7 Best Putters For High Handicappers

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Drive for show, putt for dough. 

The age-old catchphrase has never been more wrong. As players are testing the limits of golf, never has it been more evident that having a strong putting game is the biggest weapon in a golfer’s arsenal. 

Sure, you can drive the ball 300 yards like Bryson DeChambeau, but if you can’t get it in the hole when you get to the green, what good is that monster drive?

The best way to shave shots off your handicap is to get better at putting, and to do that; you’re going to need to start by having the right equipment. 

In this guide, we’ve set out the top 7 best putters for beginners that will help you hone in on your putting game, pick-up shots around the greens, and ultimately help you reduce your handicap.

Odyssey White Hot Pro #1 - The Best Putter for Beginners

Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Black #1 Putter (Right Hand,...
  • Designed to Meet the meticulous performance...
  • Re-engineered White hot insert generates improved...
  • Laser milling insert cutting process achieves...
  • Heel/toe weight placement increases forgiveness...
  • Contrasting alignment aids on the topline promote...

The Odyssey White Hot Pro is, without a doubt, one of the best putters on the market. I like it because it is excellent for those who are new to the game looking to hone in on their putting skills but is also designed to meet the meticulous performance demands for the world’s best golfers, meaning the putter is great for any level of golf. 

This putter’s defining feature is its White Hot insert that provides a soft feel, great for those getting beginners used to striking the ball with a putter, while also proving a forgiving surface helping you control the weight and direction of your putts better. 

Plus, the putter’s weight is perfectly balanced between the heel and toe to give you the smoothest putting stroke possible. Plus, its tour-proven blade design combines the traditional putter shape with new technology that will ultimately help you distance your putts better and score better around the green. This putter is great for longevity, and as your game improves, the Odyssey will continue to help you become a better golfer.


  • Perfectly weighted putter.
  • Proven tour pro piece of equipment.
  • Designed to help improve your aim.
  • White-hot insert face is forgiving for beginners and helps you hit better putts. 
  • Comes with a headcover.


  • Putting face does not have any grip on it, although the face provides forgiveness on the greens and is soft to help you weight your putts better. 
  • Its crankshaft may take some time to get used to, but the putter’s forgiveness will still help you sink putts while you get used to the feel of the club.

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL - Perfect For Helping You Improve Your Balance

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter (Men's Right Hand)
  • Package Weight : 10.0 Lbs
  • It Is Used As A Alignment Tool
  • Headcover Included
  • Country Of Origin: China

Having troubles with your aim on the greens? It’s most likely that your balance is off. I have to say, after switching from a small head putter to a flatter larger head putter like the Pinemeadow, I found my ball line on the greens to go a lot straighter because my balance was better. The Pinemeadow will help you do exactly that.

Its sizeable flat head distributes the putter’s weight out over a larger surface area meaning your putting stroke will come down onto the ball a lot smoother, providing greater control and accuracy over your putts. Plus, the rigid face insert on the putter allows you to put a nice, soft roll on the ball when you strike it, minimizing the chance of skipping your shot.

The club also has an alignment tool built into the top of its clubhead, a neat addition that helps you line up your putts while you’re standing over the ball. The grip on this putter is also top-rated and acts as a comfortable shock absorber that will help you hit sweeter shots.


  • A large head provides great balance on your putts.
  • Its alignment tool helps you gauge your putting lines better.
  • Comfortable and shock absorbent grip.
  • Clubface allows for smoother shots and greater control.


  • Some may find the club to be too heavy, although sometimes a heavier putter can be better as a beginner to help you gauge your distance better as you work up to playing on faster greens. 
  • The putter’s metal frame isn’t the best shock absorber and can give a slightly metallic feel when you hit your shots. To avoid this, try to hit your shots off the middle of the clubface.

Odyssey White Hot V-Line Club Head - Great for improving your distances

Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 BLACK V-Line Putter (Right...
  • Designed to Meet the meticulous performance...
  • Re-engineered White hot insert generates improved...
  • Laser milling insert cutting process achieves...
  • Heel/toe weight placement increases forgiveness...
  • Contrasting alignment aids on the topline promote...

Similar to its blade counterpart, the Odyssey V-Line adds a bit more stability to your game, using it’s added weight to help you control your distances a bit better. 

I find larger putters easier to use as opposed to blade putters. Like the Odyssey V-Line, they provide me with a little more weight, which helped me control my distances better when I was learning the game. This putter will do precisely that and features the same White Hot clubface insert that will allow you to hit smoother shots that will trickle across the green into the hole. 

The other difference between this putter and its blade counterpart is its straighter shaft. The Odyssey #1’s clubface is attached to the shaft by a crankshaft, which can sometimes make it harder to hit more linear and more accurate shots. The V-Line’s shaft is more blended, making it easier to line your shot up and strike the ball in the right direction. 

This putter is also great for scooping the ball up if you have a bad back! Definitely one of the best putters for beginners out there.


  • Great club weight and balance help you hit smoother shots.
  • Perfect for helping you improve your distances.
  • Forgiving clubface allows you to strike the ball much sweeter.
  • It has an alignment tool engraved onto its back.
  • The thick grip can help you weigh your puts better.


  • Putter’s weightier steel frame can be a little metallic at times. To counter this, make sure you practice hitting the ball with the soft spot of the club. 
  • Its thick grip may not be the best for those starting. Perhaps replace the putter’s grip with a slightly more narrow grip to help you get a more natural feel for the club.

TaylorMade Spider - The Best Putter To Develop Your Game

TaylorMade Spider Tour Platinum Right Hand Putter, 34"
  • Tour chrome" body is confidence-inducing, evoking...
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum body paired with a 304...
  • Seamless top crown, long single sightline, and new...
  • Milled gunmetal pure roll insert, providing better...
  • Vibration dampening PU foam embedded between the...

World No.1 Dustin Johnson won the Masters last week, putting on a putting display that brutalized Augusta National’s unforgiving greens. Guess what putter he used while at the tournament? The TaylorMade Spider.

If you want to improve your game and be like the pros, there is no doubt having the best equipment in the business is what’ll get you there, and this is perhaps one of the best putters for beginners on the market. Tried and tested by the pros, its tour chrome body is confidence inducing and gives you the ability to go for long puts and attack the hole. Its weight is distributed so well and is positioned to its extremities, giving you better stability as you play through your putting stroke. 

My favorite feature of this club, though, is its clubface. It’s made of a milled gunmetal pure roll engraving, which helps you get a better, more fluid roll on the ball as you put, something many beginners struggle to achieve with a regular putter. Plus, the club may look slightly metallic to hit, but its internal vibration dampening system makes the club feel like you’re fluidly striking a golf ball.


  • Used and approved by the tour pros. 
  • Best club to improve your game. 
  • The vibration dampening system gives a good feel on your putts. 
  • Milled clubface helps you get a more fluid roll on your putts.
  • Weight distribution helps give you a more fluid putting stroke.


  • Annoyingly this club won’t let you scoop a ball up from the green, although it will help you hit some phenomenal putts!!
  • The club might be a little light, which may impact your stokes fluidity and distance, but with that reduced weight, the putter will give you better control over your aim.

Pinemeadow Golf V-shape Putter - Best for helping you line your puts up

No products found.

It’s not often you see a white clubhead on a putter or any golf club for that matter, but there Pinemeadow has come up with an ingenious idea to dye all of their putter heads white to help you line your shots up better and improve accuracy. The white clubhead stands out and contrasts the green grass making it easier for your eyes to line your putting stroke up on target.

The V Putter also has an additional 40g of weight compared to the Pinemeadow SL putter, which will help you putt on faster, more unforgiving greens to gauge your putts to maximum perfection. Plus, this putter has a very large clubface making it a very forgiving putter to help beginners and high handicappers weigh their shots better.

Lastly, the putter’s face has a grooved finish, a great addition to this club, which will reduce the chance of you skidding the ball across the green as you hit it. The more skid on your shot, the less accurate your ball’s path and roll will be.


  • Perfectly weighted putter to help you play on faster greens. 
  • The putter has a white finish and aiming guides that will help you line up your putts better. 
  • A great putter to help beginners improve on putting distances. 
  • Includes custom headcover.
  • The forgiving clubface will help the ball travel true even if the shot is struck poorly.


  • The clubhead isn’t the most stylish, although who cares about style if you’re hitting good golf shots. 
  • The club can be slightly bulky compared to bladed putters or its SL counterpart, but the more you practice with the weight, the more you’ll get used to this club’s size and shape.

S7K Standing Putter - The best putter for style

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for...
  • NEVER MISS ANOTHER EASY PUTT; Stop missing putts...
  • TRUST YOUR LINE EVERY TIME; No guesswork lining up...
  • NO PRACTICE, INSTANT HELP; The S7K putter is so...

If you’re looking to be the coolest cat on the course, then this putter might be the best for you. Stylewise golf has always stayed true to its traditional roots, but this putter takes a more futuristic look on the game, with its embellished steel clubhead, grey shaft, and icy steel details. You’ll look pretty suave from the clubhouse as you putt for birdie on the 18th.

But the club also helps improve your game. It’s milled, ginormous steel clubface gives you great forgiveness as you hit your putts while also preventing your ball from skidding across the green, making your shots travel a lot smoother. Plus, its wide flat back finish means that the club will stand up by itself, even on a slope, making it an excellent option for those who have mobility issues bending down to pick things off the ground. 

As for accuracy, the putter comes with an impact strike dot engraved on the top of the club. Once you’ve lined your putt up using its alignment groves, take your shot and hit the ball exactly where the impact strike dot rests on the clubhead. You’ll instantly feel a soft sweet connection, and an even sweeter rattle as the ball trickles into the hole.


  • The best club for style. 
  • Great for accuracy and lining putts up. 
  • Assistance aids help you hit the sweet spot of the clubface better. 
  • The club can stand up on its own, making it great for those with mobility issues. 
  • Its Milled finish on the clubface helps you strike more accurate and more fluid shots on the green, with the ball both skipping and skidding less after you’ve hit the shot.


  • This club isn’t very well balanced, though, so beginners might struggle to adjust their swing to suit the club’s style at first, although practice will quickly help you get better at this. 
  • Similarly, the club isn’t also weighted, making it harder for beginners to get used to hitting putts on faster greens, although depending on your putting style, a light club head may be more beneficial for you!

Quolf Golf - The best putter for having fun!

Two-Way Putter - Left and Right Hand, Black
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 0.98 Inches
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 33.58 Inches
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 4.53 Inches

Golf can be a pretty serious game sometimes, and tensions can arise, especially around the greens. The most important thing for beginners and high handicappers is to enjoy the game, and that’s why it’s always fun to keep a Quolf Golf club in your bag. 

The Quolf Golf putter is a mini-golf putter and is massively stripped down of all the frilly technology we’ve seen on the list of putters above. But what it does allow you to do is hit your puts from both your strong and weak sides. I keep one in my bag so that when I’m out on the course with my friends, every so often, we’ll play a game called “Left-hand putt off.” Each player will take turns hitting a put from a set distance on the green on their weaker hand, with the loser having to buy the drinks at hole 19. 

Aside from having fun, this putter reduces putting down to its bare basics. If you can hole outputs with an unforgiving brittle club like this, imagine how much easier it will be to hit putts with the more forgiving Odessey Pro #1 or the TaylorMade Spider. Practicing with a Quolf will massively improve your putting game and improve your accuracy around the greens.


  • Great for having fun. 
  • Provides you with the ability to hit left and right-handed putts.
  • Great for practicing and getting better at hitting accurate shots.


  • Is also very unforgiving, which will help you hit the ball sweeter as you practice.
  • I wouldn’t advise using this club in a competition or a match, although it does have benefits that can help you become a better golfer.
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The Only Buying Guide You’ll Ever Need

Here are a couple of things to look out for if you’re new to golf and are looking to purchase a new putter.

The Clubface

As a beginner, you’ll want to ensure your club has the largest and most forgiving clubface that will still hit the ball smoothly if you fluff your shot. Check out the Pinemeadow Golf V Putter, which has a large clubface with built-in groves that will stop the ball from skidding and skipping across the green.

The Weight

A poorly weighted golf club will alter your club swing and the trajectory of your shot as you follow through onto the ball. Ultimately you want the clubhead to be balanced evenly between its heel and toe so that you can swing in a straight line through the ball. Check out the Odyssey White Hot #1 for a perfectly balanced club.

The Grip

Although it might seem one of the least essential things on a putter, having the right grip for your level can alter the weight you put on each shot. Typically wider grips like those on the Odyssey putters give more control over the distance you’re putting on the shot. Still, as a beginner to get used to the feel of how hard to hit a putt, I’d recommend going for a narrower grip like those on the Pinemeadow clubs that will give you a better feel for the shot.

Alignment tools

Despite most players lining their shot up using their ball, many forget that having an alignment grove on your putter will add to your confidence as you stand over the shot. Using an alignment grove like those found on the Pinemeadow V-shape putter will help you visualize your line to the hole as you address your ball, allowing you to sink those putts.

Shock Absorption

There’s nothing worse than hitting a metallic putt. The shock of the tin connection will cause you to miss-hit your shots, adding too much weight or causing your putt to bobble on the green. Ideally, you want to find a putter like the TaylorMade Spider that will absorb your putter’s metallic force to make a fluid connection with your shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are blade putters better?

Blade putters are ultimately lighter and a little less forgiving than a fatter head putter. I grew up playing with larger head putters and have seen the benefits in my own game for using them. Ultimately it is down to personal preference, whether you prefer a lighter, less forgiving club or the meatier and easier to use mallet head putter.

What length should my putter’s shaft be?

For an average male golfer, your putter’s shaft should be between 32”-35” long. That will vary on your height, but to get the right size, go down to your local golf shop and try out a few different sizes, and see which length is right for you.

What type of putter is best for fast greens?

There is no right or wrong type of putter for a fast green. On faster greens, you’ll want to have a lighter touch on your putt; otherwise, you’ll see your ball zoom off all over the green. That comes down to your skill and personal preference and how well you strike the ball with each type of putter.

For example, you might find it easier to hit blade putters on faster greens because they are lighter, whereas I prefer mallet head putters for the increased balance they provide.

The 18th Hole

Putting is perhaps the most crucial part of golf. It is where tournaments can be won and lost and where players can thrive or lose their cool. 

It is therefore vital for you to find a putter that complements your skillset. As a beginner, you might want to start with a forgiving club that lets you work on your accuracy to hit smooth shots across the green. 

You can then work your way up to using some more advanced equipment, which will help you bring your score down and ultimately help you become a better golfer. 

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