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In football, every advantage matters. 

Whether that’s eating the right food before a game or wearing the right equipment, wide receivers need to take every advantage they can get to gain that extra yard, and having the best gloves for receivers could be the difference between a touchdown or reaching the next down. 

And for wide receivers, nothing is more important than having a tacky pair of football gloves, as if you can’t catch the football, you can’t score touchdowns. 

Plus, if you’ve ever tried to catch a football coming at pace, you’ll already know that you need every bit of extra grip possible to help you cling onto that pass. 

We’ve devised a list of the ten best football receiver gloves that will help you make touchdown-winning plays. Plus, we’ve also added a few tips to help you pick the right gloves for you. 

1. Nike Football Glove - Vapor Knit 2.0 - Best all-rounder

With Nike’s prestige in the sports industry, supplying uniforms for most of the teams in the NFL, it comes as no surprise that this is one of the most reliable gloves on this list. 

The Vapor Knit 2.0 is one of the most comfortable yet lightweight gloves we’ve come across. Made from a unique fly knit silicone combination, you’ll feel like you’re not even wearing any gloves with these mitts on. 

Plus, your hand will form around the curve of the glove that will put your fingers and thumb into a natural catching position that will help you absorb the impact from hard throws from your quarterback.

That means the gloves are also great for helping to prevent injuries, but they will also keep your hands firmly gripped on the football with their MagniGrip covers that surround your palms and fingers. I found this grip system to be one of the tackiest grips on the market, and players like Odell Beckham Jr take some incredible one-handed catches. 


  • Comfortable.
  • Lightweight gloves.
  • Well ventilated.
  • Molds hands into catching position. 
  • Superior grip system.


  • These gloves can tear easily under extensive use, but they are super comfortable and mold to your hand shape.
  • They can come loose during the match as the velcro clasp isn’t the most secure. 

2. Adidas Adizero 9.0 - Best for keeping your hands cool

adidas Adizero 9.0 Adult Football Gloves, Large, White/Metalic...
  • READY TO PLAY: Always be ready for every game with...
  • UNBEATABLE GRIP: Our durable football gloves...
  • AEROREADY: Never fumble with sweaty palms again...
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Engineered with 9.0...
  • THE PERFECT FOOTBALL GLOVE: Our receiver football...

Adidas’ Climacool technology is renowned in the sports industry as a pioneer of modern sports equipment. Now, as a wide receiver, particularly if you’re playing in one of the warmer parts of the US, you certainly don’t want sweaty and greasy palms when you’re trying to catch the football.

In come the Adizero gloves, which feature unique AeroReady technology that keeps your hands fully ventilated to provide extensive moisture wicking to keep your hands cool and make those big catches. The glove is also engineered with a PrimeKnit mesh, which also offers extra support to your fingers and is an ergonomic material that allows your hand to mimic natural hand movements. 

One cool thing about these gloves is that they come in a whole variety of colorways meaning that you can match them to your team’s colors or pick the loudest pair of gloves to show off your flair on the pitch. 


  • AeroReady technology. 
  • Comfortable. 
  • Moisture-wicking technology. 
  • Supportive. 
  • Stylish.


  • Not the best gloves for grip, but they are perhaps one of the most comfortable gloves. 
  • Mesh material can sometimes get saturated when playing in snow or rain. 

3. Nike Vapor Knit 3.0 - The most lightweight gloves

Nike Vapor Knit 3.0 Football Gloves
  • Breathable knit construction for light, airy feel
  • Hook and loop closure for precise fit
  • Full length silicone palms for increased grip
  • Durable pinky seams give a locked in fit
  • Sticky Magnigrip palms allow for a maximum...

Similar to the Nike Vapor 2.0 gloves, the Vapor Knit 3.0 gloves take comfort and lightweight design to the next level. 

These gloves are made from a breathable, light material that has an airy feel that surrounds your hands like a second skin. Best for those athletes performing at a high level, the Vapor Knit 3.0 also have a hook and loop closure that will stay firmly closed as you take catches and breakthrough tackles on the pitch. 

And although you can easily slip these gloves on and off, they grip tightly to the shape of your fingers, meaning that you won’t need to continually have to take them off to undo clasps on your helmet.

Meanwhile, these gloves come with a full-length silicone palm that provides the wearer with a better grip on the leather hide of the football but can also help cornerbacks grip onto jerseys of their opponents when they’re making a last-ditch tackle


  • Super lightweight. 
  • Comfortable and breathable material.
  • Easy to put on and remove. 
  • Grippy silicone palms and fingers.
  • Secure hook and loop clasp. 


  • These gloves can also become saturated and slippy in wet or snowy conditions, but they dry-off very quickly because they are very lightweight. 
  • The breathable mesh material can tear easily if caught on a stud or a helmet. 

4. Cutters Rev Pro Receiver - Best dispersed grip

CUTTERS Receiver Football Gloves - Rev Pro Football Gloves -...
  • EXTREME GRIP TECHNOLOGY - Cutters patented C-TACK...
  • BREATHABLE, FLEXIBLE, SECURE - Palms made from...
  • EXTENDED WEAR COMFORT - Neoprene cuff adds wrist...
  • NFHS and NCAA QUALITY - Rain or shine, goes with...
  • COLORS FOR KIDS AND ADULTS - Huge variety of power...

Cutters sports have been providing pro footballers with some of the most technically advanced equipment since 1990. Backed by research and testing on high-performance athletes, Cutters have advanced the technology behind football receiver gloves to build some of the most durable and hero-making gloves in the industry

And the Cutters Rev Pro Receiver gloves are perhaps some of the grippiest gloves on the market. With a specially designed C-Tack grip that will perform in all weather conditions. From snow to thunderstorms, you’ll be able to catch a wet bar of soap with these gloves on. Plus, my favorite feature about these gloves is that they are machine washable, and you will be able to clean all the dirt off your gloves without damaging their tackiness.

Aside from their unmatched stick, these gloves are also super comfortable and are flex easily around your wrist with their patented power band technology. The powerband locks the gloves securely around your wrist and provides additional support when you’re taking hard bullets from your quarterback. 


  • Patented C-Tack grip technology. 
  • All-weather grip. 
  • Machine washable. 
  • Comfortable. 
  • Flex easily around your wrist. 
  • Added wrist support. 


  • Made mostly from thick leather material, these gloves don’t provide the best ventilation, but they do offer a superior grip to other gloves.
  • These gloves don’t provide the greatest support to your fingers, although they can easily slide on and off. 

5. Battle Gloves - Most flexible gloves for all players

Battle Sports Double Threat Wide Receiver Football Gloves - Adult...
  • UltraTack palm takes you to the legal stick limit....
  • PerfectFit material the ultimate in comfort,...
  • Wrist allows for freedom of motion
  • Ultra-Stick offers highest quality tackified...
  • 90-Day Durability Guarantee,NOTE: please refer to...

Battle are renowned in American football for their protective equipment. Their NFL wide receivers gloves are some of the most comfortable and flexible gloves in the industry that can mold to all hand shapes from professional athletes to junior players. 

These performance-enhancing gloves are comfortable, breathable and allow receivers to move and flex their hands while the gloves stay firmly clasped around their hands. As an ex-receiver myself, my pet hate was continually having to close over the clasp on my gloves, but on this pair of receiver mitts, the velcro wrist strap will securely stay clasped around your wrist, but it will also flex to the natural movements of your hand

Plus, these gloves come with a 90-day durability guarantee, one of the only football gloves we’ve come across that have this added protection. Football receiver gloves can be expensive, and they can be easy to break, so it’s essential to look out for gloves like these that have a guarantee and are also very durable


  • Mold to the shape of your hand.
  • Flexible around your hand movements. 
  • Comfortable.
  • Durable. 
  • Secure clasp.
  • 90-day guarantee. 


  • These gloves don’t provide the best grip, but they do give your hands a great range of movement and flexibility. 
  • These gloves aren’t very well ventilated. 

6. Under Armour F6 Gloves - Long lasting grip

Under Armour UA F6 Novelty MD White
  • Meets NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards HeatGear fabric...

Under Armour have a reputation for producing some of the most durable sports gear in the world. And particularly when it comes to football, you’ll find Under Armour’s equipment to be both durable and performance-enhancing. 

So if you’re looking for a pair of gloves that will last a long time and will stay tacky through multiple seasons of football, the Under Armour F6 Gloves are an excellent pick for you.

I know players who have bought a pair of these gloves three seasons ago and still use them today to train with the grip that are that long-lasting. Made from Under Armour’s GrabTack technology, the palm of these grips will tack on to footballs coming at a high velocity, meaning all you’ll have to do to catch the ball is literally hold up your hands. 

Plus, these gloves are super comfortable and have an expanding, felt-lined wrist clasp, which is great for junior players who will grow into these gloves over multiple seasons.


  • Excellent for junior players.
  • Felt-lined wrist clasp. 
  • HeatGear fabric keeps your hands cool and dry. 
  • Sticky GrabTack palms. 
  • Long-lasting grip. 
  • Durable. 


  • These gloves don’t keep your hands very warm in the winter, but they are great for playing in all weather conditions.
  • These gloves don’t have that excellent finger support but do have a little bit of padding around the wrist.

7. Cutters Gloves Rev Pro Receiver 4.0 - Great for professional athletes

CUTTERS Rev Pro 4.0 Receiver Glvs Solid Black A/S (S500-S-01-32)
642 Reviews
CUTTERS Rev Pro 4.0 Receiver Glvs Solid Black A/S (S500-S-01-32)
  • EXTREME GRIP TECHNOLOGY - Cutters patented C-TACK...
  • BREATHABLE, FLEXIBLE, SECURE - Palms made from...
  • EXTENDED WEAR COMFORT - Neoprene cuff adds wrist...
  • NFHS and NCAA QUALITY - Rain or shine, goes with...
  • COLORS FOR KIDS AND ADULTS - Huge variety of power...

Competing at the top of your game? You’ll want to take every advantage you can to impress your selectors and make every catch that comes your way. With the Cutters Rev Pro Receiver 2.0 gloves, you can do just that. 

Made from the highest quality polyester and spandex, these gloves fit your hands’ natural shape and open your palms up to naturally take catches as you run at pace. Cutters have introduced a FlexCup design that provides maximum protection to your fingers to stop them from bending backward if the ball hits them at an awkward angle.

Plus, they are one of the tackiest gloves on the market and come with some cool prints on their palms that give your quarterback a great target to aim for. For professionals and those looking to up their game to the next level, these NFL receiver gloves are perhaps the best on the market for you


  • Great for professional athletes. 
  • High-quality materials. 
  • Fits the natural shape of your hands. 
  • Added protection to your fingers. 
  • Tacky grip. 
  • Cool handprints. 


  • These gloves provide very minimal wrist support, although they do provide added protection around your fingers.
  • The clasp on the gloves can come undone easily, although the gloves do fit nicely around your hand. 

8. Pure Athlete Football Receiver Gloves - Best all-weather glove

Pure Athlete Football Receiver Gloves – Elite-Stick Silicone...
  • ENHANCED CATCHING: Elite-stick silicone gripping...
  • BREATHABLE: Strategically placed mesh paneling on...
  • DESIGNED FOR ALL WEATHER: Our special silicone...

With over 20 years of experience as a world leader in sports products, Pure Athlete are one of the most well-established and reliable sports brands in the country. Providing equipment for a range of sports from boxing to cricket, Pure Athlete have an in-depth understanding of how athletes at the peak of physical performance operate and how they need their equipment to operate too. 

That’s why we are backing their football receiver gloves as one of the best mitts on the market as they provide the wearer with full mobility and the ability to take incredible catches in all sorts of weather conditions.

The gloves Elite-Stick silicone gripping technology helps receivers to clasp around the ball better and gives their fingers greater traction to hold the ball and not fumble while you’re running for the endzone. That means no matter if your playing in sunshine or snow, you’ll be able to take great catches with this glove.

Plus, with an additional breathable mesh layer, ventilation holes, and comfortable fabric that is engineered to dry quickly, I thought these gloves were a perfect fit for any player playing through the winter months on both artificial and grass pitches. 


  • Proven all-weather glove.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Well aerated. 
  • Adjustable cuff. 
  • Elite-Stick grip. 


  • Gloves provide minimal support to your fingers and wrist, although they do allow for full mobility.
  • Some users have reported the seems on these gloves tearing easily, but they do come with a satisfaction guarantee. 

9. Seibertron Pro 3.0 - A great glove for beginners

Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Ultra-Stick Sports Receiver Glove...
  • Method for choosing the size,According to palm...
  • Adult XXS=Youth M(6.1"-6.7",15.5cm-17cm) Adult...
  • Adult S(7.3"-7.9",18.5cm-20cm)Adult...
  • Centimeter data has less deviation than inch data
  • superior performance durability and fit; durable...

The Seibertron gloves are one of the tackiest gloves on this list, making them an excellent buy for anyone who is just starting their football career and wants to improve their skills catching the football. 

In my opinion, footballs can be very hard and sometimes painful to catch when you’re just starting out. Especially for kids, you’ll want to ease them into that process to improve their skills, using a pair of gloves like these. Providing kids with an enhanced grip, finger support, and a velcro clasp that does not come undone, kids, can use the Seibertron gloves to improve their football skills while having fun on the pitch. 

Plus, as an assurance for parents, these gloves are super durable and flexible, so as your kids grow, their hands will grow into the gloves, which also won’t tear or break easily as they put them through their paces out on the pitch. 


  • Perfect for juniors and beginners.
  • Elite Ultra-Stick Grip.
  • Finger support. 
  • Easy to attach the gloves clasps. 
  • Ventilated. 
  • Comfortable material.


  • These gloves aren’t great for those playing at the higher levels but are a perfect starter for those who are new to football. 
  • Gloves don’t provide a lot of support to the wrist, but they do provide excellent mobility. 

10. Cutters Game Day Football Glove - The best fitting receiver gloves

CUTTERS Game Day No Slip Football Gloves, Youth and Adult Sizes,...
  • INCOMPARABLE GRIP: These sticky football gloves...
  • LOW MAINTENANCE CARE: Your focus should be on the...
  • COMES IN A VARIETY OF SIZES: Sizes range from...

Cutters have developed the game day glove to work like a second skin to both support and protect your fingertips while you take world-class aerial catches. That makes them perhaps the best gloves on the market if you’re looking for a tight fit to enhance your grip

Surprisingly, being made out of such a thin and lightweight material, these gloves are very durable and require very low maintenance care, meaning you have more time to focus on scoring touchdowns. You can even put them in the washing machine if they get muddy. 

They are also one of the most stylish gloves on the market, with their cool webbed palms standing out on the pitch, giving your quarterback a target to aim for. With that in mind, these gloves are great for those players looking to take their game to the next level. No one likes catching a ball with chunky gloves on, and these gloves are the solution to that issue.


  • Tight-fitting grip.
  • Tacky palms. 
  • Cool colorway. 
  • Low maintenance. 
  • Machine Washable. 
  • Suitable for players looking to improve their game. 


  • Not great for beginners looking to learn new skills but are great for more experienced players.
  • Not the best for all weather conditions as they can become saturated, but they do dry off quickly. 

The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

Here are some of the most important things to look out for when buying your next pair of football receiver gloves:


Having a tacky grip is essential, no matter what level of football you’re playing at. And that extra bit of grip could be the difference between a touchdown or a fumble, so check out the Cutters Rev Pro gloves for the gloves with the best grip.


Sweaty hands mean greasy hands, and trying to catch a football with greasy hands is just making life hard for yourself. So pick a glove that is well aerated like the Adidas Adizero 9.0 receiver gloves.


You want to pick a glove that will fit snugly to the shape of your hand but will also efficiently disperse your fingers and palms into a safe catching position. Check out the Cutters Game Day glove for a pair of mitts that fit like a second skin.


Let’s face it; no one wants to keep having to buy multiple pairs of gloves midway through the season; that’s just expensive! Check out the Under Armour F6 gloves for a glove with perhaps the best longevity.

All-weather gloves

This is something all players should consider as you never know what conditions you’ll be playing in, and as the football can get greasy in the rain, it’s best to always have a pair of all-weather gloves, like the Pure Athlete Receiver gloves, to help you stick those catches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What gloves does De Andre Hopkins wear?

De Andre Hopkins wears a custom pair of Adidas Adizero gloves.

Do wide receiver gloves wear out?

Over time, yes. It is best to purchase a new pair every season or two and have two pairs of gloves for training and matches. I’d advise you to use the more tacky pair on match day.

Should a cornerback wear gloves?

Absolutely, and perhaps more so than a wide receiver. Cornerbacks have only one chance to make an interception, so any extra grip they can get on the palm of their hands to stick the catch can pay off dividends.

4th & 10

So depending on what type of player you are, what level you’re playing at, and how you want to play your football, there are hundreds of different kinds of gloves out there that can suit your needs. 

You can pick from gloves that have added finger protection, gloves that can help keep your hands cool, or receiver gloves that are more flexible to your hand’s movements. 

But remember to always pick a pair of all-weather football gloves with a lot of grip that also fit comfortably around your hands to help you pick-off catches coming in at pace. 

The grippier your gloves, the better chance you have of hanging onto the football and the better chance you have of scoring some brilliant touchdowns.

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