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While most of us learned to play tennis on hard courts, in order to become the complete tennis player, you must master the game on every surface.

Any aspiring pro will agree with me on this one.

And as we all know, the devil is in the detail, as having the right gear can give you that extra edge over your opponent.

If you’re ready to put your game face on, let me show you the absolute best clay court tennis shoes that will help you take strides towards becoming a clay champion.

Best Shoes For Clay Court Tennis

Babolat have been producing award-winning tennis equipment for over 145 years and are trusted by a whole script of tour pros including Rafael Nadal, Caroline Wozniaki, and Jo Wilfred-Tsonga. 

Renowned for their durable and precise racquets, Babolat’s new Jet Mach II trainers are no different, providing users with the best responsivity on the court through its Matrix 2.0 fabric upper. Made of Kevlar and Polyamide fibers, the shoe is ultralightweight and provides you with the torque and traction you need to adjust your body to react to oncoming shots. 

You’ll feel well supported, jumping up and down in this shoe, as the Jet Mach’s midsole and heel is made from supportive KPRS-X cushioning, which takes the shock out of your movements. And as the shoe is designed specifically to be worn on clay courts, you’ll see yourself getting way more traction from the ground than you might find with other tennis shoes.



Remember the 2010 Wimbledon classic between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut, a game that took a whopping 11 hours and 5 minutes to complete?

Tennis can become a very long game. On average a 5 set tennis match can last up to five hours and that’s why you need to have a comfy pair of shoes on your feet.  

The Diadora Blueshield are one of the comfiest and supportive trainers we’ve come across, plus they weigh literally next to nothing and feel like you’re playing in your socks when you have them on your feet. 

The cushioned lining of the shoe will adapt to the shape of your feet and the shoe has a built-in rubber heel, designed specifically to help you spring and bounce off the court, but also absorb the shock of impact from coming up your legs. 

For that reason, we definitely recommend these shoes if you’re suffering or have suffered in the past, from any achilles or knee-related issues.



ASICS have gone back to the basics with their Gel-Dedicate shoes, but have incorporated some modern features into this shoe too that are great for those looking to reduce the strain on their lower body. 

Running on hard surfaces can seriously damage our knees, ankles, and lower back. ASICS’ Gel technology has been a part of their running shoe collection for years now, providing comfort and support to marathon runners and athletes at the top of their game.

That’s why we think these trainers are great for lower body support, utilizing ASICS’ gel technology, the sole of these trainers significantly reduces the impact and strain on a player’s lower body as they traverse around the court.



One of Nike’s latest inventions is its Court Lite 2 shoe, which takes inspiration from Nikes lightweight Air Zoom running shoes. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight, springy shoe, that will give you the traction you need to bounce around the court, look no further. 

Using a breathable mesh upper, Nike have built an ultra-lightweight shoe that will also support your ankles and achilles through its built-in Zoom Air Unit.

The Court Lite 2 uses padded cushioning and compressed air to help you explode from the baseline but also protects your heel as you slam down on the clay court. 

If you’re looking to improve your agility, then this is the shoe for you!



Adidas’ SoleCourt Boost is one of the most well-known trainers in the game. This model replaces the Barricade Boost in Adidas’ lineup and offers similar support and outstanding comfort. 

This shoe was released just a year ago and it’s already regarded as one of the best trainers for clay courts. 

The Boost technology was designed to offer optimal cushioning and great responsiveness. The Adiwear outsoles were on the other hand, completely designed for the clay surface.

Numerous top-level tennis players have started using these shoes including, Dominic Thiem, Lucas Pouille, and Angelique Kerber just to name a few.



Modern problems require modern solutions. With players showcasing an ever-increasing level of play, every little detail matters.

Designed specifically for clay tennis courts, the Nike Zoom Cage 3 trainers are the all-around best tennis shoe you can pick up on the market. With a combination of responsiveness, great cushioning, and durability, they are an absolute no-brainer.

While being relatively thick, the outsoles allow quick movements while also providing increased support to your ankles.

The comfortable fit and lightweight rubber soles are also a nice addition to the shoe to help you quickly and comfortably move around the court. And if you play from the baseline, you’ll find these shoes provide you with the confidence you need to slide and transition from each shot, without rolling your ankles.



This is by far the most flexible tennis shoe on the market. It literally bends and flexes to whatever shape you move it in, and we love it because of this versatility. 

ASICS have again incorporated their gel technology in this shoe, so don’t be put off if you think the shoe’s flexibility means it won’t be able to support and cushion you as you bound around the court.

It’s actually the complete opposite, the shoe has a rubber Dynawall midsole that supports the arch of your foot as you laterally transition across the court, while also reducing shock impact at the front and rear of your foot through its gel cushioning. 

We love this shoe because it molds itself around your feet. It’s flexion fit upper and memory foam sole shapes itself around your foot as you move around the court and gives you a ‘locked-in’ feeling as you stretch and move quickly from shot to shot.  

This is certainly one of our favorite clay court tennis shoes on the market, and we also love the different colorway’s the shoe comes in.



Similar to some of the indoor football shoes Adidas have built in recent years, the Adizero Club Tennis Shoe’s standout feature is its high rising, knit ankle support, that wraps around your ankle, locking your foot into the trainer. 

This is one of our favorite features about the shoe as this support gives you extra torque to make quick movements, bounce on your feet, and ultimately keeps your ankles locked into the shoe, preventing you from twisting or rolling your ankle. 

Similar to its Boost namesake, the Adizero Club has a thick and spongy sole around the heel, that provides additional shock absorption and cushioning while you’re on the court. On top of that is an added rubber heel support that wraps around the back of your foot, which keeps your foot solidly locked into the shoe. 

Ultimately this shoe is great for those looking for a lightweight natural feel. The upper fabric is both thin yet durable and allows you to unleash your true speed on the court.



Choosing the Best Clay Court Tennis Shoes – The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

Any player who is serious and dedicated to becoming better will understand that different courts require a different game style.

To play to these different styles, you need to make sure you have the appropriate gear for each court. 

As clay is a slow surface, players tend to play from the baseline and rely on powerful shots to win games. To do so, you need strong support and great stability, but also, the ability to move around quickly.

Supportive Cushioning

This goes for all players, you’ll be spending a lot of time out on the court and as clay can be quite a hard surface to run on, you’ll need all the support you can get to protect your knees, lower back, and ankles. Consider purchasing a shoe like the ASICS Gel-Dedicate 6 or the Adidas SoleCourt Boost, with both shoes providing you with thick and durable soled shoes that will protect your lower body from the shock of running on a hard surface.

Ankle Stability

Similar to the above, you also want a shoe that you can run, twist, turn in, without having the fear that you might roll or sprain your ankle. Being confident in your equipment will always help you play better so check out the Diadora Speed Blushield 4, which gives great support to your ankles and heels.


The best tennis shoes should fit like a glove on your foot and move with your foot around the court. Check out the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8, for the best form-fitting shoe that will accommodate itself to all your movements on the court.

Speed and Agility

Tennis is all about how quickly you can react to your opponents’ shots. If you can beat your opponent when they’re serving, you will stand a good chance of winning the game, and to do that you have to be able to explode into a position where you can return their serve and put the pressure back on them. For a shoe that can help you boost your agility check out the ultralightweight Nike Air Zoom Vapour X.


As tennis can become a very long game, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your feet. This is why you need a shoe that is both comfortable and well-padded, so your feet don’t get too sore while you’re on the court. The Adidas SoleCourt Boost trainers are our favorites when it comes to comfort, so check them out!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Nike Zoom Cage 3 trainers are the best all-around clay-court tennis shoes. They are comfortable, durable, responsive, and are built specifically for clay-court surfaces.

You can, both clay and hard court tennis shoes have a similar style of grippy sole, but it’s best advised if you’re looking to play at the best standard, to have a pair of shoes with a sole that is designed specifically for each surface.
Tennis shoes are specially made to take into account of the movements a tennis player makes, the length of time they spend on the court, and the stress placed on their lower body throughout the game. They are there built wholly to protect the player and help the player reach their maximum physical performance.
Firstly, use a plastic brush to gently dust-off all the clay from the upper layer of your shoes. Next, use a damp cloth to clean the sole of your shoes. You’ll then want to give your shoes a good wipe with a dry cloth to remove any excess water or wet clay and make sure to also clean any excess clay from the groves of your trainers’ sole.

Match Point

Tennis is all about speed. 

Fast shots, sharp movements, and lightning-fast reactions. But it’s also about endurance too as you’ll spend hours and hours out on the court. 

That’s why in order to play your best, you need to have the best equipment, and having the best clay-court tennis shoes that suit your playing style, will almost always give you an edge over your opponent. 

Our top tip is to assess how you play and the areas of your game you want to improve on and purchase a pair of trainers that can, for example, help you explode off the line to reach more shots or a pair of trainers that give you more stability when sliding on a clay surface. 

But remember, having good gear will almost always boost your confidence on the court, so go pick up a new pair of trainers, grab your racquet, and get playing!

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Brenton Barker
Brenton Barker
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