Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Review

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If you’ve been out shopping for elliptical trainers, you’ve probably noticed that most machines aren’t precisely modestly sized.

But don’t you worry – not every elliptical is outrageously large. You still have options, even if you don’t have much room to spare in your home.

One of these options is Schwinn 411 (510E in countries with 220V outlets). All in all, this is a compact, functional, and rather reasonably priced elliptical trainer.

SCHWINN Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical Machine
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SCHWINN Fitness 411 Compact Elliptical Machine
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But would it be a good purchase? Find out in my Schwinn 411 compact elliptical review!

Schwinn 411 In-Depth Features

Let’s start with Schwinn 411’s advantages – there’s a lot to cover here. I’ll explain precisely why I like this elliptical and what its strong sides are.

Here’s a quick video overview so that you know roughly what to expect.

And now, let’s jump into the details.

Compact yet sturdy frame

In my opinion, the primary reason to buy this Schwinn elliptical machine is its compact footprint.

The dimensions of Schwinn 411 are 136.7 centimeters in length, 61 centimeters in width, and 158.8 centimeters in height. This is about 53.8 x 24 x 62.5 inches.

In contrast, the dimensions of Schwinn 430 and Schwinn 470 are 178.1 x 71.5 x 160.5 cm, which is considerably larger than the 411. Although 430 and 470 elliptical machines are substantially more functional and, accordingly, more expensive – you can’t deny that model 411 is much more home-friendly.

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Schwinn 411 also seems to be pretty sturdy and stable, though I’d wager that the 430 and 470 will be much more stable due to their longer base.

If I were to guess, I’d say that most people don’t have enough space in their homes to fit machines like 430 and 470 comfortably. But many would actually be able to find a corner for the 411.

With that, if space is a huge concern for you, Schwinn will probably be much more appealing than the 430 or 470, despite their much better functionality.

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Adequate stride length

What I also like about Schwinn 411 very much is that it has a pretty adequate stride length – 18 inches. This stride length should work for most people, and it’s especially impressive considering the machine’s compactness.

I have seen many elliptical trainers with stride lengths as short as 14 inches – typically, such petite lengths are seen in very cheap elliptical machines. The problem with short stride lengths is that they unnaturally confine you during cardio.

Although 18 inches won’t work for absolutely everybody, it’s a good choice for many people. It should be particularly great for people shorter than 6 feet, give or take a few inches. For taller people, 20-22 inches would be better, but 18 is also a decent number if you don’t have space or money to afford a larger, more functional elliptical trainer.

Schwinn 430 and 470 both have a 20-inch stride, so if you have space and want a more comfortable experience, they may work better for you.

Magnetic resistance with 16 levels

When it comes to resistance, Schwinn 411 hits the sweet spot in terms of price and functionality. This elliptical has 16 resistance levels – in contrast, the more expensive 470 and 430 have 25 and 20 respectively, while the cheaper A40 has only 8. 

16 should be more than enough for most people, and the resistance level in the 411, all in all, is heavy enough to force most people to break a sweat.

The resistance system in the 411 is magnetic as well. For Schwinn’s price for the 411, I wouldn’t expect anything other than a magnetic resistance system.

Thanks to the magnets, this elliptical is very quiet, has minimal wear in its components, and pedals quite smoothly. The quietness will especially be noticeable if you are coming from a treadmill.

Both stationary and moving arms

To the joy of potential buyers, Schwinn 411 has both stationary and moving arms.

When you want to have a full-body workout, grab those articulating handles to engage your torso and arms. And by the end of cardio, when you are barely standing on your feet, you may switch to the stationary handles for additional support.

The stationary handles also have a couple of heart rate sensors. I personally despise built-in sensors in any elliptical trainer due to their subpar accuracy, but if you have nothing better to measure your pulse with, 411’s sensors should work fine.

With that said, if you want to monitor your pulse accurately, get yourself a chest strap heart rate monitor. These are accurate and allow you to keep track of your pulse no matter which handles you are holding (without a strap, you need to grab the stationary handles to measure pulse).

The 411 is compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors, which is great as well.

Pretty functional console

The console of 411 is rather nice too. It’s not the best I’ve seen in elliptical trainers, but it’s great for the money.

411’s console allows you to adjust speed and the resistance level, select your cardio program, as well as track time, covered distance, and calories—standard stuff. 

The display is also pretty large – 5.5 inches – to make reading metrics easy.

Speaking of programs, Schwinn 411 actually has 13 of them. This once again is on the middle end among Schwinn machines – 470 and 430 have 29 and 22 programs respectively, while A40 offers 7.

The 13 programs in the 411 elliptical are as follows:

  • Manual (Quick Start) program. With this program, you may hop on the elliptical and start working out without entering any info. You may change the resistance level as desired.
  • Interval program. This is Schwinn’s take on HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). In the Interval mode, the 411 will alternate between 30-second sprint and 90-second rest sections.
  • 10 challenge programs. The challenge programs have varying resistance levels to simulate terrain changes outdoors. Some programs have a more gradual increase in resistance from start to finish, while others offer more drastic changes several times throughout the workout.
  • Heart Rate Control. This program automatically adjusts the resistance of the elliptical based on your heart rate. You set a target heart rate at which you want to stay during the cardio, and the machine helps you hit and maintain the desired pulse by automatically tweaking resistance. Thanks to its 16 resistance levels, the 411 is fine-grained enough for good pulse control.


One thing I’d like to note about the display is that it’s not backlit. This isn’t that big of a deal, but I suggest that you not put your 411 in a very brightly lit or very dark place – you will struggle to read the display.

The 411 elliptical is also compatible with the Explore the World App (formerly RunSocial). This app allows you to virtually travel through dozens of tracks around the world as you do cardio. 

I am personally not really hyped around Explore the World. It’s a neat bonus, but some of its features cost extra, and it’s definitely not what you should be buying the 411 for.

The console also features a media rack for tablets, smartphones, or books. The rack’s kind of small, but it should do fine for not very thick items.

Finally, beneath the console, you also have a water bottle holder. This isn’t an amazing feature, but I wanted to accentuate it anyway since some ellipticals lack it.

Integrated frame levelers

At the base of the 411, you also have a set of four red levelers. The purpose of these is to help you compensate for any unevenness in your floor.

Your floors should preferably be flat for various reasons, but even if they’re not, the levelers should be able to help you.

Lightness and portability

And the final thing I’d like to cover is Schwinn 411’s lightness and portability.

The 411 weighs a mere 100 pounds – much lighter than its counterparts 470 and 430. The 430 and 470 weigh about 165 pounds, so they are much heavier than the 411.

The lightness, combined with the integrated wheels in the front, makes the 411 really easy to move around too.

And despite its lightness, the 411 has the same weight capacity as the 430 and 470 – 300 pounds – so anybody should be able to use it safely.

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Any Downsides In Schwinn 411?

The Schwinn 411 isn’t perfect, although it is an excellent find for the buck. This elliptical trainer doesn’t have any significant issues, but I’d like to mention the following two downsides:

  • The console display is not backlit, so it may be difficult to read in dim or bright rooms.
  • I’d also want to have incline adjustment, but I suppose this feature is really difficult to cram into such a small frame.

Schwinn 411 Pros & Cons

And to sum it all up, here are the pros and cons of Schwinn 411.


  • Very compact design.
  • Adequate stride length – should work for most people.
  • Quiet and durable magnetic resistance system.
  • 16 resistance levels and 13 workout programs.
  • Frame levelers.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors.


  • The display is not backlit.
  • No incline adjustment.

Schwinn 411 Technical Specs

  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 136.7 x 61 x 158.8 cm/53.8 x 24 x 62.5 inches
  • Stride length – 18 inches
  • Weight – 100 pounds
  • Weight capacity – 300 pounds
  • Magnetic resistance levels – 16
  • Workout programs – 13


Schwinn 411 Review - Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap ellipticals worth it?

Cheap ellipticals are worth it if you cannot afford more or if you find a budget elliptical that ticks all your boxes.

If you do have the budget, I think that the more expensive machines are worth the money, primarily thanks to their build quality, stability, and durability. Besides, higher-end ellipticals are generally quieter, pedal smoother, and have better functionality.

Schwinn 411 isn’t exactly a cheap elliptical trainer – you can find many much less expensive machines – but it’s a good buy if you want something reasonably priced.

Which is better - a treadmill or elliptical?

Ellipticals have the following advantages over treadmills:

  • Much quieter operation.
  • Less stress on the joints.
  • Whole-body training thanks to the moving handles.

Overall, for cardio, an elliptical may be a better choice. However, if you want to prepare for running events or improve running performance, specifically, a treadmill will work better.

Do ellipticals help lose belly fat?

Yes, ellipticals can help you lose body fat – not only in the belly but also throughout your entire body. According to Harvard Health Publishing, elliptical trainers burn from 270 to 400 calories in 30 minutes, depending on the person’s weight. Heavier people burn more calories.

For comparison, this is as many calories as running at 5.2 mph will burn.

Schwinn 411 - Final Words

So that’s it for my Schwinn 411 elliptical review!

In conclusion, Schwinn 411 is an excellent choice if you want a compact elliptical trainer. It’s not exactly cheap, but if you wish for good functionality and durability for not that much money, it’s a wonderful buy.

Now, I would like to ask you – do you have any experience with Schwinn 411? Or maybe you have other comparable options? Share with us in the comments!

Jessica Carter
Jessica Carter
Jessica is an AFLCA certified personal trainer and holds a Masters degree in physical therapy from the University of British Columbia. She has been working in the field for 5 years and writes as a freelance about all things fitness related.