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In life, we all strive to reach our absolute maximum in terms of potential. To do this, we always search for the best tools and equipment for the task, so why settle for anything less when striving to be the best you can be in any area of life.

In this piece, I will be assisting you by providing insight into what you can do to reach your maximum potential, suited to your needs of course. I promise that by the end of this piece, you should have found the best tennis racquet that is the perfect fit for you and what you require.

This piece will provide an insight and conclusion of what I feel are the ten best tennis racquets available to senior tennis players around the world, to help you maximise your ability and enjoyment on the tennis court.

The Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets For Older Players

Babolat 2021 Boost Drive Pre Strung Tennis Racquet, (4 0/8)

As has become a frequent theme throughout this list, comfort and accessibility is top of the list of priorities when it comes to senior tennis players.

The Babolat Boost is top of the range when it comes to longevity, and when age is getting less and less on your side, you may want to be able to preserve your top game when it comes to tennis in years to come. This is something that the Babolat Boost Drive tennis racquet excels in helping you achieve. 

The Babolat Boost Drive weighs in general when unstrung around 260grams, with a head size of 680cm2 and being made of complete, sturdy graphite.

Along with this, the string pattern of the racquet is 16 x 19 and has a balance of 345mm. Its string strength ensures that players do not require to exert maximum power behind a swing of the racquet in order to achieve a powerful strike of the ball.

In general, the Babolat Boost Drive is a racquet that is perfectly ideal for senior tennis players who want powerful strikes of the ball without using up large amounts of energy with their swings of the racquet. Along with this, at a relatively cheap price on Amazon in comparison to some other entries on this list, this product can be perfect for you.



Wilson Ultra 100L V2 Adult Performance Tennis Racket - Grip Size...

Wilson in general is a brand of racket that is of the highest quality. This particular model we are recommending is one that is of the highest value in terms of value for your money.

This racket is excellent when it comes to maintaining the ability to have a large racket head while managing to have a lighter weight. This feature and innovation makes it such a brilliant proposition for senior players of the game.

When unstrung the racquet will weigh an estimated 284 grams, with a head size of 100square inches. The balance of the racquet will be around 345mm, along with a string pattern of 16 x 19, and the material used in the composition of the racket is graphite and carbon fiber.

When all in all is considered, there are few racquets out there for better value in what it can offer senior tennis players than this one. The innovation in the technology of the racket, along with the amazing price, is something that, for many, would be too good to pass up.



WILSON Burn 100LS Tennis Racket, 4 1/8'

The next product in our list is also from Wilson, who as previously said, are one of the most reputable manufacturers of premium tennis racquets, with many of their products proving beneficial to senior tennis players also.

This particular racquet is once again making use of the large size, this time in terms of the handle rather than the head, with the manufacturing design aiming to take that added weight away, meaning you utilise the power of the size without having the added weight holding you back.

This racquet has a head size of 100square inches, along with a total weight of an estimated 297grams. The string pattern is 16 x 19 and the total length of the racquet is 27inches.

This racquet is a brilliant technology-wise, with their patented spin effect technology being incorporated, along with making use of carbon fibre to have added shock absorption. The long handle of the racquet also ensures that it can have a brilliant effect in double-handed swings of the racquet.



Wilson Tennis Racket, Federer, Unisex, Beginners and Intermediate...

For the third racquet in a row, Wilson make the list. This time there is a focus on the budget options for those of you who may be keen to get into tennis at an older age, yet might not have the funds or the full commitment to going all-out for a perfected racquet to get you started.

This Wilson Federer Control 103 racquet is a perfect starting point. It has all the benefits of upping your tennis game, such as strong grips, large heads and tense strings to give your swings of the ball that extra something special.

This racquet is named after the one and only Roger Federer, and the detail specifics of the racquet itself with the head size being 110square inches, along with a total weight of around 309grams. The string pattern is once again 16 x 19 and the total length of the racquet is similar to previous entries coming in at 27.3inches in total.

This racquet is a brilliant option if you are on a tight budget or not fully ready to commit and are just starting out. It has all the benefits of previous entries, with the only downside being its slightly heavier feel than previous entries.



Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet (4-5/8 Grip)

This racquet is one that utilised the sought-after feature of a large head, combined with the light-weight of the racquet itself as a whole.

This means that you can utilise the maximum potential you want of being able to hit the ball, along with the long length of the handle, meaning you not only have that extra surface area you require, but also the length to get to those going-array balls in matches.

This makes the racquet swift and light whilst also being large in size to ensure you’re never on the losing side of a competitive game of tennis.

The head size of this racquet is 115square inches, along with the beam of the racquet being 28.5mm. The string pattern is usual is 16 x 19 too.

In general, if you’re looking to get that extra edge in a game of tennis as a senior player, then this lightweight racquet is for you despite its larger size.



Wilson Tour Slam Lite Adult Recreational Tennis Racket - Grip...

This racket is another budget option for those who are only starting out in the tennis scene or are potentially lacking funds. This racquet is lightweight and easy on the arm when swinging. It’s large head surface area also makes it easier for beginner players to get those shots in.

This racquet is also well equipped with top quality shock absorption, once again proving why this racquet is especially friendly to senior tennis players.

The racquet is made of aluminium material, with a total length of 27.5inches. The head size of this racquet is also 112square inches with a weight of 10.2oz when strung. Lastly, the string pattern of this racquet once again is 16 x 19.

Overall, this racquet is brilliant for elderly players, with the handle proving durable when it comes to shock absorption. It also has a large head area for those who are only beginning to start out in the world of tennis. It is very easy to swing and incredibly lightweight too.

Lastly, at the relatively low price on the Amazon listing, there is not much left to complain about when it comes to the Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racquet, especially for players just looking to start out in the world of tennis or players starting out on a budget.



Volkl V-Cell 8 315g Tennis Racquet (4-3/8)

Volkl as mentioned throughout this article are one of the most reputable tennis racquet manufacturers, with many of their racquets on range proving to be incorporative and friendly to senior tennis players.

This particular entry has been quoted as a racquet that is extra comfortable for older players who use it, along with a head that doesn’t feel too large or weighted, which can potentially weigh-down and hold-back a lot of players.

The racquet also is said to have good power when striking the ball without needing to use up all your strength behind each swing, and without having a thick beamed springboard.

The head area is 68.58square inches, along with a total length of 24.89inches. The total weight of the racquet in general also comes in at around 255grams, making it lighter than most other previous entries on this top ten list.

In general, if you’re looking for a racquet that is inclusive of senior tennis players, and friendly to those who may be on the more frail side, then this is the racquet for you with its light build and smaller head all whilst retaining the power needed to succeed behind every swing of the racquet itself.



PROKENNEX Ki Q+ 5 Pro 2019 Tennis Racquet

The ProKennex Ki Q Plus 5 Pro is a tennis racquet that brags their availability to the older generation of tennis players.

ProKennex themselves are a company that speak on their product’s innovation and the level of detail that is put into the designs and science behind each of their tennis racquets on offer, especially the ProKennex Ki Q Plus 5 Pro tennis racquet.

As ProKennex state in their company description “We believe that creativity and innovation flows from those things that people find worthy of passionate pursuit” and when it comes to being passionate in something, you certainly need a perfect fit for yourself.

In terms of what the ProKennex Ki Q Plus 5 Pro offers, they have an excellent comfort that is instantly realisable, along with extremely forgiving frames to the racquet, excellent for those who are elderly or not up to full speed and looking to get involved.

The head size of the racquet specifically is 100in2, along with frames and a shaft of the racquet that is constructed of graphite Spiraltech. The string pattern of the racquet is 16 x 20 and finally, the beam width is 22mm, along with a length of 27”.

Lastly, if you are looking for significant investment into a racquet that is perfect for those who are not up to speed or just becoming of older-age, then the ProKennex Ki Q Plus 5 is a brilliant product with its comfortability and forgiving nature of the build of the racquet.



Volkl V1 Classic Tennis Racquet (4 3/8)

Volkl is a German company known for the expertise in the world of sports, specifically tennis and skiing for example. Volkl stand out amongst the community of senior tennis players mainly due to their commitment to producing tennis racquets that are perfect when it comes to players who may be susceptible to getting tennis elbow or may already have tennis elbow and are now in the market for a racquet that can combat it.

Volkl is a popular brand of tennis racquet amongst those who are more inclined into playing matches of doubles, something that is more popular amongst senior players.

The V-Sense brand of racquet is something that works well with this type of match, with the strength of the racquet in tandem with the comfortability that the racquet offers being something that can bring immense satisfaction from its use.

The balance of this specific racquet is 325mm, along with a weight of 285grams. The head dimensions of the racquet are estimated to be around 660mm2, along with a length of 68.5cm. The frame profile is 28mm also.

Volkl is a brand that has a brilliant reputation and this specific tennis racquet produced by them, the Volkl V-Sense V1 Mid Plus is a racquet that is perfectly suited to senior players who are keen to get involved in doubles matches, with the V-Sense line of products catering perfectly to the form of play that occurs in doubles.



Prince TeXtreme Warrior 100 Tennis Racquet (4-1/2)

The final entry on this top ten list of tennis racquets for senior players is the Prince Textreme Premier 120 tennis racquet. Still racquet brags a large head size to get you that extra surface area edge in games, along with added length in total to get to drifting shots. Despite all this added size, it is said to feel smaller than it truly is.

It is ideal for those who require one of the largest tennis racquet sizes on the market, but also that can be one of its biggest turn offs for senior players, due to its massive size. However, give it time and you may find that you can get to grips with this large racquet in no-time whatsoever.

The total head size of this racquet is 120square inches, with a total length of 27.75inches. The weight of this racquet when fully strung is 9.8oz, and as expected the string pattern is similar to previous entries being 16 x 19. 

Finally, to summarise our last entry on this list. If you are looking for a very large racquet, then this is the racquet for you. However, this may also be the dealbreaker for you, it depends on your preference.

The racquet does not feel as heavy as it is large, that is for sure and with the added size and length, you can find yourself in plenty of beneficial positions as a result of using this racquet.



The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need


In terms of price, this is always the most important aspect as a buyer. Fortunately, if the product is of the right quality, then a higher price can be forgiven.

Out of the selection within this article, in terms of price, I think the best option for those on a budget who are looking to get into tennis, or those who maybe are not yet willing to commit to a more expensive investment in a racquet, the best option would be the Wilson Tour Slam Lite tennis racquet.

When it comes to tennis racquets being made by a reputable company, Wilson is top notch, and to get a racquet from a manufacturer of their ilk for such a cheap price is a brilliant steal for those of you who are just starting out. That is why I think this racquet would be the best option in this field.


Of course, if you are a senior player, you may have less of a strength than someone or resistance in the sport than those who are on the younger side or more advanced players.

This is why weight and general size is important to consider. The PROKENNEX Ki Q Plus 5 Pro tennis racquet would be the best in this area, and has been quoted by many forums and reviews as a racquet that offers the top of the range when it comes to the best combination of comfort, weight and size, which makes it ideal for senior tennis players.


Lastly, this category has multiple options. It is vital to ensure that the manufacturer of the racquet you are purchasing is renowned as a reputable maker of the product. For this, as they have many entries on this list, I think it would be difficult to narrow it down to just one pick.

I think any of the Wilson entries on this list are hands down made by a company that is regarded as arguably the most reputable and well-known tennis racquet manufacturer on the planet. This is not to say that the other racquets are not quality-ensured, but Wilson just has that extra edge over the competition when it comes to their international status.

Best Tennis Racquets For Senior Players Frequently Asked Questions

To know this, you must classify yourself based on what level you think you are at. If you are only starting out in the sport then you should probably look for a larger racquet to ensure that you are hitting the ball right more often, whilst also looking for a racquet that ensures that enough power is going to be put onto the ball more consistently, as you’ll be developing as a player.

If you are an intermediate player then using racquets that sacrifice control and dexterity in favour of your technique may be a relevant step-up.

Lastly, if you are a more advanced player then you will have experience in racquets that favour your technique over control, and you’ll be looking for racquets that favour growing and progressing on your already established talents.

Once again this depends on your level. The better you are the heavier weight you should be able to handle. If you’re just starting out then the lighter racquets are probably more on your level, and these progress up from moderate weight for intermediate level and a heavier racquet for the more advanced players.

Of course, if you are of older age then taking the weight you can handle at your age into account is important also.

Yes. The heavier or larger your tennis racquet generally the more power it will generate when hitting the ball, however it will also require more power and effort to swing alongside this.

Tennis elbow is a condition that can occur in the tendons, usually through repetitive arm movements. This condition can occur in many walks of life, though it can be most frequent in everyday tennis players. Many racquets try to incorporate design choices into their manufacturing to combat or even prevent players from getting tennis elbow.

The Tie-Breaker

In conclusion, each listing here in this article should have a box that checks all your needs as a senior tennis player, whether you are a long-time player or just getting into the sport. Whether you are advanced, or whether you are playing casually for fun, you are certain to find the perfect experience with one of these racquets on this list.

If you’ve ever tried any of these racquets yourself, then feel free to let us know your thoughts on the experience you had with them in the comment section below, along with any questions or queries you may have!

Brenton Barker
Brenton Barker
Brenton holds a Degree in Sports Coaching from the University of Delaware and was the former Head Advisor for the Japanese Government's Sports Science Institute. He has held Managerial and Head Coaching roles with Australia's National Governing Body, Tennis Australia, and served on the Dunlop International Sports Advisory Board for eight years. Brenton currently consults with several professional athletes and clients in the areas of Self-Accountability, Health, and Goal Orientation.