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Fancy Shooting some hoops? 

Everyone loves practicing their alley-oops in their backyard. 

In all honesty, it is the best way to improve your shooting game. 

So why not invest in a top-quality roof mounted basketball hoop, invite your friends over for a game of H-O-R-S-E and get practicing those buckets. 

Here are the 3 best roof mounted basketball hoops that can help you become a better player.

Top 3 Best Roof Mounted Basketball Hoops

Katop Basketball Hoop Roof Mount Garage with 60' Crystal-Clear...

As one of the most durable hoops on the market, KATOP Hoops have been producing some of the safest and most durable Basketball hoops on the market since 1996. 

Basketball hoops don’t come cheap, and you don’t want to be forking out for a hoop that’s going to break as soon as you rebound the rock off the backboard. That’s why the KATOP’s clear acrylic backboard and aluminum frame won’t break or shatter when you ricochet the ball hard off the back. 

And this doesn’t take away from the rebound action of the ball on the backboard. No, the ball will bounce naturally back, similar to an NBA standard backboard,  so you can set up some awesome alley-oop plays for your friends. Being both sturdy and durable, this is a great basketball hoop to help you score some wicked buckets.



Spalding Performance Acrylic Backboard & Rim Combo

Want to perform like the pros in your back yard? 

You’ll need the best equipment to throw the best hoops, and with Spalding, the choice of the professionals, you’ll be getting the best product to help you improve your performance. 

Its Pro Slam steel-reinforced rims are perfect for pulling off killer dunks and hanging from the top of the board. Plus the rim can be detached and changed and comes with an all-weather net enabling you to play all year round. The basket itself is very forgiving too, and you’ll see more shots go in if they bounce off the rim of the hoop. 

The backboard is also highly flexible as you can mount it to walls, your roof, or a pole. Ultimately it is the closest basketball hoop to a professional NBA size with its clear acrylic backboard that looks, sounds, and sprays out rebounds like a glass backboard.



Lifetime 71526 Backboard and Rim Competition Combo

This backboard is a well-priced alternative for those who are just starting out and don’t need a top of the range spec basketball hoop.

Unlike the previous two backboards, this basketball hoop is made of a high-density polyethylene plastic that is UV-Protected. This means the graphics on the board won’t fade, and the board won’t melt in the hot sun. Because of this, it is a highly durable board and can take a real beating, particularly if you’re not the most accurate shooter.

Plus if you pick up its mounting kit too, which unfortunately isn’t included in the price of the board, you’ll be able to mount the board on your roof, on a wall, or a pole. It’s a great cost-effective alternative for those just looking to have a bit of fun in their back yard.



Our Buying Guide

Roof-mounted basketball hoops come with a ton of features. Ultimately it’s best to know what you want before you go into the shop to purchase one. Here’s our buyer’s guide to help give you some pointers on what to consider when picking up your next basketball backboard.


Basketball roof mounted basketball hoops can be particularly hard to mount, especially if they are heavy. Our advice is to find a hoop you can set up easily and append to a wall or roof. Check out the KATOP Backboard, which although is fairly heavy, is easy to set up, allowing you to start shooting hoops as soon as possible.


You don’t want a backboard that’s going to flex and crack, as soon as you start trying to make high-flying rebounds off the board. Basketball hoops don’t come cheap and you don’t want to have to fork out a lot of money to replace them.

For the most durable backboard, check out the KATOP Backboard, which is made of a thick acrylic Backboard that can withstand the shots you throw at it.


You also want to use the backboard to actually get better, right? 

Well, why not buy the best equipment that is similar to what the NBA pros use? Having a backboard that will rebound in the same way as the boards in the NBA, with hoops and nets that are forgiving enough for you to dunk on can dunk on, you can match those conditions as closely as possible to help you train better.

Check out the Spalding Acryllic Basketball Board, for a basketball hoop that is pretty much professional standard.

Consider your skill level

Ultimately, roof-mounted basketball hoops can be very expensive. There’s no point in purchasing a $1000 hoop if you’re starting out. But then again, if you’ve been playing for a while and want to get better consider purchasing one of the slightly more expensive models. For a beginner’s hoop, check out the Lifetime Impact Backboard.

Flexible hoops

Everyone loves launching themselves through the air to put in a huge dunk on a basketball hoop. But how will you practice your dunks if you can’t hang from a hoop that won’t support your weight?

Purchase a basketball hoop that has a strong, yet flexible basket, that will support your weight but will also flex and move as you get up to make those sweet buckets. Plus if you’re using it for training, check out KATOP’s spring-mounted hoop that is a little more forgiving than other hoops, which will almost pull in the shots you make.

Frequently Asked Questions

Professionals in the NBA use tempered glass backboards. The glass gives the best rebounds and allows players to work the backboard to guide the ball into the hoop. But for your back yard, clear acrylic is just as good an alternative that can replicate the same feel and bounce of a tempered glass backboard. They are also a lot cheaper too!

You can purchase backboards in a variety of different sizes each ranging from 44”, 54”, or 60”. Ultimately if you’re looking to replicate match conditions, and those of the NBA, check out one of the 54” or 60” basketball hoops.

You forget how big the backboards are in the pro game, and the larger the board is, the more space you have to direct the ball into the hoop.

Basketball hoops are typically 10 feet from the ground. This is also the height of every basketball hoop in the NBA. But if you’re buying your hoop for your kids, you might want to drop it down a little bit, to help them practice and make it easier for them to reach the hoop.

The 4th Quarter

The best basketball players have all got one thing in common, they practiced. 

Whether your shooting hoops in the park, or in front of your garage, to become the best you need to train hard and practice every day. 

Having a roof-mounted basketball hoop in your back yard can seriously help you get better. You can practice your long throws, your dunks, and maybe even rebound some big alley-oops!

But our top tip is to purchase the most durable basketball hoop possible. They are an expensive piece of equipment, and you and your friends will undoubtedly be giving its backboard a real hammering, so make sure you invest in a basketball hoop that’s going to last! 

The harder you practice, the better you get, so get out there and shoot some big buckets!

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Justin D. Johnson
Justin D. Johnson
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