get the best out of any new lacrosse player.

The guys over at Signature Lacrosse spent two years making a complete stick that would be able to battle all manner of weather conditions ready off the shelf and, with this full stick, youth players are in for a real treat.

At a very competitive price, your kid will be the toast of their high school team with this purchase.


  • Manageable wide head
  • Designed specifically as a youth lacrosse stick 
  • Durable 
  • Made for the players, by the players 


  • Only for entry-level players 

So, yes, basically all of these sticks have their plus points. All are reasonably cheap and designed for lacrosse players looking to get into the game for the first time. 

The Ultimate Buying Guide

Whittling down the absolute best lacrosse sticks isn’t an easy process, but there are few things to keep in mind. Indeed, you basically need to consider the player’s size (whether it’s you or someone you’re buying for) and figure out what they can handle. 

Then, you need to consider what position you or the person you’re buying for is or are playing in. 

If you’re looking to provide a means to an end, I’d recommend the Signature Lacrosse Stick Junior for Boys and Girls

Complete Sticks

You’re going to want to buy a complete stick, not one that comes in parts. That sounds fairly obvious, but I’ve seen plenty of new lacrosse players having to assemble their stick, and, truthfully, it’s simply not worth the hassle. 

While all of the products are listed, I’d go for the Warrior Evo. The lacrosse stick head is so much wider, really allowing budding players to get to grips with ground ball pickups – a pretty important facet of the game.

Mesh Pocket

To really get the most out of lacrosse sticks, beginners must consider how strong the pocket is. If the game’s name is to catch and release, new lacrosse players need to look for something with a relatively complex string pattern to give you the required durability and stability. 

With that in mind, I’d definitely recommend the STX Stallion

Lacrosse head

For a beginner, the recommended lacrosse head is that of a harrow slingshot as they offer a wider head and a flatter scoop, really helping youth players with their throwing, catching, and groundball pickups. 

Those qualities really are what you should be looking for as you take your first steps into this wonderful game. 

Of all sticks mentioned here, it’s once again the STX Stallion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a good lacrosse stick cost?

As you can see in the listings above, there are some affordable options around the $50 mark. However, it’s important to remember that we are talking about sticks for beginners here, which generally come complete.

More experienced lacrosse players may want to buy the shaft and the head separately, which is a more expensive way of going about things.

What is the best mesh for lacrosse sticks?

Soft performance mesh, such as the one included in the Warrior Evo, is generally included in all best lacrosse sticks. Goalies tend to prefer it, too, as it offers much better services off the rebound. StringKing 3X are probably the leaders in buying performance mesh with their advanced technology truly optimizing performance. 

NOTE: Ball control players should use a deeper pocket to keep the ball stable while in motion.

East Coast Dyes HeroStrings - Black

Is STX a good lacrosse brand?

Absolutely. Boasting 50 years’ experience, they make beginners lacrosse a joy. With their head in the ‘how can we benefit the player?’ zone, they undoubtedly cater to every need a lacrosse player can possibly have. 

Their products are lightweight yet durable and should last for years if cared for correctly. Perfect.

What are good lacrosse sticks?

Well, the ones we’ve so helpfully compiled here for you are pretty good for beginners. Complete lacrosse sticks are a pretty specific purchase, and the products above cover pretty much every base required. 

Ideally, they must be lightweight and built to master the basics, such as ground ball pickups as well as throwing and catching. 

How do you pick a beginner lacrosse stick?

You basically want to ensure the head on the end of the stick is wide and that its shaft is a manageable length for someone just starting out in the game. Sticks vary from player to player, with more attacking players requiring shorter ones, while defensive players need longer.

What are some helpful beginner tips for new lacrosse players?

  • Any wide head complete stick will help you get used to the fundamentals of the game 
  • New players advised to make sure the head on their stick has been appropriately installed 
  • Carbon fiber shafts tend to be more durable 
  • The shorter the stick, the easier it will be to control

Final Words

So now that you’re armed with the kind of knowledge needed to go out (well, as ‘out’ as 2021 allows us to be) and buy a new lacrosse stick, hopefully, you’re feeling confident. 

A confident buyer usually ends up being a satisfied customer, after all.

Lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing sports out there now, so getting as much information as you can on the right stick to buy only makes sense. Hopefully, this article will have helped you in your quest to begin life as a lacrosse player or indeed have helped someone else’s. 

Good luck!

Did you pick-up any of these lacrosse sticks? Did you love them as much as I did? Let us know in the comments section below… 

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