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As a baseball coach, I love it when youth players hit the ball hard out of the fence. I have coached plenty of young players in my career, and for me, there is no better joy than bringing out their full potential. 

As a professional coach, when it comes to baseball bats, my first preference is wood bats. Of course, young players might find composite, aluminum, and alloy bats to be lightweight and easy to play with, but wood bats are their future, and the earlier they get used to it, the better it is. 

Good training and technique can help your kids become good players in the future, but it is also essential that they are rightly equipped. Here are the top ten best baseball wood bats for youth to choose from to help you guys find the right bat for your kids.

Marucci CU26 Youth Model - Best For Easy Handling

Marucci CU26 Utley Pro Maple Youth Baseball Bat
11 Reviews
Marucci CU26 Utley Pro Maple Youth Baseball Bat
  • Youth Model
  • Approximately 2 1/4 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Handcrafted from top-quality maple
  • Bone rubbed for ultimate wood density
  • 30 Day Manufacturer's Warranty

The Marucci Bat Company is one of the top quality baseball bat manufacturers. It uses the same tradition and precise technique as the earliest bat companies used. Marucci claims that every bat it produces is a cut, calibrated, balanced, buffed, and lacquered by hand. The Marucci CU26 Youth Baseball wood bat is also a product of these elaborated processes and an excellent choice for youth players starting with wood bats.

Handcrafted using top-quality maple wood, the CU26 youth model offers a great feel for kids. With an approximate -5 to -8 length to weight ratio, this wood bat is of a good weight for kids and allows them to handle it well. The bat has an overall balanced swing weight and has been manufactured using the bone rubbing technique, which closes pores to compress and makes the wood harder and more durable. The barrel has a diameter of 2 ¼ inches, making it an ideal wood bat for both contact and power hitters.

Even the end is pro cupped, which improves the overall weight distribution and allows the players to swing the bat easily. All in all, this bat is truly a pro model designed for youth players. It is perfect for training too and can be used well to help youth players get used to wood bats.


  • Good length to weight ratio 
  • Balanced swing weight 
  • Pro Cupped end 
  • Excellent for both contact and power hitters
  • Great for training youth


  • Could feel a little heavy

Rawlings Velo Ash Youth Bat - Best for Fast Swing

Rawlings | ADIRONDACK Wood Bat | Ash | 31" | Natural
  • DURABLE WOOD | Adirondack Ash crafts a quality,...
  • POWERFUL BARREL | Larger barrel design packs in...
  • COMFORTABLE HANDLE | 31/32-inch handle allows for...
  • 31 Inch
  • ADULT | Recommended for players Ages 13+

Rawlings Sporting Goods, founded in 1887, specializes in manufacturing Baseball clothing and equipment such as gloves, bats, balls, protective gear, batting helmets, and much more. It is one of the top baseball brands and has been known for its top quality and durability. Its youth baseball bat Rawlings Velo Ash Youth Bat is one of the best wood bats for youth players constructed to offer a fast, balanced swing.

The Velo is constructed using Ash, which is the most robust timber available and tends to flex more than other types of wood, giving you a larger and more forgiving sweet spot. The bat comes outfitted with an advanced Vulcan polymer bat grip that minimizes sting and makes power transfer easy. It also features a -7.5 drop, making it extremely lightweight and more comfortable to swing without losing any power.

I liked how balanced the bat weight is and when testing the performance, I noticed a lot of the youth players were hitting longer than usual. The bat offers great swing and control, while the Vulcan grip does well to enhance comfort, reduce the sting, and improve the overall performance.


  • Vulcan polymer grip reduces the sting 
  • Offers fast swing and good control 
  • Very lightweight 
  • A medium-sized barrel makes it easy to hit
  • Made from Ash offering great flex


  • May feel too thin

Easton Mako Ash Youth Baseball Bat - Best For Balanced Hitting

EASTON Mako -9 Maple Youth Wood Baseball Bat | 28 inch | 2020 |...
130 Reviews
EASTON Mako -9 Maple Youth Wood Baseball Bat | 28 inch | 2020 |...
  • Youth Pattern – Patterned after traditional 271...
  • Wood – North American Maple
  • Feel – Balanced
  • Knob/Handle – Thin
  • Approximate weight drop range of -7 to -10

Easton is undoubtedly the world’s leading manufacturer of baseball equipment and is known for its top quality and durability. I have personally used many Easton Bats and have been very satisfied with their performance. Easton’s Mako Ash Bat is also one of their best wood bats and probably the most balanced baseball bat in this entire list for youth players.

Handcrafted using the North American Ash, the Mako is a lightweight bat that flexes slightly and increases the hitting distance. Built with a pro-balanced speed design, it allows youth players an easy transition from composite and aluminum bats to wood bats. It features a 7/8″ handle, leather knob label, and a laser engraved barrel with cupped ends that complete the solid look and gives a firm feel.

This wood bat’s length to weight ratio ranges from -7 to -10, making it an ideal choice for youth players. Thanks to balanced weight distribution and lightweight construction, youth players can swing it fast and get the pro-hitting feel. I recommend this bat for youth players looking to make the wooden transition.


  • Well-balanced bat
  • Lightweight and easy to swing
  • -7 to -10 length to weight ratio 
  • Laser engraved barrel with a cupped end


  • An external grip may be required

Louisville Slugger Youth Legacy Maple Wood Bat - Best For Price Quality

Louisville Slugger 2020 Youth Flylite Y243 Dark Grey Baseball...
  • Wood: Youth Poplar
  • Turning Model: Y243
  • Target Drop: -10 (+/- 2oz)
  • Regular Finish
  • Cupped; Color: Dark Gray

Currently owned by Wilson Sporting Goods Company, the Louisville Slugger is very popular in the baseball world. It has been delivering top-quality wood bats for decades now, and with its Youth Legacy bat, it has set a path for the next generation of players to join the pro-league.

The Youth Legacy is crafted out from the top quality maple wood and, as the name suggests, specifically designed for youth players. It is a perfect option for training young players to get them used to the feel of a wood bat. The bat features a balanced weight and has a length to weight ratio between -8 to -10. It comes with a regular finish but with a gold hardline tape that gives it a complete pro look.

Moreover, the Youth Legacy has a cupped end that improves overall balance, exit velocity, and swing speed. It even performed well during our youth performance tests as well and proved very durable too. This is a perfect choice for all those parents looking for a wood bat for the young ones at an affordable price range.


  • Made of top-quality maple wood 
  • Specifically designed for youth players
  • -8 to -10 length to weight ratio 
  • Has a complete pro look 
  • Cupped end


  • An external grip may be needed

Marucci AP5 Maple Wood Bat - Best For Overall Playing

Marucci AP5 Youth Model Maple Wood Baseball Bat, Natural/Black,...
154 Reviews
Marucci AP5 Youth Model Maple Wood Baseball Bat, Natural/Black,...
  • Knob: Tapered
  • Handle: Traditional
  • Barrel: Large
  • Feel: End-loaded

The Marucci Albert Pujol’s Maple Wood Bat is modeled after Albert Pujol’s game-day design. With a -5 length to weight ratio, this bat is exceptionally lightweight and probably the best youth wood bat option in this entire list. It comes with a traditional handle, making it easier to handle, while the barrel has a more significant sweet spot that gives out an excellent pop.

The AP5 comes with a natural handle and a black barrel finish that gives it a completely professional look. It is crafted out of top-quality maple wood, and like most of the wood bats from Marucci, this one is also bone rubbed to close pores and make the wood harder. It features a balanced swing weight and comes with a pro-cupped end that improves the bat’s overall weight distribution.

Even though the barrel size is two ¼ inches, it looks like a large one and gives an end-loaded feel. This high-performance wood bat meets the required criteria of most of the major youth baseball organizations. I love the pro version of this bat, but I have nothing less to say about the youth version as well. It is excellently crafted, has a very cool design, and the kids love it.


  • Large barrel 
  • End loaded feel 
  • Tapered Knob
  • Bone rubbed to make the wood harder
  • Comes with a 30-day manufacturer warranty


  • Might feel a little heavy

Easton Mako Maple Wood Youth - Best For Lightweight Build

EASTON Mako -9 Maple Youth Wood Baseball Bat | 30 inch | 2020 |...
  • Youth Pattern – Patterned after traditional 271...
  • Wood – North American Maple
  • Feel – Balanced
  • Knob/Handle – Thin
  • Approximate weight drop range of -7 to -10

The Easton Mako Maple Youth Wood Bat is one of the best wood bats designed for youth. It is built with all the features a young baseball player needs to get the right feel of wood and get used to. The best part is that the bat is very lightweight and is built with a pro-balanced speed design that makes it easy for youth players to handle the bat and adjust to it.

The Mako Maple is handcrafted in the USA from the rock-hard maple, due to which the bat exhibits an incredible exit velocity and offers extraordinary durability. The pro-balanced speed design makes it easy for youth players to transition into wood bats, while the 7/8″ handle comes with a leather knob label, giving it a truly professional finish. The barrel is laser engraved, and the bat features a cupped end for even weight distribution.

With an approximate weight drop range of -7 to -10, the Mako Maple is an excellently performing bat. This is an excellent choice for training young kids, and I have personally seen them hitting long and hard. With every hit, you can hear a great pop, and the kids just love how good it feels. If you think this is a suitable youth wood bat, too, then you are not wrong.


  • Highly durable bat 
  • Laser engraved barrel
  • Leather know label
  • Pro-balanced speed design 
  • Very lightweight


  • The barrel may feel thin to some players

Rawlings Adirondack Ash Wood Youth Baseball Bat - Best For Power Hitting

Rawlings Adirondack Youth Wood
426 Reviews
Rawlings Adirondack Youth Wood
  • MATERIAL | Adirondack Ash
  • ENHANCED BALANCE | Medium-sized barrel with cupped...
  • Y242 PROFILE | 1" Handle for increased control

Rawlings Adirondack youth wood bat is one of the latest additions to its youth bat series. It is constructed using Ashwood from Adirondack, making it one of the strongest youth wood bats for youth. It is a wonderful bat, and I highly recommend this bat for all youth players making the transition to a heavier bat.

This wood bat comes with a two ¼ inches barrel diameter with a 1-inch handle diameter. With an approximate weight drop of -5 to -7, this bat offers excellent performance and makes it easier for power hitters to find the fence. It has a balanced swing weight and comes with a traditional knob that is slightly fared. The cupped end provides an overall balance to the bat and improves the bat’s durability and performance.

This Rawlings bat features a traditional graphite color-way that looks stunning and has even applied a signature style end for easy personalization. Overall, the bat has a thick handle, ideal for power hitters and those who want to move from playing travel ball to high school games. If you are looking for a strong heavy youth wood bat, this is a perfect option.


  • Strong heavy bat 
  • Highly durable 
  • Comes with traditional graphite color-way
  • Has a thick handle
  • A traditional knob that is slightly fared


  • Might feel too heavy for some kids

Louisville Slugger Youth Prime Maple Wood Baseball Bat - Best For Durability

The Louisville Slugger Youth Prime Maple Wood baseball bat is one of the most lightweight and balanced baseball bat designed for youth players. This bat is an excellent choice for contact hitters and kids looking to transition to wood bats. Made from Maple wood, this bat has a high density and is extremely hard, making it a robust and durable option.

The Youth Prime comes in five size options and features a target drop of -8 (+/- 2oz.). Moreover, Louisville Slugger includes seamless decals and its exclusive ExoArmor finish to all the Youth Prime wood bats, making it a classy bat that is hard and gives out a firm feel with every swing. Additional to all that, it has a traditional knob and a cupped end that improves the overall swing speed, exit velocity, and balance.

I would recommend this bat to kids of 7 to 10 years of age. This bat truly hits when in the zone, and thanks to the lightweight build, kids can swing and control it easily. Being a coach, I highly recommend this youth wood bat as it easy to handle and offers excellent control on the swing.


  • Very lightweight 
  • Easy to handle and swing
  • Perfect for kids of 7 to 10 years of age
  • Good performance


  • May need an external grip

Tucci Y12 Traditional Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat - Best For Long Hitting

Tucci Y12 Axe Handle Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat, Black/Black,...
6 Reviews
Tucci Y12 Axe Handle Maple Wood Youth Baseball Bat, Black/Black,...
  • Our Youth Axe Handle Bats are engineered for the...
  • Axe Handle is engineered for the biomechanics and...
  • Smaller 2 1/4" barrel allows for lighter weights...
  • Extended barrel for maximum sweet spot; Steel...
  • Standard Axe knob for optimum control and bat...

Trusted by hundreds of professional baseball players and clients worldwide, Tucci is one of the youngest baseball bat manufacturers in the world. Peter Tucci founded it after his professional career was cut short by an injury and as a means to stay close and contribute to the game. Tucci Y12 Traditional Maple Wood Youth bat is made of the highest quality lumber and is one of the best performing youth wood bats in this entire list.

Tucci’s Traditional Maple youth wood bat comes with a traditional knob and a smaller two ¼” barrel that is lightweight and allows younger players to control their swing. The barrel is extended to maximize the sweet spot, and the bat itself is steel burnished to provide maximum compression and increase the bat performance.

The Traditional Maple is available in two sizes, i.e., 29″ and 30″ lengths, and offers high-end performance. This bat is one of the best youth wood bats that I came across in my entire career, and I have been recommending it to all the parents who want their kids to have a lightweight, durable, and high performing bat.


  • Delivers top-notch performance
  • Lightweight bat for a better swing
  • Extended barrel for a maximum sweet spot 
  • Steel burnished to improve compression and performance


  • Some players may find the barrel too small

Marucci JB19 Pro-Youth Maple Wood Baseball Bat - Best For Versatile Hitting

Marucci has been very consistent with manufacturing good performing wood bats for youth. Just like the CU26 and the AP5YB, Marucci’s JB19 baseball bat is yet another youth wood bat that offers top-notch performance and versatile hitting. With this bat, young players can play just the way they want; if they wish to go up top or spray the liners in the gaps, they can decide at the moment without worrying about the bat type.

The JB19’s offer a balanced feel with a long barrel size and medium handle. Like most wood bats from Marucci, it is handcrafted from the top quality maple wood and is bone rubbed to make the wood more robust and provide ultimate wood density. It comes with a traditional knob for even weight distribution and is even Big League-grade ink dot certified. It is an excellent choice for young hitters who are just starting and are trying to understand the type of hitting they are most comfortable with.

You can buy the JB19 youth wood bat with full confidence. You even get a 30-day manufacturer’s warranty, which many brands do not provide. I highly recommend this bat for young players who learn the various hitting concepts and not just try to find the fence. The bat is durable, offers good performance, and is an excellent choice for training young kids to play with wood bats.


  • Offers versatile hitting
  • Long barrel with a medium handle
  • Comes with a traditional knob
  • Bone rubbed for improved wood density


  • An external grip is needed to reduce the sting

The Only Buying Guide You'll Ever Need

Lightweight (Bat Speed)

When it comes to youth wood bat, one of the most significant factors is the weight. Young players are not interested in working hard; instead, they just want to enjoy the game. Swinging heavy wood bats can demotivate them and lose interest in the game, so it is crucial to choose a lightweight bat that is easier to swing, offers greater bat speed, and easy to handle, rather than something that makes them feel like working.

For this reason, aluminum and composite bats are popular among kids as they are incredibly lightweight and more comfortable to swing. However, finding an extremely light wood bat with high durability may seem unrealistic. Even so, many wood bats are considerably lightweight and very durable.

In my opinion, the Easton Mako Ash and Maple wood bats and the Marucci’s AP5YB are some of the most lightweight wood bats you could find. These wood bats are well built and are durable enough to be light and good performing at the same time.

Swing (Barrel Size and Weight Distribution)

The bat swing mainly depends on two factors, i.e., Barrel Size and the overall weight distribution. If the barrel is too large or too small, the swing may be uneven. On the other hand, if the bat’s weight is not evenly distributed, the result is the same. If the barrel is too large, then the bat may feel heavy, and if it’s too small, hitting may become difficult.

For this case, a bat with even weight distribution and good barrel size is recommended for younger kids. So, if you are looking for a good bat that can swing well, then the best option you have is the Rawlings Velo Ash Youth Wood bat. It is specifically designed for a faster and accurate swing, allowing the young players to hit the mark easily.

Bat Sting

How much the bat vibrates when it contacts the ball is one of the major factors to look for when choosing a youth bat. Usually, the bat sting can be reduced using an external grip, but that again increases the handle’s size, disturbing the entire gameplay. Moreover, if the bat stings a lot, then it may even cause an injury.

Therefore, do look out for how bad the sting is upon contact. If the bat doesn’t sting much, then an external grip may resolve the sting completely, but if the string is very high, then consider choosing another youth wood bat. In this case, the Rawlings Velo Ash for youth players is the best option as it comes with a Vulcan polymer grip the greatly reduces the tension. Another good option is the Tucci Y12 Traditional Maple Wood bat as it is steel burnished to maximize compression and improve performance.

Balance (Weight Distribution)

The overall balance of the bat can significantly affect the swing and performance. The balance of the bat mainly depends on how well the weight is distributed. However, the barrel’s shape and size compared to that of the handle also play a significant role. A well-balanced bat can improve the performance and reduce sting and help control the swing.

In this entire list, the Easton Mako Ash Youth Baseball Bat is the most balanced bat. It features an even weight distribution, comes with a 7/8″ handle, and even has a cupped end. If you are looking for a wood bat that has a good balance and can help your kid perform well overall, then this is your go-to option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best youth wood bat?

The Marucci AP5 Maple Wood Bat is the best youth wood baseball bat. It has all the features a youth bat needs. It is well balanced, it has an ideal length to weight ratio, offers good performance, and is very durable.

What is a better wood bat, maple, or ash?

Both wood types have their benefits. Simply put, maple is heavier than ash and much dense, but not too heavy to swing. On the other hand, ash is the lightest wood and maintains enough hardness and durability to be used as a baseball bat. In other words, maple wood bats are more robust, while ash wood bats are faster.

What wood bat is the hardest to break?

Maple wood bats are the hardest to break. Maple is a heavy wood and highly dense, so it has excellent durability, making it very hard to break easily.

Why do pro-baseball players use only wood bats?

The biggest reason for using wood bats is to keep the infield defense players safe. The metal bats have incredible exit velocity, and when pro-players use them, it increases the risk of injury for players defending the infield. Also, pro-players do not need any help from metal bats to hit out of the fence.

Last Inning

All MLB players use baseball wood bats, and if you wish to have your kid play in this league, then it’s best recommended to train them using a wood bat as early as possible. There are plenty of good youth wood bats to choose from; just make sure that the size and build suit the type of game your kid plays. 

We have tried and tested every wood bat mentioned in this list. Have you tried any of these? If yes, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also, let us know if we missed any excellent wood bats for youth so that we, too, can try and test them out.

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