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Some people find it difficult to find the best basketball shoes to make them better at jumping or landing, other people find it a task to discover the right training wear that makes it more breathable to play in. However, there are also some people out there that want to find THE best basketball shorts to make their game more comfortable to play in.

Basketball shorts are naturally more spacious and ‘free-flowing’ in style when compared to most other sports that require shorts. This enables players to play without the worry of causing too much friction between the leg and fabric during performance thus extinguishing the feeling of discomfort!

Luckily, we have the internet at our disposal to help us search for the best of the best for pretty much everything, but in this case, basketball shorts. Though I can’t pick a specific pair for you, what I can do is list the five best basketball shorts currently available right now and why! So, let’s get to it, shall we?

The Top 5 Best Basketball Shorts

Nike Men's Dry Training Shorts, Anthracite/Anthracite/Black,...

First and foremost, we have the Nike Men’s Dry Training Shorts and what a way to start a review might I add. Now, the shorts themselves aren’t exactly designed for basketball but they do host many great benefits that can be used across a wide spectrum of sporting activities, including basketball.

Said benefits include the world-renowned Dri-fit technology that Nike adapt to the majority of their sport wear these days. This is because it helps keep you dry and comfy through the most intense activities, e.g. basketball!

The adjustable design of the shorts also contains an elastic waistband and internal drawstrings to help keep them as securely as you want. The Fort Knox of shorts if you will.  Along with this, the shorts sit right above the knee with brilliantly crafted seams that feel as smooth as a Bill Withers album.

When it comes to sportswear Nike is always at the forefront and it’s no different with the Dry Training Shorts either. They are simple, versatile, and effective. What more could you possibly want?



Under Armour Men's Raid 10-inch Workout Gym Shorts, White...

So, I have to say this, but I love Under Armour for various reasons. A major reason is that they are a relatively new company and they are making huge strides in the industry during their short time by competing with household brands such as Nike and Adidas and boy they are certainly making their mark!

The shorts here boast the infamous Under Armour technology known as HeatGear fabric which is ultra-soft and smooth for insane levels of comfort! They also have UPF 30 which helps fight off the blazing rays given from the sun to protect your skin during activity!

I will admit, shorts designed to improve performance is one thing, but to compete with the force of the sun is a whole new level of awesomeness.

Additionally, the shorts also sport 4-way stretch construction to enable more freedom of movement along with anti-odour technology so all of you foul-smelling b-ballers out there have nothing to worry about when playing long and hard!

As you can see Under Armour have equipped these shorts with vast amounts of technology that makes them great for any occasions, especially basketball. I’m sure Lebron would be happy with these if he didn’t have a deal with Nike already!



Pro Club Men's Heavyweight Mesh Basketball Shorts, Red/White,...

It’s almost a given that when we look at products to buy, we always want the best quality for the best price which can often be a difficult task in itself. However, this isn’t the case with the Pro Club Men’s Heavyweight Mesh Basketball Shorts!

These shorts may not look as eye-catching but they certainly have quality on their side which is a major factor when looking for the right shorts.

Firstly, they are very spacious in the thigh area and run long down the leg. Now, you have Michael Jordan to thank for that who famously asked his manufacturers to design his shorts this way so of course the rest of the NBA, and the world for that matter, followed suit as it was said to provide added comfort and space.

Good call MJ! The shorts are also heavy in weight and made from mesh to improve breathability and avoid substantial doses of sweats during intense work!

In my opinion, they are classic shorts for basketball and if MJ says this particular style helps make him feel more comfortable then I think we should probably listen to him. Although they’re not as appealing or made my industry giants, I still feel they are a great pair of shorts for those who like that classic, authentic, old school basketball feel to their game!



TopTie Men's Lounge Walking Shorts Pajama Active Shorts, Flag...

Here we have the TOPTIE Men’s Basketball Shorts which are also great for sports such as flag football and MMA. Who doesn’t like versatility aye? The shorts themselves come in a range of different colours to add to their ammunition of variety which would tempt any avid sportsman. However, the perks don’t stop here!

TOPTIE have included an array of useful benefits in these shorts and all for a low-price range of $6.99-$19.29. No complaints here! Other benefits include a relaxed yet long length that is made 100% from viscose knit polyester to offer an unfathomable amount of comfort and durability.

They also consist of a high moisture-wicking mesh to allow those much-needed spouts of air circulation when you’re running your opponents into the ground while you steer away from heat disruption downstairs. So far so good? It’s okay, I know that you know they’re great already.

Although TOPTIE aren’t amongst the big-name brand giants it’s fair to say they should have some respect thrown their way for producing a low-cost, good quality, and multipurpose pair of shorts here. I’m now a fan.



adidas Men's Essentials 3-Stripe Shorts, Bold Onix/Grey, Large...

Okay, I know the title of being the “best fitting shorts” is subjective but in comparison to other competitors, this particular set of shorts can proudly say they have a 86% success rate for being an expected fit which I have to say is by far the highest percentage thus far!

If you were to opt for this choice of shorts you would be graced with Adidas’ popular Climalite technology. Climalite is used in a vast amount of their sportswear because it offers unmatched technology by being able to dry fast and being extremely lightweight.

This works by the Climalite pulling sweat away from the skin and moves it to the outside of the fabric where it evaporates more rapidly. Not only this, but they are tremendously comfy and sport a more regular fit which is more suitable for everyone!

Just my two sense here, but Adidas have knocked it out the park with this simple yet advanced pair of shorts. They have specific technological aids that any user would be grateful to experience to help improve their game. Go see for yourself!



Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned before, it was the king of basketball Michael Jordan who one day requested the manufacturer of his shorts to make them longer and more spacious for added comfort.

Most basketball shorts should not have pockets as this avoids players being distracted by placing their hands inside them during match-play.

It would appear shorts in the modern age are indeed getting shorter. This is because they will have less material, thus making them more lightweight around the court.

The 4th Quarter

So, there we have it, a detailed review of the five best basketball shorts to consider in hopes of improving your game. As you can see there are many factors and features to ponder when choosing the right shorts for you and your style of play but always remember to outweigh the best pros and cons before making a calculated decision. This is serious.

For the love of God, these are basketball shorts we’re talking about here man! (Chris Tucker voice). But in all seriousness key things to take away from this review is that shorts come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and styles so it can be overwhelming to choose.

Just ensure when picking your perfect pair that you aren’t choosing them because Curry or Lebron wears that particular style. Wear them because they’re right for you and only YOU.

Now I do want to pick your brains just a little to end this fantastic review we have compiled for you so please leave your comments in response to the below questions and help start a discussion:

Do you think shorts should be longer or shorter and why?

What material do you find is best suited for basketball shorts?

What are the best shorts you have worn in the past and why?

Justin D. Johnson
Justin D. Johnson
Justin is a PhD student at Stanford University and has been a basketball youth coach for over ten years. He is passionate about sports, cinema, astronomy, and sharing knowledge.