Brad Smith

Brad Smith has been coaching high school Football for 6 years in Florida. He and his wife have 3 beautiful children who he hopes will become the first Jaguars to win a Superbowl. Other than Football, Brad loves American litterature, parenting, gardening, and home remodeling.
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The Ultimate I Formation Offense Playbook

Any coach worth their salt will be able to explain the benefits of the I-Formation Offense. One of the great plays in the history of this great sport, the whole premise of this particular tactic is to overpower the opposition’s

What Does Calling An Audible Mean In Football?

If you’re not quite brushed up on your American football terms, it’s easy to feel somewhat confused when someone says the word ‘audible. Indeed, I’ve seen this so often throughout the course of my career, accidentally catching people when referring

What Is A Touchback In Football [NFL & College]

While you’ll find many armchair football fans, who think they know better than the elite-level coaches and players we see on our screens every week, defining what a touchback is can be tricky for some people.  American football is littered

Why Do Football Players Wear Black Paint Under Their Eyes?

Have you ever wondered why football players (and also some athletes in other sports like baseball) apply black paint under their eyes? Although there is an aesthetic aspect involved, the reason is actually rather functional. Below, you’ll find out why

Best Receiver Gloves Reviewed [We Tried Them All]

In football, every advantage matters.  Whether that’s eating the right food before a game or wearing the right equipment, wide receivers need to take every advantage they can get to gain that extra yard, and having the best gloves for