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One of the worst things about golf is getting a sore back lugging your clubs around the course. 

Think about how much better you’d play if you weren’t carrying your clubs around all the time!

So why not drop the stand-up bag, grab a push cart golf bag, and wheel your way to lower scorecards? 

In this guide, we have set out the five best golf bags for push carts to help you save your back, protect your clubs, and help you score lower rounds. Plus, we’ve dropped in some tips to help you pick the right golf bag for you!

Let’s kick things off with the TaylorMade 2019 Select Golf bag.

TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select - The best Golf Bag For Push Carts

TaylorMade Select Cart Bag, Navy/Red/White
  • Bag Features: 14 way top, 7 pockets, multi...

Taylormade is the choice of the PGA tour pros. No other golf brand has helped produce as many green jacket winners as TaylorMade, with Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, and Tiger Woods all using TaylorMade equipment.

Owned by Adidas, you won’t be surprised when I tell you personally that the quality of the products TaylorMade produce are on the next level. And having used TaylorMade cart bags for some time, I can vouch that they indeed have helped save my back and shoulders while also helping me have a better experience on the course.

The TaylorMade 2019 Select is probably the best all-around golf bag for that reason; it is lightweight, durable, has a ton of handy pockets, and can help protect your golf clubs.

The golf bag’s synthetic material makes it super lightweight, easy to carry, and is also sprayproof, keeping your clubs dry while you’re out on the course. It comes with various pockets that provide a perfect amount of space you can use to store everything from your scorecard to your umbrella.

Plus, this golf bag features a strategically placed fur-lined valuables pocket that’ll keep your smartphone safe and secure while you walk around the course.

One of the highlights of this bag is the padded strap it comes with. TaylorMade have placed great emphasis to ensure that golfers don’t damage their shoulder or get fatigued when lugging their clubs around, and that is why I found this golf bag is so great.

The extra cushioning in the shoulder strap makes this an excellent option for anyone looking to either protect their body from injury or looking to play better golf.


  • Lightweight. 
  • Multiple pockets of varying sizes. 
  • A universal lock-in base allows you to attach your golf bag securely to any trolley. 
  • It has padded a shoulder strap.
  • Sprayproof. 
  • Large rain hood.


  • The bag’s handles are in an awkward position, but this is something you will get used to. 
  • Some users have reported the material wears down over time.

Sun Mountain 2021 EcoLite - The lightest Golf cart bag

No products found.

Have you ever seen an eco-friendly golf bag before?

I didn’t think I had till I saw the Sun Mountain EcoLite cart bag. Well known for their innovation in golf technology, Sun Mountain has produced some of the lightest and most technically advanced golf equipment over the past decade that has helped many golfers shoot low scores.

This golf bag is made from a synthetic waterproof material manufactured by a company called Repreve, which will recycle approximately 30 plastic bottles to make the outer lining for this golf bag. And the material itself is so light and durable that when you lift the cart bag, it genuinely feels the same weight as a plastic bottle.

The bag comes with 14 individual compartments for your golf clubs spaced far enough apart so that my club heads couldn’t knock against each other as moved around the course. The cart bag also has a handle at its base that makes it easy to lift out of your car’s trunk as you set off for your round.

The Sun Mountain EcoLite is by far the lightest golf bag on this list. I would recommend giving this bag a try if you’re looking to prevent yourself from getting too tired on the course and cut down your carbon footprint.


  • Super lightweight. 
  • Fourteen dividers help protect your clubs. 
  • 11 pockets. 
  • Cool pocket.
  • Sturdy base. 
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Water-resistant fabric.


  • The strap isn’t as padded as other golf bags on this list, but the bag is purpose-built for use on a cart. 
  • There are a few too many pockets on this bag, meaning it’s easy to lose stuff in it.

Titleist Cart 15 StaDry - The Most Durable Cart Bag

Titleist - Cart 15 StaDry - Black
  • StaDry Waterproof construction with seam-sealed...
  • All-new symmetrical design for optimal...
  • Premium single strap
  • 15 full length dividers and dedicated putter well
  • Integrated cart strap tunnel with added protection...

Titleist have a reputation of making some of the most hard-wearing equipment in golf. Let’s face it, golf is an expensive hobby, we could all shell-out hundreds of dollars on swanky new golf equipment, but to get the best bang for your buck, I always advise you to buy the most durable equipment even if you’re not a year-round golfer.

At some stage during your golfing career, you will be exposed to the elements. Rain, wind, and mud are all a part of the game, and that’s why it’s crucial to invest in a cart bag like the Titleist StaDry.

It is a bulky alternative compared to the other golf bags on this list but will last you a lifetime if you treat it right. Made of Titleist’s patented StaDry 100% waterproof material, this bag will keep your clubs well protected from the elements.

The material is also strong and will hold its own after repeated use. But the bag is best used when mounted on a cart, and it was here I found the pockets were strategically placed at the best heights and easy to reach positions, so you can quickly grab a new tee out of your bag while you push carts around the course.

I also found this golf bag to be one of the sturdiest when you place it on your golf trolley. The bag has an integrated cart strap tunnel with a layer of added protection that you can use to wrap your cart’s cables through, which will provide greater security as you bobble around the course. For its longevity and stability, I would highly recommend this bag to anyone playing golf year-round.


  • Waterproof.
  • Durable.
  • Well-positioned pockets. 
  • Great stability. 
  • 15 club compartments. 
  • Umbrella compartment.


  • The bag can sometimes be quite cumbersome to carry, but it is perfect when used in tandem with a cart. 
  • Handles are poorly located, and it can be difficult to lift out of the trunk of your car.

Cleveland Golf Cart Bag - Best for gadgets

Cleveland Golf Cart Bag, Navy/Royal/White, Large
587 Reviews
Cleveland Golf Cart Bag, Navy/Royal/White, Large
  • 9. 0” 14-way divider
  • 6 grab handles for easy loading
  • Waterproof zipper valuable pockets
  • Insulated cooler bottle pocket
  • 11 Convenience pockets

Golf may look like a pretty simple game, but when it comes down to it, the margins are so subtle that golfers will now use a variety of gadgets and tools to help them get the edge over the course. Cleveland has created a cart bag full of gadgets that will speed up your round and keep your clubs dry and safe.

When looking for the best golf bags for push carts, the first thing I noticed on this one was its built-in pen and divot tool holder. No one likes slow play on the course, and if you’re able to quickly pull out your gadgets to help you get around the course faster, you’ll feel a lot calmer and less flustered when you play.

As golf goes, the more relaxed you are, the more shots you’ll save, and this bag certainly will make your round more efficient.

The Cleveland Cart Bag also has a special golf ball holder, so if you’re like me and you’re constantly finding the trees, you can quickly grab a new ball from the clip on your bag and take a drop without having to dig around for a new ball in the recesses of your bag’s pockets.

This golf bag also has several well-placed handles, which will help you lift the bag out of your car more efficiently. Its base handle and the handle on its spine make it easy to lift and drop the bag onto your cart, while the top-down handles are great to help you stand the bag upright.

This certainly is one of the most functional golf bags and if you’re looking for a bag that will make your life a whole lot easier on the course, make sure you check this one out


  • Durable. 
  • Sturdy. 
  • Functional gadgets. 
  • Drinks cooler pouch.
  • Golf ball holder. 
  • Well placed handles. 


  • The bag is fairly heavy, although you will be comfortable carrying it with its well-padded strap. 
  • Material isn’t waterproof but is very strong and durable compared to other golf bags on this list. 

Datrek Transit Golf Cart Bag - The golf cart bag combo

Datrek Transit Golf Cart Bag, Navy/Charcoal/Red
  • 14-Way organizer top with full-length Individual...
  • Dedicated rubberized putter well
  • Retracting telescopic handle with push-button...
  • Unique 2-wheel base System for tilted smooth...
  • 8 total zippered pockets

Having to fit both a cart and a bag in the trunk of your car can be quite a cumbersome ordeal. Plus, assembling and collapsing your cart every time you play, especially if you’re running late for your tee-off, can be quite an arduous process.

If you’re looking to save space, time, and cash, why not kill two birds with one stone and invest in a Datrek hybrid golf cart bag that combines the two in one!

Similar to a suitcase, you can pull out the bag’s retracting telescopic handle with a simple press of a button and pull your bag around the course without having to use a trolley.

The cart’s two-wheel base system will also make your walk around the course just as smooth as if you were using a standard cart, but if you wanted to mount your bag onto a cart, the bag’s toothed base will also easily attach itself to most golf trolleys.

As for usability, the bag is a durable option with a useful handle you can grab onto to pull your bag out from the boot of your car and wheel your clubs away to the first tee. If you have a bad back and want to minimize lifting, or perhaps you’re just all about efficiency, this bag will save you a lot of hassle and time messing around with a trolley.


  • Efficient.  
  • Its wheels allow for a smooth transition around the course. 
  • Durable. 
  • Mountable on a cart. 
  • Multiple pockets.


  • The bag is significantly heavier compared to others on this list, although you won’t need to lift it onto your trolley as much. 
  • Wheels can often become clogged with mud.

Golf Bags For Push Cart - The Ultimate Buying Guide

Make sure to remember these 5 top tips when looking for the best golf bags for push carts.


It’s important to remember that there will be times when you need to carry your bag to and from the clubhouse, or perhaps you might want to carry your bag around the course.

To prevent fatigue and ensure your shoulders are loose enough to help you strike through the ball to the best of your ability, make sure you chose a bag like the Sun Mountain EcoLite that weighs next to nothing!


Particularly if you’re a year-round golfer, your equipment is going to take a beating. Likewise, it’s also essential to protect your clubs, as golf clubs don’t come cheap, so consider purchasing a cart bag like the Titleist StaDry that will last a long time.

Straps And Handles

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten sore shoulders or dropped my golf bag because a rubbish strap or awkward handle has hurt my hands. Always pick a cart bag that has handles on the base of the bag, the bag’s spine, and on the top of the bag. See the Cleveland Cart Bag for an example.


You’ll also want to make sure your bag is compatible and sturdy on your cart. Otherwise, you might have to invest in a new golf trolley. Check out the TaylorMade 2019 Select bag’s lock-in base for an example of a stable and sturdy bag.


Every golfer has a lot of stuff. Having an array of well-placed pockets can be so handy on the course, particularly if you have one for your valuables to keep your phone and car keys secure on the course. Again check out TaylorMade’s 2019 Select bag’s pockets for a bag that has one of the best arrays of waterproof pockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I carry my golf cart bag?

Absolutely! Most PGA tour caddies carry cart bags around the course. Although if you’re looking to carry your bag around the course, you may be better off purchasing a staff bag that will have a wider strap to suit your posture better.

Do I need a bag that has 14 club compartments?

Not necessarily, official golf rules limit you to having 14 clubs in your bag if you’re playing in competitions, but if you’re like me and don’t use a full range of clubs, then you might not need 14 club compartments in your bag.

But having 14 club compartments in your bag will also help keep your clubs separate and stop them from damaging each other.

Can using a cart make me play better?

Continually lifting and balancing 14 clubs on your shoulder is a surefire way to tire yourself out and even strain your arm. When you’re trying to use your arm muscles to hit long drives, carrying your bag can have a significant impact on your game.

Taking that out of the equation and using a golf cart and cart bag to carry your clubs will save you a ton of energy and ultimately help you save many golf shots around the course.

Golf Bags For Push Carts - How to Make the Right Selection

Depending on your needs as a golfer, there are many cart bags out there that can help you improve your game.

When it comes to making the right bag selection, think about the conditions you’ll be playing in, how often you’re going to be playing, and most importantly, the type of cart you’ll be using in tandem with your new bag.

You don’t want to buy a new bag that won’t fit securely onto your golf cart, so make sure they are compatible.

But my top tip is always to ensure that the strap on the bag is well padded and provides you with adequate support as you carry the bag around. Even if you’re not going to be taking it around the course, it is vital to protect your back and shoulders with a well-supported strap, to help you look after your body and improve your golf game.

Once you’ve found the right bag for you, you’ll definitely start to see improvements in your game and will undoubtedly enjoy your golf more.

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