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Dribble, Pass, Shoot. These three are essentials for any Basketball player. Basketball, like many other sports, require learning a few moves to a considerable level before answering the skillful tag. Of all those skills, shooting is considered one, if not the most important.

What good is dribbling and having the best form if you miss most of the shots you take? To be a pro at basketball, you have to win games.

To win any game, you have to score points., and you have to shoot to score points. To shoot, well, you have to know how to. Usually, it takes months or even years of relentless practice to reach a sufficient level, speak less of being an elite shooter. Constant training, sometimes without evident changes, can lead to frustration or burnout.

But what if there was a way to turn those strenuous months into weeks? What about days? Sounds Unbelievable?

Not when you have the Allnet basketball-shooting device, the new rave in the basketball market, and for good reasons. The Allnet basketball shooting device is designed to employ the process of muscle memory to help you find the best form, enhance your sense of touch and teach how to handle, control, and shoot the ball like a pro.

Allnet Shooter Review

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Allnet Shooter Product Overview

Allnet basketball shooting device is what it looks like if increased shot conversion was made into a physical product. While coaches can do all they can to ensure you know the techniques and biomechanics of the proper shooting form, nobody will shoot for you.

The truth is that verbal instruction has proven mostly ineffective in teaching shooting form, which is why MMBC has scientifically designed this Allnet basketball shooting device to fill the void. I had joked about Allnet Basketball Shooting device being just like training wheels when I first heard of it, but I’ve since realized that’s, in fact, not true.

It’s not just like training wheels. It’s far better.  Created by a basketballer who knows the struggle and joy of having improved shots, Allnet basketball shooting device is designed to give you the elite shooter’s touch and boost your overall game and morale.

There are a lot of reasons why Allnet basketball shooting device is becoming increasingly popular in basketball. Players are now looking to the future with Allnet basketball shooting because it offers a cheap alternative to rigorous unproductive training and offers several uses that we will cover in more depth below.


  • Flexible and Comfortable to wear
  • Spreads Fingers for better stability
  • Created with strong, high-quality ABS plastic, so it is highly durable
  • Rapidly increases your field goal percentage
  • Very affordable and a great value


  • You may need re-adjustment after a few shots

Allnet Shooter In-Depth Features Review

Size And Weight

Weighing a total of 2.4 ounces, the Allnet basketball shooting device comes at a weight that is perfect for older professionals and the younger generation aiming to improve their game. It’s also adjustable from small to XL, so regardless of your age group or hand size, you can easily fit it accordingly and get to work.


Allnet Basketball Shooting Device excels in its ability to last longer and stay just as efficient as the first day of purchase. This impressive durability is all thanks to the super-durable ABS plastic. I’ve had mine for quite some time and I’m still amazed at how efficient it is. Its ability to remain almost as if it was bought two days ago is why I picked this over any other shooting aid out there.


The Allnet Basketball shooting device is quite unique. It was indeed a basketballer, someone who knows what it takes to perform at a high level, that invented this piece of equipment. The intricacies and the delicate nature of muscle memory and form management to score optimally can only be known by someone who has been there before.

It delivers well by sending sensory inputs, speeding up the process of muscle memory to improve your shooting percentage. With effortless usage, you start seeing changes after only a few tries. It’s easily adjustable for children and adults and can truly stand the test of time. It comes with a year warranty if you wear it out, which let’s be honest is highly unlikely.

Allnet Shooter Review - Final Words

Shattering the 1000 shots before you become a pro myth, the Allnet Basketball shooting device proves that you don’t need a thousand shots to get things right. As long as you are focused, calm, confident, and place your hand/fingers properly, you can do a lot with just a little nudge in the right direction. Build your confidence today.

Become an elite basketball player and improve your game with the super effective and child-friendly Allnet Basketball Shooting device created for basketballers by a basketballer.  Like the sage leading the recruit, the Allnet shooter shows you the ropes, teaches you how to talk the talk and walk the walk straight into performance.

Affordable, durable, and easy to use, anybody can pick up an Allnet basketball shooting device and take their game to the next level without having to go through all the stress of practicing for meagre results.

How do you perfect your shooting form? What techniques are most efficient in ensuring that you deliver the maximum points you can from almost any range. Do you consider verbal instructions most effective, or you think there’s nothing constant practice can’t solve? I’d like to hear from you.

Feel free share what you think in the comment section

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Justin D. Johnson
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